Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM 13

It’s that time again, when all the serious CSM threads start popping up.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. CSM 13 is just round the corner, and I’m hoping that you’ll vote for me a fifth time (or sixth, for the people who remember I tried for 8 too :wink: ) For the people who know me, it’s all more of the same. More Third party development, more industry, more highsec, more PvE. While things have come on leaps and bounds for some of these, there’s always room for improvement, and always a need for CCP to be guided around some of the rocky shoals.

For those who are new to this:

I’m Steve Ronuken, a Highsec based industrialist, who dabbles in the various PvE aspects of the game. I’m also the person who runs , a major source of tools for the community. (And,,,

I’m heavily plugged into the third party community (Those lovely people who make all the various tools you use, to make the slog through Eve that bit more understandable), providing conversions for the Static data export, and assistance wherever people need to integrate something with Eve.

With PvE, I’m a big believer in options. For example, some people want mining to become an entirely active activity, with mini-games involved. I’d like to see a more active option, but I don’t think it should replace the current model entirely. (Mostly I’d like to see a more active method of finding where to mine, but after that, it’s much the same as now). I don’t, however, like a lot of clicking. So PI needs work, to cut out all the mindless clicks to set things up. You should need to think about it, but the setup should be more streamlined once planned.

Missions don’t need a lot of work (outside of things like gas clouds). People like to be able to master them, and be able to run them without thinking. But I want to see more dynamic options for PvE in all space, where you can chose to have to think and react to what’s happening around you. (Rather than ‘take out group A, leaving ship X alone, so it doesn’t trigger a spawn’ and so on)

I’ve been at this for 4 years, and I’ve seen some changes I want enter the game. There’s still more to do (always will be, as there’s never enough time) and I’d appreciate your support to help me help you.

Ask me Anything you want down below. I’ll answer if I’m able (pesky NDA blocks some things)



Steve is pretty much the most active CSM member on the forums, and that alone makes him worth a vote.


You absolutely have my vote for the 6th time.

– A cloaky ■■■ pvp’er :wink:

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You have my vote. :wink:

As always you have my vote!

I’m interested in voting for you. I’ve long enjoyed the online resources that are a part of fuzzworks. As a member of Faction Warfare I use it for getting the most ISK out of my LP.

Now, as a FW player, I have to ask, what is your stance on the issue of FW? A lot of people think it’s mainly PvE stuff with a little PvP thrown in. How would you work to improve the PvE aspect of FW so that it is not so easily farmed?

EDIT: For clarity’s sake, I identify FW farmers as a cancer to FW as a whole. We need real people flying ships, not mindless drones scared to engage other players!!!

Same here - you’ve totally earned my vote again this year. Keep up the great work!

While the PvE side of FW is important, I’ve always seen FW as a place for PvP to happen. The PvE is just a way to fund it, and to get people into space to let it happen. So you don’t have ‘useless’ time in space. Giving people a reason to stay still, rather than roaming.

As for improving the PvE aspect, I don’t really have any ideas. Updates to missions are a lot of work, with a lot of side effects. I would like to see plexes getting a bubble mechanic, mostly to deal with people who use WCS :wink: Either a bubble, or a defined exit gate.

At least one candidate worth voting for and good job on the fuzzwork’s site! I love it!

Will you be at the roundtable next week?

The one that Jin’s running? I hope so? (work is being troublesome for planning)

Yes, that’s the one. I will be there.

The most responsive and helpful CSM in years. Constant presence on here, reddit, tweetfleet whatever he’s there and ready to help/talk.

Do you have any idea how many people in lowsec ride high-grade implants? You create an exit spot or warp disruption bubble, you effectively destroy this environment. Please refrain from commenting on fixes to areas you’re not familiar with or commit to seriously understand them.

The greatest problem with warp core stabs is the defensive plexing mechanic, bar none. Dplexing is the leading cause of AFK farming FW, with mission spamming by non pvp pilots as the 2nd most harmful.

FW missions can also be dealt with easily with minor changes to bring them into balance without a major rework with a baseline restriction to tech 2 and tech 3 hulls from activating the FW mission acceleration gates. The militia gives you access to navy ships, so let them use navy ships.

I support and or endorse this candidate/message.

Steve is a great man doing the lords work in so many different ways. Make room for Steve on the ballot.

Although you have my vote what do you think about planet colonization linked to some missions? In order to build our colony we must run special missions to get space ports, labs, industry buildings, recreational facilities … Every Empire have different NPC corps on all those fields

Also, what are your thoughts about increasing the RPG lore? We have to create an avatar on a specific race but other than that we don’t have any big difference between us - even omegas can have all skills and the outfits are all the same tshirts and jackets lol. And what about a kind of captain’ quarters where we can show some of our objects (no need to be walking stations, maybe something like a “container” with only view permissions), on this quarters we could also have a Journey log where we could check the previous systems visited and add notes, an encyclopedia runned by Aura and if Neocom could be customized even notepad and fittings could be transferred to these quarters)

You’ll have my vote, someone who knows what he’s talking about on industry is always a need in the CSM.

For the more active mining option, I’d be for something based on a different strip miner (deep core rebalance maybe), which at the end of the “how it works” gives the +5% or 10% variants of ore depending on how we succeeded. Same yield than the passive variant, but more value with ore more valuable, and with that, remove the 5% and 10% that we see in belts. Less hassle for people that don’t want to bother with it, and more incentive for people that like it.

I once read on a thread someone proposing that we should colect samples, analyse and then mine

The real problem with colonization is that there just aren’t that many planets out there, in relation to the number of players. And a large number of people will run missions.

So either you can overlay them, or you’ll fairly quickly hit a point where it’s just not possible to do new ones.

As for Lore: I like lore. I like it a lot. and giving people a way to boast about stuff (even just to themselves) is good. But it’s all about development time. There’s still core stuff which needs worked on.


Colonization could be done on the same planets we do PI