Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM 14

It’s that time of year again, and I still haven’t burnt out! So, once again, I’m coming back to you, the voting public, and asking for you to consider voting for me one more time.

I’m Steve Ronuken, the person behind,, and a few other things.

I’m not here to promise you that I will make CCP change things. Because that’s not what the CSM does. Anyone who tells you that they will make CCP do X either doesn’t know the purpose of the CSM, or they’re lying to you.

If you elect me again, I’ll continue to do what I’ve been doing. I’ll advocate for the play styles I know (and for the changes that a blind hamster could tell are needed) And I’ll be that outside party, making suggestions which might have been overlooked by people inside the box.

If you don’t know me, I’m

  • An industrialist. I make stuff, keeping the wheels of eve turning.
  • A mission runner.
  • Occasionally dipping a toe into FW. (Mostly for when I go and sit in a plex waiting for a target to come to me. I’m not really involved past that)
  • Not losing so many ships to the Abyss any more.
  • A Miner. (I find it relaxing)
  • A third party developer, supporting other developers and players.
  • A Solo Highsec player.

That last one’s an important viewpoint, IMHO. There’s a lot of us out there. Mostly just wandering through Eve, and enjoying what we do. Doesn’t mean we’re anti-social. Just that we don’t want to be tied into something larger.

Anyway, that’s my pitch for getting your vote. Please read on for a small request.


This is my small request:

Regardless of who you vote for, please vote. And vote for more than one person. the CSM elections use a Wright Single Transferable Vote system. The tl;dr of that is: If the person you most want on doesn’t get enough votes, your vote transfers to your second choice. (and third and fourth). So you will help elect someone who you at least have some degree of agreement with.

Voting for just one person means you stand a good chance of wasting your vote.

(There’s also trickle down; if the person you want does get elected. a portion of your vote would then go to your second candidate)


I’m more than willing to answer questions here. (As long as they’re not needing me to violate the NDA or CoC)
I’ll also do my best to respond elsewhere (twitter @fuzzysteve, Reddit /u/fuzzmiester or one of the discords I’m on. Like the CSM one, TIS, or /r/eve’s)

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As usually you have my (and my alts) votes

Totally endorse Steve even if I am running against him.

If he is not yet burnt out? we need to continue baking him.



Got my vote, Steve. Thanks for everything you do for the game and especially for participating here on the forum.


With Jin 'taan, Brisc, and (thought I heard) Suitonia not running, you remain the last of the current CSM who have communicated with us unwashed masses. What steps or roles are you advocating so that both the CSM and CCP have a better and more accurate read on the player base?

…and, yes, you always have a spot on my yearly ballots.

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You will have my vote also

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Wow, with you and Mike runnning this year I have a whole two people to vote for.

Steve is a seasoned CSM veteran and a canny weegie. Great news for the game.


PS. Is this the year of the NES kilts and mock tudor codpiece’s?

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Everyone loves Fuzzworks and The Steve.

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good luck Steve!

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Steve is a worthy candidate for CSM. He does a lot of hard work for the guys who are into the industrial side of things.


I wouldn’t ask you to be as visible as Brisc, but I would hope that you would be more available, as well as other CSM members.

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You’ve been really helpful with the Faction Warfare Community and so you will definitely have my vote.

You’ve shown in the past few years that you’re a great candidate for the generally unrepresented guy. To the point that you’re the go to guy for issues/problems/recommendations. You have my skill farms vote block.

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High sec really needs representation.
Everyone starts there and some choose to stay, for reasons of their own I guess.

Steve makes things better. Will have a prime spot on my ballet.


Great to see you run again! Best of luck!

I had an exchange with you a while back and you basically gave me the HTFU attitude on the subject of bumping freighters in hisec. I have laid out in multiple threads over the years why this is an issue. So I am going to give you another chance by saying why it is an issue.

To prevent you giving me the HTFU attitude I want to make it clear that ganking is part of the game, I have no issue with it overall. My interest is balance, for a long time after the Catalyst had its ROF penalty removed I pressed CCP on the forums to rebalance mining ships and two and a half years later they did. The balance is correct here as miners can select a ship and fit for tank, or they can select a ship and fit for yield.

My issuing with bumping is that it is a mechanic that gets around the consequences of initiating hostile action in hisec, where a bumper can hold a player for hours. For many hisec players they have one or two accounts, if they get bumped they have no options, they are stuck. By it’s nature hisec is for players that are more solo orientated or small groups.

Once you are bumped your only option is to gank the bumper and that takes three accounts with Gallente BC 5 and of coure Large Blaster specialisation to 4. So from that perspective the solo or small group player is screwed, they have no counter on what is a poor mechanic.

And at the end of the day if you are a solo single account player running around as a freighter hauler in hisec you just have to sit and take it.

When you look at player based opposition to this, the ability to hold a freighter up like that means that the gankers can bump someone until they can form up a gank fleet, it gives them total control of the battlespace in terms of when and where. I want to see the gank take place on the gates like they do with JF’s in Jita, it would make the act of freighter ganking more fun and more inclusive and give options to the players to use the criminal status against them with the use of gate cloaks and of course taking out the suicide point and add additional cost to the freighter gankers by making tags required.

There are a number of options, the first is perhaps to adjust the safe logoff so that it works after five minutes if someone is targeting you. Another option is to give freighters the same fitting options as the Bowhead, with the ability to fit a BS MWD to make getting into warp easier and perhaps use this pulsed to warp to someone in fleet.

What are the options that you want to see on this issue to give solo players flying freighters in hisec an option to counter this play which is largely carried out by multi-boxing players backed by large resources from nullsec alliances.

At the moment the main freighter ganking players have got bored with this farming, it could also be that they are aware of interest in this, I did have an exchange with Hilmar on this in the AMA on the forums and he said that they were looking at the collision models which was some way off and were looking for suggestions for a team who was looking at this.

So as a player who defines himself as hisec, what is your view on a mechanic that is unbalanced against solo hisec players?


I would like to see that max time for bumping brought in. (also so you don’t get hung up on objects in space) (if you hit warp, and aren’t scrammed/disrupted, you’ll enter warp in X minutes. X was still being thought about)

Now, it’d still be possible to retain people in place with suicide scrams, but it complicates matters. there’d be no way to stop this without significant gameplay changes which would negatively affect regular gameplay.

Additional fitting for freighters would be needing very careful management, likely requiring reductions in stats, to stop them becoming significantly harder to kill. The ability, for example, to fit a Damage Control would skew things drastically, with the addition of hull resists.

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My number 1 vote this year will be the same as it has been. I will vote for Steve as long as the man is willing to go there and defend the needs of those who make the tools you all rely on.