Liz Lizardbreath for CSM 14

Hiya, hugs, & o7 all, I am Liz Lizardbreath.
We have 10 spots to fill for this years CSM and I want to make sure that the community leaders that care about the entire game are elected.

I am here to persuade you to vote your heart and not just along bloc party lines.

Vote for those of us that are willing to make sure our voices are heard. Let’s make sure that the quieter and less obnoxious voices have at least one person and a platform where they feel like they are being heard outside of the negativity that can be rampant in certain places.

Cast your votes to those of us that are more than willing to speak up for the greater good of the game.

Please quit complaining about the CSM being rigged and vote to make sure your voice is heard. If you don’t want me to represent you then please at least vote for Mike Azariah, Manic Velocity, Dunk Dinkle, & some new faces that have some fresh ideas and a willingness to at least voice them.

I am a Jill of most trades master of none. I have been playing for over 4.5 years now and I grew up in Low Sec (I miss the old crew, neighborhood, and even the neighbors, many of damn GF’s were had. I know those young innocent days will never return).

Next I moved into WH space for a while, still have friends that I will go visit and help as needed, but its not where I want to live full-time, but I will gladly go spelunk them for fun. For those of you that live and work 24/7 in WH’s, my hat is off to all of you.

I spent about a month in the FW areas dipping my toes in, but without a good group to run around with and lacking knowledge of what I was doing at the time it was not a great fit for me. We shall see what the future holds for trying again, any good recommendations? Also did you know there is a FW Discord? Everyone can join, there are some interesting points being made over there that could help FW and even low sec areas. (These areas need to be on a road map and thoroughly looked at.)

I now live and work out of High Sec doing missions, industry, exploration, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I have finally reached a 5.0 security standing just a couple of weeks ago and I have been able to maintain it. We’ll see for how long :blush: I can keep a positive security standing.

When I eventually get back to PvP (once I have finished cleaning up standings so I can travel more places) I plan on trying to stick with the open community fleets for a little while at least and/or smaller gang PvP. I truly do love the small & medium gang fleets especially the kitchen sink ones were no matter what, everyone walks away laughing and true Good Fights are found.

My favorite ships tend to be cruiser and below, what can I say I love speed. I am also a 100% Logi pilot, I hate it when my drones try to kill my fleet pals,.

I have recruitment, diplomatic relationships, and leadership under my belt for small to medium size corp.’s. I also have a voice that I am not afraid to use and plenty of patience for trying to work out a solution. Is everything going to be fixable? No. Am I going to try my hardest to get some stuff working or at the very least voiced so more of our community feels included? Hell, yes.

Feel free to reach out to me in-game @ Liz Lizardbreath, discord @ LizLizardbreath#6269, Twitter @lizlizardbreath, or on Twitch @



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I love you Space Princess & Thank you.

As promised, you have my vote and my support.

(I don’t have an axe handy so theres that)



Well, well - if Big EmEh? supports you then perhaps I will follow your campaign with interest.

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Ah Mike I appreciate it and you so much. Are we bringing Axes now instead of coffee mugs?

Thank you @Xuxe_Xu. I will get some more details out in the coming weeks, so everyone can rip them apart or give me some great feed back.

While I appreciate you offering me the choice of great voices to choose from, I would like to know how your voice would be different then others.

You bring a breadth of knowledge, which is commendable, but what do you plan to do for the CSM with that knowledge?

My question to you would be which other voices are you referring to, current CSM or candidates?

I bring to the table a willingness and a passion to make sure that more playstyles are thought about during development and way before deployment. So that players feel like they are at least thought about before implementation for mechanics and changes that could hurt the general populous of new and older players alike. The ability to question decisions and to ask for everyone to stop, breath, and think about the pro’s & con’s. The ability to mediate between differing parties and ideas; to try to bring about positive interactions and positive results for the greater good and long term thinking.

The ability to listen, disseminate, reword, organize, and/or coordinate the different playstyles, organizations, and regions into bringing the best community idea’s to the attention of the development team. Working with the different area’s within our community to be able to convey what is or is not working. A willingness to work with everyone and to shine a light on the underrepresented areas that are begging for just a little bit of attention. It’s gathering useful data, demographics, etc. to see if/what historically has help or hindered. To be able to highlight changes, lack of or flooding communication on CCP’s part that has an affect on the health of the game as well.

The majority of people talking on the forums, reddit, twitter, streams, etc. #1 complaint is CCP’s ability to listen and properly communicate with the players is lacking. I have found that most people want someone to listen to them and acknowledge they are being heard and that you are at the very least willing to direct their issue(s) to the right people, in the right departments.

#2 for most areas people want some updating & additions to missions, anom’s, LP stores, and QOL minimal fixes. Most hate the FOB’s, would have liked the resource wars to have better rewards, and hated the last 2 major events because the rewards were not worth the hassle is the sentiment these days.

You and I could probably swap psychological, social, behavioral, or biological theories all day, but for me it all boils down to community relations. The willingness, and ability to listen and talk to everyone on every aspect of our beloved community even if it’s just to be able to point them into the right direction, to a person or group that might help them gather the information they are seeking.

What I am hearing is that your broad knowledge and open perspective makes you qualified to ensure that no one is being left off the table. As opposed to representing any one group.

I would say that is a solid and noble effort. Good luck!

Oh follow up question: The CSM is a valuable tool, it’s true, but it can also be cut throat and nasty at times. Do you have what it takes to go up against the most competitive people in the game and still hold your own in the discussion? How do you feel about the future of this CSM given the current field?


A lot of your stand sounds rather wishy-washy and not very specific. Do you have anything more concrete that you will be working for during your stay as csm?

Thank you kindly


Hello Liz Lizardbreath,

Never in my time in Eve have I encountered another player with the same EXACT same playstyle as me.

And you seem to be a perfect candidate for the csm this year (although you have yet to list any specific ideas on your agenda… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), what is the likelihood of you being a real person and not an alt of someone else?

Do you have what it takes to go up against the most competitive people in the game and still hold your own in the discussion?

Absolutely. I don’t need to rant & rave unless it’s sand drawn in the line kind of moment. I typically sit back, take notes, and wait for the others to run out of steam and then start asking questions about what they were rattling on about. To me it’s not about screaming the loudest, it’s about taking the points of contention or the hang ups and trying to get others to come to compromises the work for the majority.

How do you feel about the future of this CSM given the current field?

Are you asking about CSM 13 representatives or CSM 14 Candidates?

Personal Responsibility, Communication, and Community rate very high in my book.

As to CSM 13 representative I only really have chatted with Brisc and even he and I do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. I personally don’t feel like a lot of our current representatives reflect a lot of the different styles and game plays that are part of EVE.

As to CSM 14 New Candidates - I am hopeful. I have a personal top choices of 6, and 10 that I am watching to see if they are as true as they sound on paper.

Wishy-washy? If you have specific question I will gladly answer it to the best of my ability. I am not willing to tie down specifics because our community is ever changing and fluid. Take for example the expansion release yesterday, from the communications across the boards. We have a huge party of people that are out there trying to figure it out and enjoying it. Now the flip side we have some screamers who tend to be mad no matter what is produced.

The best business advice I was given many, many years ago was: 50 percent of people are probably going to love something, but you’ll only hear from 10-15% of them; 40 percent of people may like it, but you’ll get little feedback from them; 10 percent of people are going to hate it, they are going to be the loudest. Listen to haters and if something needs fixing. Fix it, if there is no available fix to a general satisfaction of the all you can at least said you tried.

And you seem to be a perfect candidate for the csm this year (although you have yet to list any specific ideas on your agenda… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), what is the likelihood of you being a real person and not an alt of someone else?

This is my main and you can gladly tune into my Twitch channel. I pop up in After Dark most Friday nights, and occasionally on Talking in Stations when I can.

I find twitch insulting. But thanx.

Your position is still rather blurry in my opinion, but thank you for taking the time to respond.

OK so what about a voice interview? Will that help? If so you can listen to my interview on TIS.

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Lol, was not expecting that… Ok u got my vote!

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I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken to reply and the future vote. :heart:

Two questions, the first and most important to me is what do you think about and what do you want to suggest in terms of bumping and how it is used in hisec as a no consequence point which they can apply and have done for hours and which gives too much control in terms of the battlespace imo. They do not need to bump to gank freighter because if you look at JF’s they gank a lot on the gates with suicide points. Ganking will not end without bumping and as this is totally imbalanced against hisec solo haulers what is your view on this.

Another issue which I would like to expose, something that I tried to push in the war dec discord before I got meta gamed out of it and in the dev threads, I especially noted Jin’Taans ideas here. War decs, it got close to what I wanted to see, but there is still one missing piece, from my perception of war decs the real push should be to make the defender want to fight. CONCORD allows wars to develop capsuleers, but all the major war dec alliances and corps TZ tank. Therefore we need to make the structure in which the war HQ is in to be vulnerable in the TZ of the defender. Then we can turn carebears into carebears with teeth. What is your opinion of this?

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