J McClain

UPDATE - 2/5/18 I am withdrawing my candidacy for CSM 13 I’ve decided to refocus some of my energy and time. Thank you to all of the folks who endorsed me I appreciate your support o7

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*Obligatory - “First!”

I am officially running for CSM

My main experience in areas of Eve
-Low Sec as part of Gallente Militia for the better part of 2 years
-Nullsec as a member of Sniggerdly (The #1 Corp in PL) for 2 years now

Outside of the confines of the game itself I have been pretty active in the community of Eve Online both advocating for players in the form of Best of Us Military Veterans community and advocating either forms of gameplay on podcasts or appealing to the player base to make sure they find their way out to an Eve Meetup.

My views on the CSM I think have evolved a bit over the years especially talking to past and present CSM reps. Personally my feeling is that the representative isn’t there to just be an advocate for one player group or part of space but anybody with the ability to contact that representative. It’s less about being a “Politician” and more about being a sounding board for CCP and an advocate for the player base working in the best interest of a healthy game. A “glorified focus group” as I’ve heard it called.

Being that I’m medically retired I certainly have the time to devote to the job. I bring a lot of personal experience in being an advocate for people and issues both in Eve and real life. I have made some really positive community connections that I think give me a wealth of knowledge from all over the game I can draw upon to fill gaps in my knowledge base.

I could write so many words here and it may not convey everything I have set out to say here so I’ll leave some links to some things that may give you a better idea of who I am and what I’m about and of course this is a forum thread so you can ask questions !

Best of Us community page
Fitfleet mission statement - Podcast
Evological podcast on Faction Warfare
My talk at Eve Vegas about one of the positive community aspects of Eve Online

Hopefully this helps paint a better picture of who you are voting for.
Please ask questions in this post or contact me on twitter in game or on any of the many discords you might find me on.

I would ask folks who know me to chime in here and help me show people why they should vote for me

o7 Space Friends

Edit- As more people announce their candidacy I will update here with people I myself would vote for and I think would make a great addition to the CSM

@Yukiko_Kami is a really laid back cool guy from Brave Newbies I have had the pleasure of conversing with quite a bit on Talking In Stations Discord and I think he brings a very measured and reasoned approach to his ideas on how our sandbox should work. Definitely Vote for him for his second term on CSM I will be.

Update 12/12/2017 -
Did an interview where I go over some CSM related things - After Hours

Update 1/8/2018 -

@commander_aze has announced he is running for CSM 13 . He’s a great guy and in my opinion a good candidate who has put in a lot of time to run in previous CSM elections and has really ironed out his outreach to really try and help out Hi Sec folks get representation and he’ll be on my ballot for sure


I endorse this person.

Community counts and he has that in spades.



Thanks Mike!

I personally would choose to differentiate community from playerbase (you’re always going to struggle to talk to mission runner#69420 if they’re not on the forums), but this is a succinct summation of a large portion of what happens on the CSM and it’s nice to see that seeping in to the public consciousness.

Best of luck with your run to the CSM :slight_smile:


Yep, I’d vote for @J_Mcclain :purple_heart:

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Haz my vote! <3

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I like what I see :+1:

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This kind of revolutionary language, separating politics from real action like a fishmonger striking the head from a snake with a fork, is calculated to enrage the pious and acutely offend the weak of bowel all at once.

I shall need to go lie down and recover my wits. My head is spinning from the sheer pace of change.

J Mcclain is an awesome guy with a passion for the community. He will be on my ballot


I would have voted for ya J. good luck in your new focuses!

Shame, I would have likely voted for you just because we seem to share the same name.

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