Thrawn Lannister for CSM 16

o Your EVE Online story.

Hello Gamers, My name is Thrawn Lannister, I’m part of the Greatest corporation in eve online history ElitistOps [ISRAD]. We have been officially awarded #1 Worst Corporation of Eve Online of 2020 by Reddit!

o Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

Well first and most importantly I have participated in the Defense of the Greatest fortress ever built in the game Fortress Delve! Most of the candidates here are representatives of Null Alliances, some are from lowsec but none of them are a part of the great Snuffed Out, Kings of Lowsec, Miners of Crokite, #1 Mining Alliance, Anti Blobbers, Most Honourable Group.

o Why are you applying for the CSM?

To help CCP with the direction of their game

o What can players expect from you?

A free trip to Iceland and a better Eve Online !


Hi my names chossuh, and this is jackass.



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vote for this choob


Q1: Are you a serious candidate?

Q2: Are you aware of the work involved in being a CSM rep, and are you prepared to commit to it?

A1: Yes

A2: Absolutely, wouldnt be here if i wasnt


Why do you believe high sec carebears deserve a CSM representative?

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if you get into the csm what changes and/or direction would you bring the game. what changes would you voice and like to see happen. In your post you say your corp snuff is the greatest but if that’s true then why is capf better than snuff? Also what will you do to help out rorqual miners and make them great again?

okay listen, ill bring back more than 1 focus spawns for incursions, i know thats what you wanna hear so vote for me if u want that !

Also, i was a hisec carebear for like a year or two lol, so probably know my ways around hisec more than most of the candidates out there :smiley:

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He has good taste in dogs, this man has my vote


What condiments belong on a hotdog?

A little bit of mustard and ketchup and MAYBE pickles but thats about it for me

And what toppings do you put on pizza?

imma put it simple: Pineapple DOES NOT belong on a pizza and if you think pineapple belongs on a pizza, i dont want you to be in my voter list !

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but you think ketchup belongs on a hotdog, your still a sick son of a ■■■■■

I give the endorsement from myself and the Kugutusmen dotcom discord

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This earned my vote.


That still exists wowzer

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I will vote for Thrawn Lannister because ElitistOps (also globbyglobbyglobby).

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