Unbottle the Trottel. CSM 17

tl;dr at bottom

Are you upset?
Have you lost hope?
Not sure what paperpusher to vote this time around?
Then consider to unbottle the Trottel.

I’m running for CSM to tell CCP how shitty of a job they are doing.
I’m running for CSM to tell CCP that the players are angry.
I’m running for CSM to tell CCP that their direction sucks ass.

But I am also running for CSM because I think there is still a chance. I am running, because I am still dedicated enough to this game to attempt to fix it. I am running, because I think my no fucks given attitude is NEEDED to finally get through to CCP’s management. I am running, because I think I am the god damn last chance to get Hilmar and Rattattitiatitiaititi to wake up.

So who am I?

I am Trottel. I am the current alliance diplomat for Snuffed Out. I am also one of the few people left to setup dreadbombs. Infact, I have been involved in some way shape or form in almost all dreadbombs that took place in the last 4-5 years. But publicly, I am probably best known for my brutally honest nature. I do not hold back. I say what’s on my mind, and whatever needs to be said.

I’d tell you all about the start of my journey in Eve, the people I learned from & influenced me, and how I ended up where I am. But really, who reads these 20 page long jerk off sessions? If you are interested or wanna talk about the good old times, just @ me in the discord.

Why should you vote me?

You want a CSM that bites and doesn’t just bark like the rest?
You want a CSM with indepth knowledge of the game, not just another F1 or paperpusher looking to boost their ego by running?
You want a CSM that isn’t content with fixing a red dot and calling it day, but rather makes sure we never see shitty UI changes like it again?

I also don’t want to ■■■■■■■■ you. I don’t know if all of this is accomplishable. But I will tell you that I am our best chance at accomplishing it in a long while.

This is the part where other candidates post their list of changes they wanna push for.

I won’t post a list. If you are looking for someone pretending to you that they could accomplish magical things and add your favorite new thing / fix your favorite old content I am sorry.
Look at the CSM posts of the last 16 terms. None of these promises got fullfilled.
CCP decides the direction, and I am just gonna attempt to get CCP to change direction from making Eve online a game whose aim is to make new players spend money and then drop them, to a game that cares about long term player retention.
I will also provide feedback on any coming changes, to help prevent the worst from hitting Tranquility.
I will advocate against CCP’s trend of bandaid fixing.
I will attempt to keep CCP’s financial interest as a company, aswell as ALL players interests, no matter their niche, in mind, to find compromises that work for everyone.

If you have questions or want to ask things, just join my discord. I’m always down to discuss my opinions on various issues in the game.
https://discord.gg/F5b2wjKjjq (WIP lol)

This is the section where I include some random people that I asked to write something for my campaign.

Mike Hunt Mike (random guy in eve online discord) said:

The onboarding process is critical as it builds trust between the client and the CSM and sets the tone for what the client can expect from their time with the company. The account manager can start by understanding the client’s goals for the first 90 days and how CSM can help the client reach their first milestone in the first 90 days. The account manager should meet with the client to prioritize these goals and support them on their journey to achieve them. Each client is assigned a CSM after purchasing a service and one of the most important responsibilities of an account manager is onboarding and training the client.
As a CSM, you’re only as good as the team around you, and you can’t afford to hurt them with your overwhelming desire to be in control. Last week I was discussing with one of my team members what makes CSM bad and while you can answer this question in different ways, we talked about some of the common mistakes that CSM make and then based on that

If you want me to post my oppinions on any of the other candidates, just let me know.

Ill edit this post with more ■■■■ & to fix formatting whenever I feel like it v0v

Vote me if you want things to change. Vote me if you dislike old CSM. Vote me if you dislike direction of the game.


reserving this for later

Not even the CSM mention the words “ESI” or API or “third party developer”.

ESI is like CCP (and CSM’s) hated child, yet they talked up how great third party tools are and their Excel extension integration at fanfest, and nullblocks likely also use the API a lot yet it’s basically a wasteland of yesteryear, github is left to rot like a Mad Max episode…

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Cool story bro, I’d appreciate it if you actually read the post before CTRL+F for whatever random issue you are looking to get fixed.

Why would I bother with reading anything from the CSM section, CSM is a failure.

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Cuz that is precisely the point of my campaign.

Then perhaps you need a clown proof TLDR bullet list with less verbage.

Feedback noted, Ill add a TLDR in a bit.

@Emotional_Support_Clown I get you oppose the CSM on principle. But have a little respect. Every one of these threads I look at has you sh*tting all over them. Grow up FFS


They’re good at doing that themselves without my help (remember wizard hats and booze doesn’t mix).

Figure 1: CSM effect

If you have a problem with the chart, feel free to post an alternative chart…


Correlation not causation, go read a book or something


Sure, but… what has the CSM ever done for us… appart from the roads, the aqueducts, the sanitation, education, healthcare…

Sometimes correlation does indeed equal causation and sometimes an unlikely sequence of events can happen.


Vote for Trottel, it’s time to put the cat among the pigeons


They won’t let that happen. Remember CSM is a CCP construct.

It’s like a constitution/harmonisation treaty where you see it written like “you cannot work against the interests of the institution” which basically rules out criticism and opposition.

The population of India has been in steady decline since 1981. I was born in 1981. I am quite obviously the cause.

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tl;dr: I’m naive, me or another will not change anything since CCP don’t really care anyway.

Notice I didn’t put a list out either? I share that opinion. I will, of course, push for things our player base wants. But you make a solid point.

Good luck in your campaign!

tl;dr I’m very much aware of the uphill battle I’m fighting

Glad to hear that.
Good luck to you too.

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Can we run as twinsies?