If you are sick of the usual bunch of CSM's and want a change of pace or the disbandment of the CSM vote for Me

Hi, I’m DisbandTheCSM ForCSM14

First thing first, I am not coming forward to give you false promises of what I WILL CHANGE, But I do promise to try.

Take it as my name implies and vote for me if you are sick of the status qou, I will make it clear to CCP that the CSM can no longer be given the respect that it once was, due to the apathy shown by many on the current CSM and their failure to act in the interests of the entire game, But instead act for their own benefit.

I will be honest with you all upfront, I don’t think i have much chance of winning, But the least we can do is make our voices known come this election.

I also know that if I am elected, I cannot guarantee you change or abolishment to the CSM, But i promise to do my best to get CCP to make changes.

Feel free to ask any questions / make suggestions for me and I will answer them the best I can.

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Just one suggestion - go take a chill pill and relax.

This is just a game company and a game. How a company wants to get their feedback on stuff they can’t talk broadly about isn’t something to get worked up about, because at the end of the day, it’s CCP who cares for the game as a whole - it’s their livelihood. The CSM is just a tool.

Thats true, However over the last few years, The CSM has become less and less representative of the playerbase, And more of a case of who can buy the most votes using SP farms, or just be the person picked by upper leadership of certain large alliances, In order to further their own agenda.

Therefore, Maybe its time CCP started to look elsewhere for feedback, Through means that don’t disclude 75% of the Eve playerbase.

We saw what happened to Wormholers earlier this year because there was no-one there to represent them, We’ve seen how ignored HS and LS (Faction warfare) have become in the last few years, (Barring War-dec changes which are something decent at least, but seemingly not liked by some of the CSM)

The two options we have are somehow manage to get people from those area’s on, Which i fully encourage, But see as being unlikely due to increased use of SP farms to buy votes, Or the other is to abolish the CSM entirely as a relic of the past, And CCP found something new that can have interactions from people all across the eve community so that none are being underrepresented to CCP when changes happen that affect them

I hold no hate for CCP, I am just advising them that maybe its time for a change of how they get feedback, Before people do start holding hate due to them being seemingly ignored when changes are made that affect them

From CCP’s blog post, they describe that the purpose of the CSM is “to give all players of New Eden a strong and formal voice in the development of EVE Online.”

I’d say voting in 10 players to represent 40,000 is a poor way to achieve that purpose. The CSM’s actual purpose seems to be different than the official one, and that is to get feedback from a few experienced players on gameplay changes before they’re announced publicly.

That’s totally cool. I think it’s a great idea. I just don’t see why CCP needs to pretend this is some amazing way of giving players a voice when there are obviously better ways of doing that.

This provides people a literal way to say “none of the above”…

Interesting idea, but I’ll still try and vote in people I think are still trying their best to improve the game for all.

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Agreed, There are much better ways of doing it, And that is what I would like to push CCP towards.

I can respect that one, But I will say that i’m not going to do nothing If I were to get on, I will still try to help CCP, whilst simultaneously pushing for a new approach in future.

For someone who wants to “disband the CSM” you sure have very wishy washy platform.

Aside from asking for suggestions, what are you actually planning on doing if you make it to the CSM?

Making it clear to CCP that people want to see the CSM disbanded hence why I would have been voted for, But also utilizing the seat to actively defend the ignored groups until said dissolution of the CSM

I would like to hear more about this. Which groups do you think have been ignored but need actively defending? And what ideas or suggestions do you have to do so?

Lowsec space maybe? Constantly having to adapt with nerf focused on other entity. Just saying.

I am reminded of a local political party who promised to, if elected, resign and run in the by-election so they could field an experienced candidate.


This sounds like @Salvos_Rhoska