The Council of Stellar Management is Awesome

I want to make this post so people who don’t already know what the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is can learn what it is.

The synopsis appears to be that a group of 10 EVE Online players are elected to cooperate with CCP Games and have a chance help them develop the game. These council members collect information and opinions from the players - as well as their own thoughts and feelings - and direct them to developers’ attention. To do so, these members will have online meetings with CCP developers, and possibly meet in person (e.g. in Iceland). Members of the CSM usually serve their time for twelve months. Benefits of being a member of include Omega Clone status for one account, free admission to EVE Online events, and (of course) the awesome opportunity to work for CCP Games.

I had never heard of the Council of Stellar Management until I joined these forums and looked through the thread topics and saw it. When I wanted to learn what it was, I searched the internet for “council of stellar management eve online” and immediately found an official page for it within the domain. I would love to be part of the CSM myself. :aura:

Here is the link to the main page for the CSM.
CSM - EVE Community

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Yes, they need more ill-informed yes-sayers like you.


What do you mean, exactly?

Ignore Rivr. He’s the guy yelling at the neighbor’s kids to stay off his lawn.


yes sayers?

Well I guess I am one of those as well.

Yeah the concept of the CSM is kind of an odd one in mmo games. Devs actually giving the time to an eelction and the fund to flying representatives to Iceland for days of meetings (long long days). A lot of it somes down to ‘bu they have hurt my gameplay’ or ‘they won’t give me the pony I asked for’.

If you get elected @Sasha_Weyrick , then try to do well by the people who voted for you. Not much more one can ask than that.

AT a CSM roundtable I was once asked 'How can we stop all the political drama from happening in the CSM?"

My answer was . . . "Stop electing politicians’

Sorry @Brisc_Rubal . I do think you are one of the good ones but I an sure even you Know what I mean.

m (former CSM8, 9, 10 and may run again)


Than you for your insight. @Mike_Azariah

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I understand your point. Because of the nature of these elections, you’re often going to have the big name guys in the big blocs get elected, and those guys are always going to want to play the meta when they are physically in a room with the big guys from the opposing sides. It’s inevitable. It’s also part of what makes EVE fun.

The thing that I get most frustrated about is when folks believe that some groups or some CSM members are tweaking what they tell CCP or what they advocate for to benefit themselves or their alliances. While that may have happened in the past - I don’t know, I wasn’t there - I’ve seen no evidence of it happening now.

I’m just trying to do my best to represent the players and provide good feedback to CCP when asked. That’s all I’ve ever tried to do. I don’t claim to be an expert or some kind of big deal in the game, I’m just an everyday player who loves EVE and got talked into running.

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Oh? 12+ years in New Eden and I learn new things every day.

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In your case, I wouldn’t call you a yes-sayer at all. You at least tried to do something good. Look at what the current CSM does. Most changes that came during this and the last CSM are mildly described as unappealing and risk-removing.

As for Brisc being a good CSM member. Well, in this GSM he certainly is a good member. A perfect member, actually. That doesn’t mean it is good for EVE.

I like such enthusiasm but nowhere in the whole post you have stated why you think CSM is awesome (like you wrote in the title). Could you elaborate more on it?

it truely is

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The CSM is awesome if you like another Customer making decisions for you! I went to a restaurant and ordered a juicy T bone steak! A charred piece of bone and gristle arrived on my plate! I asked the server to speak with the cook! I was told no! Address your concerns to the elected customer representative (CSM.) I spoke with the aforementioned CSM member about my steak. She or He name is " Veggie Vegetarian ." Veggie Vegetarian looks at me and says I will call it to the chiefs attention! 10 minutes later a steaming head of TOFU is dropped in front of me with Veggie Vegetarian lecturing me you should be eating this anyway! Get rid of the CSM! Let CCP run EVE ONLINE and respond to their Customers directly! ISTHERE ANYONE RUNNING FOR THE CSM WHO IS VOWING TO ELIMINATE THE CSM ?

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question is, why should i vote for some null coorp, i dont even go to null.
Are there any candidates to stand up for low and high sec?

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Yes. Me. :slight_smile:

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