CSM Member Distribution

Any votes for having only 1 CSM member per coalition? Would increase panel diversity.
Atm we have multiple goons on the panel and the updates that have been coming out have been reflecting this.


Only thing I’ll vote for is complete disbandment of the CSM program. It’s too easily manipulated and CCP has too many friends in the cartels that always seem to have majority representation.


What do you propose happens when the makeup of a coalition changes? You may find this hard to believe, but that’s already happened during this CSM.


Well that would have to be an exception, it’s gonna happen sometimes.

I would say CSM needs to be disbanded and focus groups be introduced.

We dont need demagogues, we need people who know what they are doing to advise CCP.

No open election, selection by merit, experience, and contribution to the game only.


So, only BitterVets need apply ?

Better vets than idiots.

Besides, with a no open election system, blatantly “bitter” individuals who offer nothing will be shown the door and another useful individual can be bought in.

The CSM has long outlived its usefulness. Next year it will probably include representatives from Serenity, so any hope of not being totally dominated by null-sec is a pipe dream. The only solution is to boycott the CSM. Don’t vote, don’t provide them with any feedback and just pretend they don’t exist. Let them continue to operate in a vacuum.

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End CSM program.

Its become just a NS cartel lobby.


and how you choose the composition of the focus groups?

but they are voted by their own alliances so what’s the point?

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It comes to no surprise that it is the same people as always with their defeatist attitudes that instead of investing effort to move things or at the very least even cast their vote, they come here and cry because other people are not as lazy as they are.

Ask yourself please, if you are the guy on the side against democracy, are you really on the right side? Think really really hard before you answer!!


Game development isn’t a democracy.


Perhaps what we need is for CCP to assign a CSM slot to each major gameplay style/area.

IE, we’d have one member responsible for the null-sec perspective, another for FW, another for WH, etc…

They’d not be limited to just that, of course, but rather be responsible for making sure their assigned area is taken into account.


Democrazy is ■■■■■■■■ when the stupid, degenerated masses are easily manipulated into voting for whoever has the best marketing strategy, and that is what modern politics has come to. Though make no mistake believing i agree with these defeatists. Boycotting and not voting is even more stupid. That’s a whole new level of short sighted idiocy.


“A strange game… The only way to win is not to play.”

When I lived in the north about 4-5 years ago, a message was sent out and we were all told to vote for A, B and C, and if we didn’t and were found out we’d be kicked. So guess what happens, the lemmings follow in line.

Most null sec residents are unable to think for themselves, which is why I am no longer living in null sec. I won’t be told how to vote and threatened by leadership for not following the “line”.

Disband the CSM, they are useless for the majority of players.


That’s why CCP caters to these carebears the most. Intelligent, thinking people don’t have loose wallets.


Yes, but it is still better than any other system.

But the CSM is and that is what we are talking about.

No wonder you always cry and play the victim if that is a philosophy you subscribe to.

The main goal of the CSM is to make sure no one at CCP is cheating and to ground their sometimes super stupid ideas to evolve the game. They are not there as game designers.

Despite that all CSM are apparently nullsec block members they introduces tons of shitty game mechanics that try to disincentiveise big blocks and power projection in null. On the other hand CCP heavily invested into adding new PvE stuff, overhauling mining, industry and adding all sorts of new stations for the builders… If the CSM had ANY controll over game design why would that be the result?

You people rally need to stop crying.


Ehhhhh define better


disband CSM , problem solved , or can someone point how CSM helped community ?