Dev Blog: A closer look at the CSM 13 voting numbers

We have a new CSM. In this blog we take a closer look at the numbers.


Now we know fair players do not care about the elite RMT speculation leaks club CSM is.

29k votes is what, AU TZ peak, or even less?



Our suspicion right now is that someone found a way to edit the contents of their one vote

I think you guys should check CCP for goon spais. Maybe its not only one vote, and this is how they left a trace.


That leaves us with 1 missing vote and that was a single-candidate vote for a character that is not on the ballot. Candidates on the ballot of course shouldn’t be able to end up in the votes database so we’ve investigated potential causes and the possibility of more malicious activity

This is gold. Who did he vote for? “bob; drop table csm_members” ?


Boycotting is exactly the wrong reaction.
CCP obviously care about the CSM, whether players do or not.

Maybe CCP feel that the CSM gives them an extra layer to hide behind, or maybe they are generally interested in what players think… (of course having reduced the size of the CSM which favours those with big block voting… (and no I am not saying this because I came in position 14, which in the old days would have gotten me elected))…

Boycotting is exactly wrong. Because noone is really paying attention to how many people did not vote.


Only logged-in Omegas can generate valid votes and each account can only generate one vote.

Our suspicion right now is that someone found a way to edit the contents of their one vote, thus invalidating it.

My suspicion is that someone intercepted the POST request, modified it and sent to your backend. If you do not validate the input then you have a problem CWE-20: Improper Input Validation. I play like that everyday :sunglasses: To bad the voting is disabled now and I can’t check it.

Props for the mysterious voter :smiley:


You know what kind of numbers would be really nice? How many votes came from other groups than CFC.


I think the name should be changed to GSF 13, just for accuracy purposes.


@CCP_Guard, I read your AmA … you have seen many questions about getting the voting process into the client, and I imagine its a “hard sell” to get developer time for a new UI feature, that would only be used once a year.

It is definitely a challenge to get casual players to switch gears from the game they logged in to play, to sign into another website - multiple times if they have multiple accounts.

But rather than the game client, please consider asking instead for a new tab in the launcher - because the launcher knows all our accounts and could help players with many accounts automate submitting their votes. It might also be slightly less complicated to engineer, than a new game client UI.


Guard, you (CCP) have new CSM. They do not represent the players, we all know that. Just because you need small group of player to connect with playerbase doesn’t mean we, all, have new CSM.


So now we also know SP farms account for at least 2% of total votes.

CCP cares because omegas “care”. If omegas stop caring so will CCP. This makes boycotting the only right.

And boy, I wish I knew about no validation. That was exactly what I needed to actively boycott. Injecting a modified POST reply is ez. I would’ve made a char “Sack Falcon” and with all the boycott votes he’d be top seat.


The question is why should players pay with their subscriptions for flights and accomodation of a CSM that really only represents a fraction of them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely understandable that the large Nullsec blocs rallye their members to vote. What isn’t understandable is how CCP failed to make voting simple enough and encourage every player to give their vote.

The participation went down from 31,274 for CSM12 to 29,471, but is still higher than CSM11 when only 22,345 votes were counted. However, assuming that the people who care about the CSM vote with all their Omega accounts, this number is still far too low.

If this is true, CCP should kick The Judge from CSM immediately. Buying votes can’t be accepted, because it basically is RMT. Getting real world advantages (travel expenses etc.) in exchange for game currency. (It also degrades the already imperfect process of CSM elections into nothing but a joke)

The link again:

@Tikktokk_Tokkzikk should be on CSM instead!


First time voter, don’t know what I expected but certainly not 4 Goons, what a swizz. Can’t really see who on there will represent me. Won’t bother next time.


5 Goons mind you.


Always vote. And beg others with your opinion, to vote. Or the large blocks win by default.

From reddit -


Like I’ve said countless times, our best weapon for CSM dominance isn’t our cohesive voting power, but the sheer disenfranchisement of the rest of the player base. Every person that doesn’t vote adds more and more power to us.


Seriously, this is not how voting works. It’s how you allow those who you don’t want into the CSM.

It’s sad to see how generation after generation is having such a hard time of grasping the concept.


Using ISK to buy a Ticket to Iceland is RMT. Kick The Judge from CSM13!


Thanks for the enlightening data @CCP_Guard . As an aside from the usual topic I’d like to make one observation for people running campaigns for next year and ask one question that I cannot answer for myself with the given data:

The observation:

Use all 10 of your voting preference slots.
Several candidates, having been elected, passed on fewer votes to other candidates than they ideally should have as people went with underfilled votes. For many of you this may be counter to how you normally vote but the votes after your first preference matter a great deal, even if you expect your first preference to make it in.

The question:

Voters, on initially loading the voting page are presented with the candidates in a random order, as is correct procedure. How many people just voted for people in the order presented to them?


Perhaps because you fail to grasp that it’s not even about people, but presence of corrupt institution like CSM itself. There is nobody I and many others “want” or “don’t want” into the CSM, it’s the CSM itself, the elite RMT speculation leaks club, that I don’t want. And election after election I’m deprived from the vote against CSM, ever since CCP Con (aka FalCon) removed Gevlon and others who promised to push for cessation of CSM activities. Even a saint won’t do ■■■■ in a cesspit as corrupt in nature as CSM.



Son, you just get what you deserve when you don’t vote. Your vote was your voice, now you’re just shedding some voter :droplet: .

That’s what you become when you fail to vote or just don’t accept the voting system:

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