Steve Ronuken For CSM 17

Yes, I’m starting my campaign early. 2 years rested, and I’m ready to go again.

I’m Steve Ronuken (no, not Steve Roe Newton. I told you, that was automatic subtitling :wink: ) a 6 time member of the CSM, a HighSec industrialist, and a third party developer. You may recognize me from,, or

As the video says, I’m Independent. I’m not part of, and will not be part of, any large alliances. (I have the best alliance. Vote Steve Ronuken for CSM :wink: )


Reserved for Q&A

A Bad Show for Bad People endorses Steve Ronuken for CSM 17!
No P2W

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You crashed my LP store when you released that site , because people couldn’t do basic math .
I can never forgive you for that !

You’ll have again my votes

Well, he’s no Olmeca…

Guess I’ll toss him a vote.

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you’ll be on my ballot near the top somewhere… Like Brisc, you were good about keeping the forums some what informed or at least were visible, unlike past CSM members.


Has my vote


Youll have to remind me, my memory works in 3 days chunks and your way early.