Benjamin Rushing for CSM 17

Ben for CSM 17!

From the ground up! From the dream of having my logo and my community on the map to its completion. Battling and dealing with giants. Making our way as a community leader in Eve Online is hard. When you start from nothing, that’s even harder. The CSM doesn’t need someone who “understands the little guy”, it needs someone that has been through it all and is still considered a “little guy”.

Those who call New Eden home speak many different languages, embrace different cultures, and hail from many different nations. That is why the CSM needs someone who’s daily experience is epitomized, by being a foreign speaker, playing a game that demands proficiency with English. This makes me an ideal representative for players who speak languages other than just English.

My passion is not however limited to the multi-lingual, but instead I hope to be an advocate for all players. As an experienced player I understand more than one kind of gameplay. This diverse experience of the multiple ways we choose to play EVE will help me advocate for all players whether their interest resides in HS, LS, NS and Wormholes.

Who’s Ben?

I’m the kind of geek who wears a belt and suspenders, but I draw the line at socks with sandals.
My full name is Benjamin Rushing, but I prefer Ben.

I’m the Executive of the Null Sec alliance Sorry in Advance. I’m also one of the executors of the RMC Coalition; the organizer of Eve Montréal; and a real-life biologist.

My main interest in this game is the building of communities and making them better and more efficient on different levels. I take pride in managing activities and projects, at different levels, for my communities to enjoy. Ours is a smaller Alliance, one that, with my awesome community, I built from the ground up. I know how hard it is to make the dream of having your logo on a System into a reality and keeping it there.

Where did I start?

In 2005 ish I played a few weeks, then stopped. Did the same thing in the period of 2008-2009, then, again, in 2012 ish. It was not before 2017 that I really made the decision to learn this game. For some reason I had formed the impression that “High sec was not the real game”. So on the second day I was neck deep in Null sec, in Fountain, and learning my way around Industry. I was there a few weeks and had a ton of fun.

After being kicked out, I then went to renting space (which I didn’t know at the time). Again with the same thing, a few weeks there then I felt like I had to move on. I had a few months in HS/LS where I found a French-Canadian group, but I felt I needed something more of my own. From there, I went back to renting space with a group of 4-5 friends, and learned more of the NS mechanics.

We had a lot of fun there, we met some great neighbors and we formed friendships with several of them. At some point we realised that those systems where we were playing would not last for much longer, unless we were a little bigger, so we joined our first real NS alliance: APOC.

We learned a lot there, played NRDS for a while. After the Blackout, we got evicted from Provi. Then we played in LS for a while. That was actually at the time that we went to our 1st RL event: Eve North. We met some really fabulous people there!

With some of those people we decided to build our own alliance: Sorry in Advance. We went with some friends to the Great Wildlands, but we found that NRDS was not for us. That’s when one of my old neighbor/buddies from the time we’d been renting reached out to me about a coalition that they wanted to form to invade the South of the map.

I was thrilled with the idea!

The proposal was intriguing and I felt my folk needed a challenge that we could put our muscle behind. And it worked! A lot happened in the South. We started by putting our first outpost in Querious, just in between PAPI and the Imperium. We had a blast! We are now Sov holders in Esoteria with our friends in the coalition.

I also organized 2 Eve Montréal events in the last years and plan on doing more :blush:
Here are the areas of the game that I would like to work on improving:

  • Corporation/Alliance interface: make it so it feels like a 2022 management tool.
  • Container/hangar accessible with ACL. Running fleets with friends from other alliances can get really complicated and a lot of time is wasted on asset management instead of doing pew-pew.
  • Also : Fleet hangar access with ACL, MTU + Bubbles + other deployables with ACL (so that others can pick it up)
  • Logi pilot statistics. The idea is to get the reputation: are you a good logi pilot? Did you perform well? The others have Killmail and zkill to keep track of the reputation. Let’s give some reputation to the logi-bro and logi-sist.
  • Anything else that can help the smaller group manager to be able to be more efficient and have more fun
  • Level-uping the salvage game. Having a gameplay that you could hop in a great battle and start salvaging the field while the groups hit on one another and get out of there before they can attack you.

Why do I want to apply for CSM?

Because I love this game and I want to make it better!

I feel I can offer more to this community. I have been making my way building and helping communities and individuals for a few years now, inside and outside the game. I’m all about growth, but not only growth in numbers, but also growth in quality. Eve already has the best gaming community on SUN III, let’s make it even better!

I’m also there to give a voice to smaller groups, like the French-speaking communities for one personal example, but also other smaller groups that struggle to make their projects flourish.
Are you a small group manager? Please get yourself and your group to vote for me as their 1st choice between the 7th and the 14th of June (yes, add a reminded to your calendar because we all have lots of other things to think about :wink:)

What can players expect from me?

More than pushing the points above, I want to support ideas that add value to player communities, that are logical and that are perennial. I’ll be easily reachable on my discord ( in the Ben for CSM channel.



Sent an Eve Mail requesting a CSM interview on behalf of Ashterothi. Looking to book for this weekend. Let us know if you’re available.


Here’s my interview in the CSM17 Battle Royal (finished 2nd :wink: )


Here’s my interview with Safety Red (in french)


bump this thread. Ben for CSM 17


Because I bring something unique!


Me on the Theta Thursday :smiley:


The Japanese version is now out :smiley:

The German video is now out! Don’t forget to tune in on Twitch for the Germand speaking community interview and questions from the people :slight_smile:

Here you now got my interview with CCP


Interview with the german speaking community


Thanks a lot to all of you! Really! We’ve made it to the 26th round! That is really good. I actually had a great deal of fun speaking with all of you, getting on the shows, speaking about the game and all your ideas. You guys and gals are great, awesome even! Thank you!

As some of you know, I did commit into getting my own Twitch channel/show, no matter the outcome. So keep your eye out for it! I still have some technicalities to take care of 1st, and it’s getting together nicely :smiley:

Special thanks to :

  • @Dame_DuNord
  • RMC community
  • French community
  • German community
  • Japanese community.
  • All the shows that add me on :wink:
  • @Ashterothi


Merci beaucoup à vous tous ! Vraiment! Nous sommes arrivés au 26ème tour ! C’est vraiment bon. En fait, j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à parler avec vous tous, à participer aux émissions, à parler du jeu et de toutes vos idées. Vous êtes géniaux, extraodinaire même! Merci!

Comme certains d’entre vous le savent, je me suis engagé à créer ma propre chaîne/émission Twitch, quel que soit le résultat. Alors gardez l’œil ouvert ! J’ai encore quelques détails techniques à régler pour en premier et ça s’anonce bien :smiley:

Remerciement spécial à :

  • @Dame_DuNord

  • Communauté CMR

  • Communauté française

  • Communauté allemande

  • Communauté japonaise.

  • Tous les spectacles qui m’ajoutent sur :wink:

  • @Ashterothi


Vielen Dank an euch alle! Wirklich! Wir haben es in die 26. Runde geschafft! Das ist wirklich gut. Es hat mir wirklich viel Spaß gemacht, mit euch allen zu sprechen, in die Shows zu kommen, über das Spiel und all eure Ideen zu sprechen. Ihr Jungs und Mädels seid großartig, sogar großartig! Vielen Dank!

Wie einige von euch wissen, habe ich mich verpflichtet, meinen eigenen Twitch-Kanal/meine eigene Show zu bekommen, egal wie das Ergebnis ausfällt. Also Augen auf! Ich muss mich noch um einige technische Dinge kümmern, und es passt gut zusammen :smiley:

Besonderer Dank an :

  • @Dame_DuNord

  • RMC-Community

  • Französische Gemeinschaft

  • Deutsche Gemeinde

  • Japanische Gemeinschaft.

  • Alle Shows, die mich hinzufügen :wink:

  • @Ashterothi


みなさん、ありがとうございました! 本当! 第26ラウンドになりました! それは本当に良いです。 私は実際、皆さんと話したり、ショーに参加したり、ゲームやすべてのアイデアについて話したりするのがとても楽しかったです。 あなたたちとギャルは素晴らしいです、素晴らしいです! ありがとうございました!

ご存知の方もいらっしゃると思いますが、結果に関係なく、私は自分のTwitchチャンネル/ショーを取得することを約束しました。 だから、それに目を光らせておいてください! 私はまだ1番目の世話をするためのいくつかの技術を持っています、そしてそれはうまく集まっています:D







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