BlazingBunny for CSM 14

Hello, my name is BlazingBunny and I’m am running for CSM 14

Quick disclaimer, I’m going to copy my website for a lot of what goes on this post.

I’ve been playing EVE Online since 2009 where I started much like most of the players in the game did, in highsec. After a brush with a high sec wardec corp, I discovered the I enjoyed PvP and combat in general way more than I did mining and missions.

I currently live in the Central United States but I am originally from Florida. I’m 24 and I work for a Defense contracting firm. I’ve met a lot of long time friends from this game, many of who I still talk to regularly. I think the greatest aspect of EVE Online is the community as a whole. Sure, some of us are a little eccentric or crazy, but the average player is a friend you just haven’t met yet.

I’ve been playing EVE since 2009 and I’ve played in all areas of space with the exception of Wormhole space. I’ve flown in null sec for about 5 years in a variety of alliances (-Mostly Harmless-, Goonswarm Federation, The OSS, Northern Coalition, Mercenary Coalition, and The Culture). I currently fly with Original Sinners in Northern Coalition. I’ve flown in low sec as well for about 2 1/2 years in a few notable groups (Did he say Jump, Sniggwaffe, and Snuffed Out). I also spent a good amount of time in RvB learning to FC and fighting in the forever war.

My passion in EVE is combat. I’ve done pvp in some way shape or form for the last 7 years for sure and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. I’ve done small scale FC’ing to alliance warfare to incursions to RvB and I believe content creators and FC’s are the lifeblood of the game. My platform for CSM is based around enabling content and boosting the skill ceiling back to where it was before. I think the game as it is now, isn’t rewarding the exceptional skill of some of our well known pilots and content creators have spent years and time and effort cultivating. If elected, I would advocate for the health of the game as a whole, not just the null sec alliance I currently fly with. Lowsec and Faction war need a lot of love as does the new players experience. With your help we can get there together.

I will try my very best to answer any questions posted here, however I can be reached most quickly through my Campaign Discord.

For more information on what my priorities are go to my website


Would like to see a recommended Ballot either on your site or this thread. Thx

Checked you site and as a fellow candidate, there are some real gems among you platform. Would like to have a working relationship if we end up at the table together.

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What are your views about emergent gameplay broadly and high sec ganking specifically? If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle completely obsolete, would you challenge that even if you disagree with the playstyle and, if so, how?

There will be one up on my site before voting starts monday

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