The Mute for CSM 14

Hello Eve community,

I am The Mute, a long time pod pilot. I began playing Eve in the fall of 2003 and have been devoted to this hobby ever since. Within weeks of signing up as a new player, I became active in the RP community, joining Ushra’Khan (UK) and fighting the vile slavers known as CVA. This means that I was involved in high sec war, low sec pvp, and 0.0 pvp within weeks of joining the Eve community. Over the years I drifted away from the RP community, spending a few excellent years with the Alliance Cry Havoc, killing capitals and supercapitals with a special glee.

As my professional career has developed, I have found myself with less time to spend ingame. The time requirements of 0.0 fleet warfare and wormhole life are oppressive and so the last few years, I have been a devotee of highsec pvp.

I have see many changes in the game over the past 15 years, many of these changes for the better; some though, I feel have been detrimental to this wonderful sandbox that is Eve Online.

What has always kept me coming back to Eve is the sandbox. The ability to make my own story. As time goes on, the game has been moving slowly away from the sandbox and increasingly towards stagnation. Null space is stagnating because resources are more than plentiful for the population. Low sec is stagnating because the proliferation of jump capable ships makes the borderzone unnecessary for many players to travel through. High sec is stagnating because the players there have become increasingly safe and immune from consequence.

When elected to the CSM, I would advocate for policies that would shake up New Eden to create conflict. When elected to CSM, I will work with the CSM and CCP to design novel approaches to fixing issues that are creating our current stagnation.

Primarily, I will advocate for a joint wardec and bounty system that will allow non-structure based war goals, allow highsec wardecers, mercs, and pirates to still be a viable profession while at the same time protecting new players from the type of actions that can make players prematurely leave New Eden.

Secondly, I will advocate for the implementation of systems that will make it necessary for players to travel in lowsec more often.

Thirdly, I will advocate for changes to null sec resource spawning that will necessitate more conflict between the large power-blocs.

Thank you for your attention,
The Mute

More Conflict, More War, More Fun!


Ten days and no posts.
You’re getting a free bump at your costs, The Mute!

Do you do voice coms?


If you’re elected will you urge ccp to reduce the number of asteroid belts available in all spaces?

I am not sure I understand what you mean by this statement. Could you expand on this idea please?

Lost me at devotee of high sec PVP if you dont have the “time” to commit to 0.0 or w space do you think you have the time to commit to CSM?