Vote Cable Uta for CSM 14

I started my career in 2011, where after a short period in high sec, I moved to wormhole space and began my Eve journey. After trying out a few different things I settled in V0LTA, since then I’ve become a director, the alliance’s main content creator, theorycrafter and fleet commander. Outside of V0LTA some of the community know me for my favourite way of making isk, running the highly specialized NPC Sotiyos along with a small crew.

The primary goal of my campaign is to improve the PVP experience of small and medium scale engagements, an area I feel is often under represented in the CSM discussions but affects players across all areas of New Eden (including players belonging to null blocs, faction warfare, wormhole space and more). My secondary goal is to give a voice to players that utilise wormhole space, representing them in the PVP balance debate.

I’ve experienced many things in my Eve career, however the achievements I am most proud of lie on the fringe of null bloc warfare, with highlights like bombing runs and back line guerrilla warfare tactics in wars like WWB (World War Bee), that have changed the outcome of several larger engagements over the years.

Throughout my time in Eve I’ve openly committed ideas and concepts for improvements to the game, sparking discussion within my local group, and highlighting issues that later became talking points for sitting CSM members, some larger examples of these are the following:

Tl:dr Proposed Panic module nerf which spiked great discussion on reddit and spread into the forums.

General document regarding game balance needed to counter the staleness of current nullsec warfare

I hope to work with the CSM and the wider community to improve Eve in a way everyone is happy with in the long run, instead of making short term changes that generate short spikes of activity and happiness which don’t seem to last.

Discord: Cable#0950
Ingame: Cable Uta, Choridon Saissore & Red F1ve

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I was on my deathbed, the cancer rotting in my brain, the spod filling, crushing my lungs. Suddenly the clouds parted, and down from WH space lowered a large danish man, officer tier wings sprouted from his back. He laid one holy abyssal mwd on my chest. “Blesseth be this account, my child” he uttered from his godly lips, and I was filled with the most holy desire to fly a ham legion. Directly into a boson. Cable 2019


and my Arty!

The vast majority of proposals that people make for eve online are garbage, surprisingly, Cable sees too the heart of balance issues and has some really nice proposal that, often, cut to the heart of the issue.

I endorse this product and or service!
Great guy and a pleasure to be around, i think cable would be brilliant for the CSM.

Cable has the mind and resources to truly explore the game at a deeper level. His experience in various forms of PVP, PVE, and niche game mechanics will be invaluable for the CSM.


I have flown with Cable on and off for years. His dedication and commitment to eve is unrelenting. His off-the-top-of-his-head knowledge of game mechanics is super in depth. Let me tell you just one of many stories I have that demonstrates how focused he can be on eve.

Syndicate Competitive League 5 was about to begin. Micro-Jump drives for battleships had recently been released and the meta in practice was to jump a marauder into the enemy with one at the beginning of the match. Cable came up with a counter - the bump. He suggested that if a marauder MJD’s right off the bat from the warp-in range of 50 kilometres, it could be bumped to face the wrong direction and jump out of the arena. “Great” I said, “but that sounds like a totally unreliable plan, forget it”. He didn’t give up tho, so to shut him up I told him that if he proved to me on SISI that he could do it 9 times out of 10 we would consider it.

A week goes by and he comes on comms and demands I log into to SISI so he could show me results. He had come up with an interceptor fit with exactly the right speed/mass ratio, and practised hundreds of times the exact collision point on a marauder model needed to make it turn 180 degrees while it spooled up. He then proceeded to prove his theory 10 times out of 10 in a row. OK I said, lets try it.

We gambled and luckily Tri brought the expected setup with the expected paladin at the expected range. As soon as the match started Cable charged in and executed the manoeuvre perfectly, the paladin ended up outside the arena boundary, exploded, and our comms erupted into a frenzy (I remember my wife scowling at me for waking my son up) and the rest of the match was a mop-up.

I think if Cable got elected he would show the same level of commitment to helping improve eve.


Going by your subcap edit, i think the Ferox issue is still too new after the most recent nerfs to the hull. CCP laid the groundwork for the harbinger to counter the Ferox. The Ferox got slower, the harb got more fitting and beams got a 10% range buff. This means a harb fleet can keep up with Ferox, get similar range/tank and shoot into the Ferox’s resist hole better.

Nerfing the optimal bonus would be sufficient on the Ferox. You don’t need nerf the range of other BC’s, their power level is fine. Also, nerfing the range on the Harb would then start to undo the changes CCP just implemented to help give more options to counter the Ferox. Focus on the Ferox only if you want to nerf it, don’t CCP it and nerf every BC just because the Ferox is strong, aka, nerf TE’s because blaster Talos is too strong and break medium autocannons forever.

I do agree the Ferox is too strong, it does just about 80-85% of what a vulture does for a fraction of the cost. I’m of the mindset that if you want a sniping battlecruiser that can shoot past 120km, pony up for a Vulture, or just use Naga’s. Nerfing the optimal bonus/trait would be more effective and make more sense than nerfing the role bonus.

The harbinger just got fitting buffs about a month ago, whats your reasoning for adding more fitting?

The Zealot is actually fantastic in small gang and its fitting is reasonable. I fly a zealot pretty often, and mine is fit with T2 heavy beams, nano, triple heat sink+rep. Its just a slower nomen that does 800 dps and can shoot from 30km to 93km just fine. In fleets, i’d say its less ideal in the current meta. More fitting would probably help it squeeze in a plate+beams easier. I won’t complain if i can drop my ACR for another locus rig and have 34km range with multi.

Though i’d rather see sacriledge and vagabond buffs/changes, rather than zealot changes. Those 2 HAC’s don’t have a great role currently.

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My proposal was to nerf both the role bonus AND the BC skill optimal bonus since all the BC’s (in my opinion) has some too vast a range within which they can operate, and simultaneously nerf the Ferox to bring it down on part with its BC brethren.

I agree that the sacrilege needs a kind hand, and is on my list of ships to look at :wink:
I will disagree that the vaga needs as much attention, as it has great function in small gang, besting alot of other ships with its current stats.

Yes, i saw. Which is why i’d prefer only to see the Ferox get its optimal bonus nerfed. I don’t really have any issues with other BC’s range. My main issue isn’t that Ferox gets a 100km+ optimal. Its that it basically replaces the vulture at a fraction of cost. Its a caldari rail ship, its kind of expected they have long range. But CCP giving it a 75% optimal bonus +25% falloff was a bit much. It would be better as 50% optimal and 25% falloff and still be the longest range medium T1 BC but not so long range the other BC’s can’t compete.

Agree to disagree. Its biggest shortfall is that medium autocannons are garbage, maybe if those get fixed it’ll come back out of the garbage pile.


Certainly, but that has nothing to do with the ship itself, and AC’s are on the long long list of things needing balance :smiley:


The CSM can always use someone with exemplary mechanical and game knowledge, so if you weren’t considering Cable before you should seriously consider adding him to your ballot.


Vote for Cable if you want someone that has a complete understanding of game mechanics and balance. I believe that Cable has proposed a series of achievable changes that can have a positive impact on game play.


With the absence of Suitonia and Jin’taan in the next CSM I believe supporting Cable would help to represent a large swath of the game not otherwise talked about by power-block players. There are very few players in this game that I would vouch for as compassionate people, gifted with intense mechanical skill, and up to speed with game knowledge many would deem obscure, Cable Uta is one of those people and still remains passionate about making Eve better.

A serious wormhole and more candidate? I’m interested.

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@Cable_Uta If CCP were to change NPC Sotiyos, what would you recommend to them.

Well that would depend on what you think the problem is. I think if a mechanic is reasonably well balanced, its not as big a priority to change it, especially when said thing is in PVE.

I’d assume your “concern” has to do with looting mechanics, and I personally think it is working as intended, as it is a fringe type of PVE.

What is your opinion on faction warfare and it’s current state? Would you let it lie as is or advocate for it’s promotion? Disclaimer: I speak as someone who has never engaged in it directly but did sell into the market it created, and did hunt FW players as content. It’s a lot quieter than it was a couple of years back.

I must admit, FW is not my area of expertise, so I wouldn’t feel that given you an answer that would be worthy of real consideration.

But from what I do know about it, it seems to be too afk’able which is the reason for the botting menace within it. So the only statement I can make is that it seems to need some looking at.

If you or someone else knows alot about it, feel free to inform me :smiley: