Vote Cable Uta for CSM 14

Most importantly I believe Cable will be a good voice for the people of wormhole space. This is what we have lacked the last year. He will also be a great voice for nomads of new eden. E.g Inner Hel / Bombers Bar / NPSI community’s and many more.

(No he wont be a Brisc wormholer). Cable actually knows how they work.

He will be a good voice to people who want to see changes in ship balance. He has a methodical way of showing changes and will give reasons why.

If you like using tactics and using game mechanics to the limit to fight blobs you want this guy in the CSM.

He has my vote.


+1 for Cable, he’s a good guy and very knowledgeable

Due to your recent outburst, how can we expect someone with such a low threshold for anger to effectively represent the community to your fullest ability?

i personally cannot see someone who has such anger problems to be able to efficiently convey concerns to CCP regarding game mechanics which may not line up with how you want it to be. source of the outbust as seen below


there are also very convinceing rumors about your past invlovment in RMT. so i ask the question why should i put my vote into someone who blatently ignores the EULA for personal gain.

The circumstances behind the video are more complicated than the recording implies; I did overreact in the moment but it was because I thought a trusted member of alliance was faking a killmail in order to steal from us. Its unfortunate that my own alliance members would choose to release this kind of content as I am running a CSM campaign, but I feel as though most of us would have some sort of anger towards what I thought was betrayal from a trusted ally.

As to my past allegations, all I can say is that none of them have been proven true by either players nor ccp, and that I feel no reason to comment further on the matter.

Yeah, it’s so sad that nobody else has any idea about ship and game balance at all after only playing for 13 years.

Wanna make an educated guess, who proposed to let the Harbinger have 200gj more powergrid to be on par with the Ferox and was on the dot?

From the perspective of someone who had a break in the game and returned to it after some time, flyng with Cable was a real refresher and lesson on the current status of EVE. Every player who holds this game dear and wants it to develop rather than to die out of boredom should support him.

A political hit-piece video made by someone who links to a rival csm candidate they support right in the video description…yeah…and accusation of having done bad things in the past with no proof…uh-huh…pretty clumsy metagaming attempt…

Someone who should have very much known better losing that much in such a stupid way probably would make someone else wonder if something else more sinister was going on. Oh noes, he yelled at someone! pfft What, you think were voting on a dalai lama or something?

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I think the most valuable things has been said here about Cable. Though I’d like to share a more personal experience with him. Half a year ago v0lta as a corp wasn’t doing very well. There wasn’t much content and v0lta kinda lost its own identity. Resulting in many players leaving v0lta and doing their own thing. Which is a fair decision and no bitterness to those who left. Though Cable, Starfleetcommander and I decided to stay. Together we formed a very effective work-relationship. Later, with the support of Endo Dy, Isengrimus, Cade Kenobi and Tikktokk, we rebuilded V0lta as its own entity.

Now what I’m trying to say is, that when Cable has a goal in mind, he will try to achieve this goal. No matter the setbacks, no matter the costs. He will do what he thinks is good. In regards to his corp and I firmly believe also to this game as a whole. Also because he can’t stop talking about his new balance theories in the morning ;-). He has my vote 100%.

At no point did you ask if the abyssals i died with was the ones from the fleet you just barged in yelling what was supposed to be a simple joke turned into more because of your rude attitude. was simply going to be a quick haha but here is the mods i never actually lost them but hey.

Chori = Cable btw also still can’t believe people think i actually lost the officer mod maybe watch the entire video next time

I am not so sure about the armor reps nerf, I think 50% is a so heavy nerf and we ofc want to fix the problem not break it and make that no one want to use it again.
About your other ideas I think is really fine.
I would like that citadels get nerfed, there are a lot of thinks bad about it but most of all the asset safety is a broken thing and I dont know who the hell agree with that.
If there is something that will make the game fun again is remove that thing.

About your ideas, I really like them.
You have my vote

Well its not a nerf to either armor or shield. its just reducing the repari amounts while increasing the speed (and compensating in capacitor usage to make it as it was before).

I would love to see fixes/nerfs to Citadels EC’s & Refineries.

One that I’ve heard the most that I agree with is removal of tethering, however I find simply removing it would be gamebreaking.

If instead it was inability to tether on structures where you are able to dock it would be a more balanced solution in my world (subs can’t tether on any citadels, Caps can tether on medium structures, supers can tether on medium & large structures).

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That would be nice.
Other bad thing is that invulnerability you get when jump or when you land from a warp. I am really impressed to see how people doesn’t really care about this.
It is also true that we do not know how many time is going to take until ccp remove this broken functions, because I dont know; I was reading couple days ago that in the last csm elections, Brisc Rubal wrote in his post that he wanted to remove asset safety. I dont know what happened then, the thing is that it seems there is going to be a long time until something or someone can get at least talk about this with the developers.

I think this “problem” is a bit more complex, that it just being a “bad mechanic”.
As I see it, atleast in regards of the jumping invulnerability I find it fair, as not everyone has a high tier PC, and some people actually sit and wait out the entire timer before being able to move due to their computers being old (after all Eve doesn’t require that much).

I applaud this, but think there will be too much resistance to doing it, and I instead find a middleground valid & make it a 50/50 if it goes to lootdrop or going to asset safety. This way it atleast creates some value transfer and not 100% safety.