Baldin Tarmain for CSM 17

Reason for Applying:

I feel that I can champion the views of small to medium industrialists without demonizing the larger alliances and coalitions.

I also have specific views on the correct balance to achieve a self-sustaining Eco-system so often discussed, but never quite achieved. Where is that balance? What is the best way to get there ? There is no real answer without looking at all 3 sides. Industrialists, PvP, and CCP. That is my goal. To try and gather those 3 groups into a consensus.

I have built a reputation in EvE of not breaking my promises. Keeping them whether the result was good, bad, or indifferent for me or my alliance. I have mediated in small conflicts and managed to maintain neutrality. Contrary to popular belief, that can be significantly more work than simply choosing a side. I can apply that same type of mediation capability to try and merge the needs of both the industrialists, (my first love in EvE), and the PvP groups. Without both, EvE would not be the game we want to play.

I look at the CSM as the advisory council to bring in those perspectives and attempt to mediate them through discussion and ideas that can help CCP in that regard. I am a founding member of the Fan Council of a professional sports team and have maintained that status for the last 6 years, so I am familiar with the expectations and limitations of what the CSM can do.

Now, WHO is Baldin Tarmain and WHAT has he been doing in EVE ?

Baldin’s EvE story:

Started EvE early in June of 2012.

Baldin came into being on the 30th of June, 2012.

My first corporation started shortly thereafter.

I have Primarily been an industrialist for the entire time. Starting with mining and building Warp stabilizers for profit. Thousands of Warp Stabilizers.

I eventually built up 12 POS running dual reactions from the moon goo they mined. I continued on that path for about 5 years until Athanors came into being. With moon mining changes, it became apparent that 1-man corps with an alt or two would never be able to provide the same income levels. So, I began to recruit members in May of 2017 to prepare for the changes.

My corp. joined some friends in an alliance from an area quite a few gates from us. Eventually when a new threat appeared, a local alliance was formed, which we joined. Over a few months, leadership left, and I was recruited to take over as leader.

We held some Low Sec, some NPC Null, and had a presence in High Sec. Eventually we ran afoul of a combination of groups too strong to overcome. That Alliance was disbanded. All Low and Null stations were destroyed. A 6-month war dec followed during which I formed our current alliance. That was almost 4 years ago. Many incursions and battles, (This is EvE after all), with losses, victories, and Infrastructure that has been rebuilt more than once.

Through it all, we remain primarily Indy. Everyone needs to fight in EvE. It’s a fact. Seeking out battles is not what we do. But we are not risk averse, when it suits our purposes. We are not pacifists by any means. I don’t begrudge hunters, NBSI, or NRDS. It’s all part of the system that we live in.


Industry, from mining of all ores to manufacturing of everything from Shuttles to Dreads including stations. Station management is another forte of mine. Having run POS and now running and defending each type of station excluding the XLs.
Pattern recognition and pinpointing the weak links in processes from personnel to software is another strength. Forty years of business ownership has led to a solid understanding of: “What are the likely results to be in people’s minds, not just their actions.” That question gives insight into what is likely to happen longer term than simply looking at a snapshot of results.

As a member of a sports team’s Fan Council, I am familiar with the restrictions and process of what the CSM does. This will hopefully allow me to be more effective in what I can do for Industrialists in EvE. As well as the interface of the Eco-system we all live in.