Fresh Outlook For CSM

Hey guys Voting is coming up very soon. If you are tired of the way things have been in years past or you are happy but agree that new blood is vital to continued growth then Im your guy.

I am Syncopee Farnsworth and I have been a part of the Eve Universe since 2011. I have always been an industrialist in any game I play because I really enjoy being able to be self-sufficient, as well as make things for ppl cheaper than they can buy them and still make a little profit. To me it’s about taking the eye off the meat and putting it onto the potatoes.

As everyone knows, whether they want to admit it or not, without industrialists there would be no PVP.

My passion in all of Eve is all aspects of industry. I enjoy mining, PI, salvaging other ppl’s wrecks and, of course, building everything. Currently, I feel there are three major things that need to be addressed:

Alliance Hangar Access - By allowing an alliance hanger it would allow for a more conducive, cohesive industrial arm for alliances and coalitions.

PI - The entire PI system needs reworking. Reworking would allow for a better PI experience and potentially more ppl doing it.

BPCs - The way BPCs are stored in hanger inventory is an absolute NIGHTMARE. They should be stackable if they are the same ME/TE.

I know these points are brief. I would love to discuss more of my ideas to be able to improve the industry side of things with you in game or on discord. Please find me in the ‘Farnsworth’ chat channel, ‘Rathon Altol#3955’ on discord or just send me an in-game mail. Like I started off with, Industry is the back bone for all PVP activities; without INDUSTRY there is no PVP.

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Alliance hangars would allow for theft on a whole new scale. But if they allowed an alliance hangar with permissions it would make logistics somewhat more simple, but again way more dangerous.

PI, it is a meticulous, baby sitting, pain. But what is your suggestion to make it better?

BPC stacking, would be nice, it would also be nice to have a bpc hangar, like you have your ship and plex hangars.

Your absolutely right in the fact that an alliance hangar would allow for greater theft but with he permissions like u stated would make that better but still not the safest. Anytime you allow ppl to have access to things u risk theft unfortunately.

With regards to PI my thoughts are to really make it a lot less meticulous being able to love things around the planet rather then having to destroy and reset everything and many others.

A BPO/BPC hangar would be great as long as there was stacking as well. This disorganization drives me batty.

But I like theft :kissing_heart:

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Theft is a bad thing that’s for sure

No it’s not :smiley:
It’s just an alternative way to play

ok thats a fair point i forget sometimes that this is a game and people get to be whomever they wish in the game world.

and this right here, frankly, is why you are not ready to be a CSM member. its fine to be an industrialist, gods know thats where my hearts at. and some of your suggestions are okay (although entirely missing the point of what CSM is and does. but thats another matter entirely)

but when you are elected as CSM you represent ALL players, not just the part of the game that you are personally interested in. and even if you do push for a certain perspective, you need to understand and think about all other aspects of the game and how they inter-connect.

while I do admire you for stepping up and throwing your hat in the ring, I also think that your posts here have shown a lack of understanding not just of the game, but more importantly of the role the CSM plays within it.
best of luck with your campaign, but I would suggest re-evaluating and taking a closer look at it before running again next year.

Bjorn is exactly right

Being part of the CSM is a responsibility where you not only represent ALL players in the game, but you have to be prepared to give back to the game as well in an unselfish and often-times, self destructing manner; let me explain…

Iets take your industry career for example… let’s say that CCP were going to change industry, and ruin alot of the fun you’re having, and ruin some of your future plans as well, you won’t have the luxury of being selfish about it and speaking for yourself and your own self interests… you would have to make the decision with the rest of the CSM whether or not CCP’s proposed changes will positively effect the game and balance of the game overall for the long term.

Many people dislike spies and thieves among their ranks, but that’s one of many of my playstyles.
If I were on the CSM one day, and CCP decided that they wanted to change the EULA to stop scamming and theft, I would of course argue a case againest those changes, (and I know that goes againest what I’ve just said… but…) because EVE is supposed to be hard, and the unexpected is supposed to happen to drive content, and story creation through the game… That’s what it’s designed to do.
Of course, if CCP believed and showed evidence of the health of the game declining due to the activities of what I and similar others are involved in, and they wanted to change the EULA to prevent it from degrading further, then I guess I would need to start looking for a new career path within the game.

I think the CSM really is not about what YOU PERSONALLY believe you can change for the game to make it better, but what the CSM really needs is a council of members who, through their combined knowledge and expertise, understand the game in such at such a high depth and detail, they can point out potential flaws and errors in some of the proposed future updates or changes that CCP wants to make.

Being part of the CSM is never about changing the game in a way that you believe would benefit your own personal gameplay, nor the gameplay of a particular career (such as industry, which you’ve pointed out)
It’s more of a way of controlling the entire game to make sure that it’s going in the right direction… giving the players what the players want, and giving CCP a product that works for them, and for the playerbase.

The CSM is simply a liason between the players and the developers

Posted in your other thread, I voted for you.

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