CSM 15 vote for boernl

Hello capsuleers i am boernl

Member of Pandemic Horde alliance

“a bit more about me”

Started my eve career in 2008 as highsec miner ( like most ppl).
Have bin around the block a few times and back.

But 1 thing has always bin consistent.
I am a hardcore nulsec miner and i would not want it any other way
like to fight that is part of nulsec life

Why apply for CSM

There are a few reasons that i aply for csm.
It is a perfect opportunity to show to the newer players that theyr voice can and will be heard when the time comes.

There are a few things that could be balanced in this game ,
like fuel requirement for certain modules.
Cloaks should require fuel so they can only be cloaked for a limited amount of time , after wich they need a logistical system to refuel.

Supers should (beside global resistance penalty that also hits them) also be a lot more exspensive to build material wise.

Citadels should also get exponentialy increased in materials to build them , simply said they are to cheap that can never have bin the intention.

“What i hope to achieve”

Is to assist in balancing and to push more for the industry side of eve while not turning a blind eye for the problems around the people that abuse the system with automatic programs / bots.

One example for balancing the industry,
and i am keeping it on ships for now.

Is that the blueprints could be more balanced in the way they are skill sensitive.
Tech 1 huls are almost being able to be build by day 1 old characters.
They should be a lot more skill sensitive .
-Frigats low skills starter level .
-Cruisers starter level.
-Battleships should require at least 10 million skillpoints in industry.

Tech 2 ships are way to low in sp requirements being able to build them .
Capital ships and higher should have a lot more skills needet different skills for components as for the ship itself, like for example racial skills for certain components and racial skills for contruction of each form of ship.
Than people have to focus on wich capital they want to build and not 1 skill does it all.


Is there anything in your background that would make you a particularly qualified candidate?

sine i have bin involved a lot in aquiring resources and a bit less in industry for in total over 10 years i would say yes
and my main aim is revamping industry and the skills required

Do you have anything to provide besides lobbying your terrible ideas about cloaking, though?

What, in your mind, do you believe your best contribution to the CSM would be, taking into account the duties and responsibilities of the CSM.

pushing for reforming industry in eve and the revfamp / balance of certain modules that should have bin balanced years ago

for the rest i am a nulsec dweller so i will assist as much as possible
in nuslec matters

the rest i cant answer at the moment and probably also not after i signed a nda

Such as…?

But you’re not under NDA right now.

since this is my first run i can not answer all questions i can only say i will go in with a open mind while having firm principles

What principles are those?
And you should be able to talk about what your “principles” are in regards to a “revamp” of modules.

i already posted that in the threat

the differences between tech 1 tech 2 and faction modules of all kinds
should be bigger in direct effects

Well, if this is all you’ve got, and your “principles” which you refuse to talk about because for some reason you think you’re already under an NDA, good luck with your campaign.

i can say something there is and always have to be kept a strict difference between wormhole space high low and nulsec

that includes belts anomalies but also the rewards for data relic sites as example

exploration in highsec can and should never be as profitable as the sites in lowsec or nulsec or wh

I’ll be honest but anyone who cannot be bothered to even try to fix their typos even a little bit is not someone i’d trust to be detail oriented enough to be on the CSM.

Yes maybe it sounds harsh, but it is like what at least I was taught about writing a resume. This thread is essentially your resume for the CSM. They should be perfect. If nothing else it shows how seriously you take it.


I will be a bit mroe clear of the industry revamp that i am focussing on

Blueprints should be assorted into classes.

Entry level (low sp requirements).
Medium level (medium sp requirements).
High level (high sp requirements) .
Specialised (tech2) .
Capital ship construction (basic) for capital components .

Each ship should have a racial skill seperated by class.
-industrial command ship ,capital industrial command ship (level 1 noctis level 3 porpoise lvl 4 orca and freighter lvl 5 rorqual)
Putted freighter at the industrial skill, since its purpose is to move stuff around and is not combat capable even that the orca litimid wise is.
-racial carrier skills
-racial faux auxilary skills
-racial dreadnoughts skills
-racial super skills
-racial titan skills

Wich comes down to people will have to focus theyr training on building each hull seperatly.
This has the advantage that newer (new industrial wise) player have acces to the capital building market ,while not feeling themselfs forced to building all typs of hulls .
Wich gives options to specialise in a few types.

The classes should be defined into :
-Entry level (low sp requirements) means as much as,
1 day old player should be able to build it.
For example frigates s / m/ l basic ammunition meta 0 (tech 1) modules.

-Medium level (medium sp requirements) means as much as:
Players with entry class industry skills trained to 5.
For example cruiser faction frigats faction s/m/l ammunition.
This would also affect the requirements for lp stores ammunition ships and modules should be given out in copy base not in the actual module ship or ammunition.

-High level (high sp requirements) means as much as basic industry skill advanced basic industry skills.
As example basic frigat construction basic cruiser construction would give acces to basic battleship construction skill.

In addition to the industry there is also a more balanced option for gathering minerals in nuslec,
the combat sites.

Sicne the balancing on the mining anomalies there is less minerals on the market and the prices went up as a rocket.
Which i do not say is a bad thing.

There is a option that could be researched, since the combat anomalies do not instantly respawn there could be random ore spawns in there (like some missions already have) only that could be on a timer.
For example 15 mintues after a site is completed and 1 hour after a site is started that it despawns (so the sites cant be used to farm a specific ore type).

This way older players can while they are ratting, can help newer players( in smaller mining groups )to get into mineral collection (mining) without being forced to be in large fleets where they have to compete with older players.

Can you ellaborate why the revamps are neccesary and that this is your focus? How would it change the game and what is there to gain for the community? What imbalance is there right now and why?

You say that supers should be more expensive to build. Why is it too cheap now? And what do you expect the economy would do if the build cost are more expensive? What is your definition of more expensive? 10%? 50%? 200%?

You say you don’t turn a blind eye for other problems. How do you feel about the current state of inhibs? What do you think about the stale state of sov? Where most of the null content is staged? How do you see the future of the Alliance Tournament?

I’d really appriciate if you can be specific and give examples. Your previous answers has been very vague and don’t really inspire me to vote for you.

nulsec is being controlled by the massive coalitions wich also hold the biggest part of scap / titan constuction
in this way also the smaller enitties in the game can grow better cause they are less limitid

supers are to cheap to build ( they are mroe expensive now cause of the rising mineral cost i am aware)
but that is because of the overflow of minerals that were in the game before wich ccp already reacted on by limiting the resources you get from anomalies

there are options that pi could be includet than the price right away would go up by a % that i can not specify at the moment (without seeing a blueprint i cant calculate a number)

i dont turn a eye on the people that abuse the system with bots / automatic programs correct that is why i mentioned a timer on combat sites if there would be random ore spawns in there

the stale state of nul i am not focussing on i have my focus set on industry
the stalemate at the moment in sov nulsec is because the mechanics of the game allow it to be
in dominion time and the few years after that there was hardly a stale mate and the sov structures worked differently

most of the nulsec content is staged in the areas of the coalitons that actualy want to fight look at nc. pl ph brave and a lot of other areas
most of the ppl dont look at delve because they simply cant fight the sheer numbers they get dropped on there
in that regard that is 1 thing that could get balenced but that is not where i putted my focus on

inhibs i have no problem with even that i also am affected if they drop 1 or 2 next to my ships

alliance tournament is a brilliant concept but i never participated and that is a question for the pvp focussed members of the csm

Today i will shed some light on the modules that could use a touch of balancing.

Cloaks ( a heavely contradicted subject im aware).

This mechanic has bin in the game for a long time
and could use a balance.

The balance forms i am suggesting and brining to the table:
-a new type of probes that could spot them/uncloak them at 100%
Which also would require a special skill that would need to be trained (advanced scanning or similar),
so only people with theyr scanning skills maxed or close to maxed can use them.
-fuel requirement that would limit the time people can be cloaked
That would require for the people that use them a lot to put a logistical system in place.
Optional the ships that are meant to be cloaked could have eighter fuel reduction,
or have a special fuel bay (like black opses already have).
For exploration ships (covert ops/prospect) they could have a skill that % wise would reduce fuel consumption.
The ships that are having a cloak as option would have to use theyr cargobay,
which in turn would leave them with less cargo capacity for inhibs / ammo/ bubbles etcetra

Which will also limit the area of operation for bomber fleets (except when they have a logistical system in place).

Tech 1 modules versus named modules.

The differences between the modules are only % wise that should be more focussed on different bonusses,
since named modules drop and tech 1 can be build.
This balance is to encourage newer pilots and less trained pilots to aim for tech 2 more,
instead of using higher meta modules.

Tech 2 versus faction
There is a difference between the versions .
Only if you look at the stats the difference is not balanced if it comes to effectiveness and price
The faction mods should be softly reduced in stats cause they are not skill dependet.

Which leaves tech 2, tech 2 should be better (in stats )than faction for the simple reason you need to put time in it to train them, plus it takes extra materials that can not be gained out of the standard belts plus time and isk investment to create them.
At this point the faction modules can be aquired using items that drop in faction warfare and loyaltypoints they do not nessesarely have to be build.

What makes you think that as a member of the CSM, you’ll have any direct ability to influence the balancing of any of these modules?

i may not have direct influence but i will sure advocat for it
if it is not at that moment than i will try to get it on the agenda