BigChols for CSM 14 o7

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Hi I’m BigChols. I have played EVE since 2009 and have dabbled in every aspect that the game has to offer. From pve, production, and mining, to pvp, sov, and wormholes, I’ve seen it all and done it all. Where an area may not be my expertise, I have many connections and networks of friends that are considered experts in those areas. EVE is a community of players, not just 1 or 2 major coalitions, and I think the CSM should represent that fact as well.

I am currently #1 Muninn all time on zkill, and #3 HAC all time zkill. I’ve spent most of my EVE career in pvp from solo to 150-200 man gangs and everywhere in between. I have seen EVE through its many changes and reworks and re-balances over the years and have gained much insight into how the game functions on a big picture. From the producers to the destroyers, all aspects of EVE matter to drive content for everyone to enjoy.

I plan to focus on ship and module balances, as well as ship roles and addressing the super cap and capital proliferation meta. I plan to work with some of the most experienced players in the EVE player base to work towards a vision of a more balanced EVE that is fun whether you are solo, 5 man corp, or 5000 man alliance. Game development isn’t a one man show, it’s a think tank of what should be experts and people who listen to their clients and player base. The CSM gets a chance to be that direct line of communication from the player base to the developers.

With your vote and with me on CSM, your voice will be heard, you will be understood loud and clear, and we will work with each other to make the game better than it has ever been. I pride myself on being reachable and being easy to communicate with. ANYONE is free to evemail me or convo me in game if they have serious questions or concerns they want addressed if they see nothing being done about it or they feel like they are being overlooked. If you still arent convinced you should put your vote my way, please feel free to talk to me and I will earn your vote one conversation at a time.

Thank you for your valuable time, gf and o7



+1 even when you and your guys make me lost Capitals in Fountain =)


+1 from me! I flew with Chols for about a year with Origin./BL… and had a blast. He was a part of leadership and was always making videos ( It’s clear he has a passion for improving the game! Will bring him on Open Comms in the next couple of weeks too!

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