I have to ask the obvious question. In your post, you claim to have only played for about one year. Yet, it looks like you mistakenly posted on another character, Rathon Altol, that has played since June 2011. And given not only your contact information but your killboard history as well, it appears that Rathon is your main character. So, why aren’t you running as your main character?


I have been playing as an industrialist for a little over a year and have transitioned my account to Syncopee Farnsworth. I could run on my Rathon Altol account but i dont feel that it represents who I am in game now. As you can see by the killboards i am much better at Industry than I am at PVP.

Without ship combat (you make a mistake: not all PvP is ship combat) there would be no industry in the long run.

Without people who do not PvP, but do industry, more PvPers would do industry. People who PvP are not exclusive to PvP, they do other things as well. I can pick myself as example. I have a char for suicide ganking, several for mining, industry in general. I even have a hauling alt … and I hate him for it. People who do not PvP … well … they do not PvP.

Your “slogan” backfires. To explain that a bit better: If all those who mine suddenly left the game, the rest of the game would have at least a month to adapt and start mining. And they would, because it would actually be worth it again.

Have a nice day.

I cast my vote for the player, not the character. Mentioning that you have been playing since 2011 is relevant ( in a good way ).

I’m sure there are going to be some players who look at your opening post and don’t get past your statement that you “…have been a part of the Eve Universe for a little over a year” and dismiss you on the basis that you may not have enough in-game experience. It may be worth your time rewording that.

Best of luck

Thank you for your input and I would love to engage in more conversation. feel free to hit me up in game #farnsworth chat channel

Thanx for the advice and I have done so.

I do some industry, and I think everyone understands how fundamental industrial activity is to the economy of EVE.

Firstly, I want to narrow down your level of experience. Have you tried other areas of industry besides salvaging, mining, and PI? You mentioned manufacturing. Have you tried T2, T3, or capital industry? How do you personally account for your costs and products? What sec do you manufacture in? You say you’ve only played for a year–what makes you a good representative for industralists in EVE as a whole?

Secondly, as a CSM, your experience is only the foundation of your decisions–so I want to know what kind of decisions you can be counted on making. What sort of changes would you like to forward with the game? I see you’ve forwarded some changes in your post, but they seem like rather narrow goals–do you have any larger goals or directions? Are you aware of the Abyss PI rework?

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