Industrialist for CSM Syncopee is ur guy

Thank you for taking a minute to stop by to read who I am and what I am all about.

I am Syncopee Farnsworth and I have been a part of the Eve Universe since 2011. I have always been an industrialist in any game I play because I really enjoy being able to be self-sufficient, as well as make things for ppl cheaper than they can buy them and still make a little profit. To me it’s about taking the eye off the meat and putting it onto the potatoes.

As everyone knows, whether they want to admit it or not, without industrialists there would be no PVP.

My passion in all of Eve is all aspects of industry. I enjoy mining, PI, salvaging other ppl’s wrecks and, of course, building everything. Currently, I feel there are three major things that need to be addressed:

  1. Alliance Hanger Access - By allowing an alliance hanger it would allow for a more conducive, cohesive industrial arm for alliances and coalitions.

  2. PI - The entire PI system needs reworking. Reworking would allow for a better PI experience and potentially more ppl doing it.

  3. BPCs - The way BPCs are stored in hanger inventory is an absolute NIGHTMARE. They should be stackable if they are the same ME/TE.

I know these are brief and would love to discuss more with you in game or on discord. Please find me in the ‘Farnsworth’ chat channel, ‘Rathon Altol#3955’ on discord or just send me an in-game mail. Like I started off with, Industry is the back bone for all PVP activities; without INDUSTRY there is no PVP.


So as an industrialist representative, why would you be better than Aryth or Steve Ronuken, who already provide that expertise?

good ideas…

Thank you for asking. I bring a deep passion and an extreme desire to not only share my knowledge but to absorb the knowledge of others and incorporate it into what I do. I do t have all the answers or know the best ways to do things and because of that teachability I feel I would be the best canidate

Thank you

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