Would an industrial alt be worth it?

As the title says, I currently have an alt with basic skills that I initially created for ratting but I’m not bothered with that anymore.

I’m wondering is industry profitable/fun? Because that’s been one of the things I’ve wanted to dip my toes into…
I don’t find pve fun since it’s mostly the same apart from exploration which I find fun due to the rng but I was looking for something to do when I’m taking a break from pvping and making some cash on the side?

Any suggestions and advices are very welcome, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Industry scales well across multiple characters and there is a lot to learn but the fun part is the markets, where you are anticipating what other players want to buy and competing for their business. Deciding what to build and which links of the value chain to participate in and where to sell it. You’re running a business and your characters are your employees.

The mechanics, like PVE are repetitive. The unique challenge of Eve is your interaction with other players whether in the marketplace, the political metagame in sovereign Nullsec or the PVP battlefield.

I have generally found that it does, esp if you have a neat setup of a orca booster alt and several barges that now not only get somewhere to put the ore but is also getting better yields per cycles that are also going faster than they would solo.

For fun value? Depends on you and what you enjoy, personally my asberger syndrome makes sure that mining is a nice and calming little thing I do after work to relax.


Inaren OP speaks about industry, not mining

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