Jinx De'Caire for CSM 17

My EVE Online story.

I had been interested in Eve for years before I really dove in. In 2013, I was following Eve news when I heard of the Battle of Asakai and the forming of Brave Newbies. I submitted my app to Brave Newbies a couple weeks after it was formed, and subbed for the first time. It was a blast! I joined just before the move from Hek to Rahadalon. I spent most of my time mining or in standing fleet, chasing people. I remember mining Arkonor in a wormhole, and all the newbies were giddy with excitement. Then someone brought a hauler in, causing the wormhole to close behind us. A short dive quickly became an adventure, with n0rman, now a brave legend, scanning us a way out. It’s stories like this that keep me logging into Eve. After a few months though, life came at me in a big way. I left all my stuff to a friend in Brave, and watched from afar as Brave grew exponentially.

In 2017, I started playing again after watching The Expanse — and came back to Brave when it was settling back into Catch 2.0. Brave had gone through a lot during my time away. I really wanted to help recapture that feeling I had experienced during the first months of Brave, of everyone helping each other, and I found that through the Brave Dojo. I felt that getting more new players into Eve, and into the fight, was just as satisfying as jumping in fleet myself. It was through this space job for the community that Eve really stuck for me. A year later, I became head of the Dojo, and have worked towards supporting Newbies in and out of Brave. I believe bringing in new blood and helping them understand the initial hurdles of the game makes Brave and Eve Stronger. I’m now a director and leader of the largest corp in the brave collective, Brave Newbies, Inc. In my spare time - I help run the highsec corp in Brave ,Brave Empire, as well. In the past, I also ran Brave’s free blueprint program, which has helped countless industrialists get started.

I often volunteer to do the things that need to be done for the newbies or for the alliance. For instance, when The Initiative was pressing Brave’s backline during the war, I worked with a few others to evacuate countless Brave and Legacy assets to Querious, and again to the North when PAPI fell apart. (Bridge Heraldry for Titans CCPlz). I feel most accomplished when I’ve served the community as a whole, and that’s what I would do on the CSM.

When I’m not working in the Dojo, I’m exploring the game myself. I like more esoteric areas like gas huffing in nullsec and jedi huffing in wormholes, booster manufacturing, T3 manufacturing, or trying something like nullsec Dread ratting (pre-CRAB). When I understand something that isn’t well documented, I share my knowledge with the community through Dojo videos. I was honored when CCP featured my T3 manufacturing video on the EVE Academy website.

In PVP, I’ve chased kitey ■■■■■■■■ in standing fleet, roamed and flown logi, ewar, links or whatever was needed in big fleets. I also led an organized effort to loot 400b during the first weeks of abandoned structures, dropped my Titan in WWB2, as well as both fights of M2-FXE, where I walked away with a ghost titan, and participated in the 2020 Alliance Open.

Here are some links that capture some highlights from my Eve career:

Jammed an Etana in Alliance Open against Frat, leading to victory

Dropped my titan both nights of M2-XFE and later escaping with a ghost titan.

Planned for the loot fest for abandoned structures

A few of my more popular guides
Nullsec Dread Ratting (pre-Surgical Strike and CRABs)
‘Jedi’ Huffing
T3 Production

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

I’ve run the Brave Dojo for years, and am now leading Brave Newbies Inc. Through the years, I’ve heard the pain points for newbies, and have spent countless hours helping them, running classes, finding more people to help new players, maintaining the Brave Dojo Youtube, surveying them, benchmarking other newbie programs, and working on programs to jump start their career. I also have been a champion for the new players within our alliance, ensuring that Brave always maintains that newbie focus. All of this demonstrates my dedication, patience, and desire to help new players enjoy the game.

These efforts aren’t just for Brave though; I use this knowledge to watch out for newbies across New Eden. For instance, when the mining changes were proposed last year, t1 miners would have had considerable waste. I (and others) provided the feedback to CCP and the CSM that this would marginalize new players, as more experienced players wouldn’t want them to waste expensive moon ore. At the same time, I saw that the storyline Gallente mining lasers would have zero waste, so I bought the universe out of those so we could provide them to newbies and prevent the issue. Luckily this was changed, and t1 now has no waste. (However, I’m still stuck with the gallente lasers. WTS 1000 gallente mining lasers).

The smaller alliances in Eve have a very different experience than coalitions that can solve problems with more supers and titans. Now that Brave Collective is outside the mega-coalitions, I can bring that perspective to the CSM. Other than nullsec with Brave, I’ve spent time daytripping in wormholes, helped lead Brave Collective’s highsec corp, its wardec counterpart, and dipped my toes into many other facets of EVE.

As an engineer and project manager in my day job, I’m comfortable with numbers and business practices. I’ve used this experience in Eve in industry and markets. Whether its booster production in volatile markets, T3 production, or calculating stacking penalties for resistances - I’m comfortable with numbers. This will come in handy whether we’re reviewing the latest industrial spreadsheets or EVE economics in and out of the game.

I feel this combination of experience of EVE and real life experience makes me more than qualified to represent players new and old to CCP. I also understand that CCP needs revenue as a business, but I believe I can help explain to CCP why selling mining ships, for instance, is bad for both day-one players and 10-year players.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

I’m applying because I like the game, and want to see it thrive. I’ve been a part of the community and putting energy into Brave for years, and I feel that I could use some of that energy to give back to the whole Eve community. I believe the best content in Eve is made by the players, and I want to work with CCP to give us the tools to do more.

This year in particular, with CCP working on the New Player Experience, Career Agents, Skill Plans, and Faction Warfare - it’s critical to have CSM members with deep experience working with new players. In addition, past new-player focused candidates are on cool down and I feel I can help fill that void. I will offer my own perspective as a new CSM candidate, and I believe I have the temperament to have an effective working relationship with the rest of the CSM and CCP.

What can players expect from you?

Players can expect the same energy I bring to the rest of this hobby. I will look out for the newbie and the veteran alike. I am consistently available for communication, dedicated to the game, the community, and to increasing the fun/hr of EVE.

Ashterothi Interview: CSM 17 - Jinx De'Caire - YouTube


I recognize CSM is not a dev position, and the point of it is not to direct CCP’s development or changes. However, it’s election season, and I have to give the voters what they want. Some ideas I’ve seen out in the community, and don’t mean to claim credit for them.

Things I’d like to see

  1. Manufacturable Drugs - Pyrolancea, Hard Shell, and other event boosters should be manufacturable!

  2. Ship Cosmetic Rewards beyond killmarks- (Now Heraldry per Fan Fest)

    • Titan / Blackops / Rorq bridger marks - Like kill marks but for ships/mass sent through.
    • Freighter hauling marks? Per jump? Per volume?
    • Logi healing marks!
    • EWAR marks - >:)
  3. More Skill Plans (I asked for Corp / Alliance skill plans when they came out as personal only)

    • Make personal Skill Plans savable for Corp/ Alliance like you can save fits for corp
    • Fix issue (if it hasn’t) where changes to skill plan feature reset old ones
  4. If Skill Queue is going away, make sure SP required for next levels is very clear

  5. Improved Corp and Alliance Tools

      1. Update usability and Provide guides
      1. Review Roles (Make Roles below Director more useful)
      1. More wallets
      1. Ability to split income to different wallets automatically
      1. Alliance ability to tax corporations
      1. Ability to tax LP or mining with in game tools (Fanfest Confirmed LP)
      1. Corp Hangar ACLs
  6. Increase item limits in contracts, hangars, containers

  7. Fireworks preview

  8. Bring back non-anomaly asteroid belts for small amounts of ore and take the rats off the gate

  9. Updated missions (Covered at Fanfest)

    • Review rewards vs other new player content
    • Start updating missions beyond the NPE - its a harsh change between new and old (Covered at Fanfest)
    • Update popular ones like Sisters of Eve
  10. Tools for Corps / Alliances to give missions to their players

    • Similar to updated missions presented at Fanfest, but by players
  11. Highly Support the Eve Academy and their efforts to provide guides

    • Encourage CCP to work with content creators to make these guides
  12. Autopilot - Move “Include Jump Gate in Route” to not break up the security penalty from the Less Secure list

  13. Fix structure descriptions for Molecular-Forged Materials modules and rigs

  14. POCO improvements

    • Provide information from the ‘structures in space’ tab what planet and planet type the
    • Allow control of all POCOs in one window for a corporation, or at least all in one system or planet type.
    • POCO HP reconsideration
    • Alliance tax available
  15. Planetary Industry sizes are problematic - Even with reduction to cap requirements

  16. Allow Courier contracts to include bonuses for speed or requirements for ship class to haul with.

  17. Allow FCs to toggle gates in overview Green/Red with broadcasts

  18. Iterate on Reserve Bank

  19. Activity Tracker - Awards for progressing

  20. ESI checking/ insight - see PLEX wallet

  21. Overview

    • Make better default overviews that are maintained
    • More Overview tabs available
  22. Option Not to Accept Fleet Boss (like flag exempt)

  23. Make Asset safety containers contents viewable in asset window.

    • Currently viewable through search window, just QoL improvement
  24. Improve Loot from the incredibly difficult “AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges”

  25. Logi on Killmails is mandatory

  26. If other games by CCP are in eve universe, they should tie to eve universe

  27. CCP change communication - Price increase, compression changes, scarcity.


Jinx is just good people. Absolutely worthy of a vote!


Someone to keep an eye on here!
Jinx is someone who dedicates long hours to supporting players within Brave, and I have no reason to expect anything less from him in the CSM. A trusted member, a diligent supporter of other players, and a generally good guy! Would be nice if he laughed at my puns a bit more but, can’t have EVERYTHING.

A vote for Jinx is a vote for common sense progress and good ideas for the future of EVE!


The heart of The Brave Dojo.


In his position as Co-Director of the Dojo (Brave’s newbro program), Jinx has guided thousands of new capsuleers through New Eden. He has expertise in drug manufacturing, and his dedication to Brave, as well as EVE as a whole, would make him a valuable asset to the CSM.

The CSM is in desperate need of a member who understands how to retain new players and provide a solid foundation for the universe’s youngest capsuleers, which Jinx will excel at. New players are vital to the health of EVE, and under the gentle instruction of Jinx De’Caire, I am confident he will be able to push CCP in the correct direction in this issue.

Finally, Jinx represents a member of an independent alliance. In recent years, the CSM has become filled with TAPI, Horde and Imperium leadership, much to the detriment of separate alliances and corps, who have their CSM voices and votes drowned out.

Jinx De’Caire will be a strong member of the CSM if he gets the chance to serve, so please consider putting him at the top of your ballot.


My Lords, My ladies, and everyone else here not sitting on a cushion!

Today, today! You find yourselves equals.
For you are all equally blessed!

For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasure
Of introducing to you a Dojo Director, sired by Dojo Directors!
A Dojo Director who can trace his lineage back to the EVE Gate.

I first met him atop a moon near GErusalem,
Praying to Bob,
Asking His forgiveness
For Simple Farmers blood, spilt by his Rag.

Next, he amazed me still further in Querious
Where he saved a fatherless Sotiyo
From the would-be ravishings
Of her dreadful Goonish uncle.

In Geminate, he spent a year in silence
Just to better understand the sound of hull warning!

And so, without further gilding the lily,
And with no more ado.
I give to you the Seeker of Serenity,
The protector of Sotiyo Virginity,
The Enforcer of our Lord Bob!
The One,
The Only,
Sir Jinx De’Caire!!!


You shall have my AXE!


Guillotines are more effective


I can’t legally own one of those here :joy:


That’s a paperwork issue.


Jinx was our local drug dealer when I was a newbie in EVE and Brave. I’m pretty sure that’s where my abuse of substances like ‘mindflood’ started.

Apart from his booster production enterprise Jinx is synonymous with the Brave Dojo to me, always available to help newbies ingame and outside the game with the many dojo resouces there, wiki and video instructions.

I know Jinx as someone who can put a lot of time and dedication into this hobby, someone who can anticipate on upcoming patches and organize groups of players, like he did during the gold rush following the forsaken fortress patch. I had a lot of fun (and ISK) destroying and looting dozens of citadels that week in a swarm of newbie ships led by Jinx.

I’m confident Jinx will be a great addition to the CSM, he brings insight in the needs of new players and the perspective of an independent alliance outside of the big null sec mega-coalitions.

Jinx De’Caire has my vote!



In all seriousness, good luck on the bid. Glad to see a Barve candidate this year.


Thanks Brisc!



Brave Diplo Endorses this candidate and encourages all pilots to strongly consider voting for a true leader and respectable member of Eve Online


New Eden would be remiss not to get Jinx on the CSM. He has been a “content generator” and advocate for the New Player Experience since day one for Brave Newbies. For those that come and fight in our Space every day: That Griffin that jammed you, or that Atron that tackled you Jinx and the Dojo made that happen. He is a quiet Force within Brave and I’m not sure we should share. But it’s what he wants and He will be an asset to the CSM.


I endorse Jinx! Super reliable and involved with the game and community. He is someone I would trust to have a good idea of how proposed changes to the game would impact key player groups.


I’ve been working closely with Jinx as a director of Brave Newbies. Stand up fellow and constantly puts effort into keeping people engaged, coming up with new indy / procurement / events.

10/10 will vote Jinx!


:+1: all that needs to be said