Arsia Elkin for CSM17!


I’m running for CSM once again! I’ll once again be mostly focusing on faction warfare, low sec, small group content, and lore as a content generator. I consider myself an RP-PvPer. My actions in game take into consideration the in-character ramifications they would have and are often heavily influenced by lore. A couple examples might be choosing to go after pirates in Minmatar Space who’re knocking over smaller groups, or how I fought for EDENCOM to protect the people on the planets in the systems invaded by the Triglavians. Quite a few large wars have kicked off because of RP and lore; a few examples being Floseswin, Thebeka, and the Pochven War last year. In each of the given examples, non-RPers were able to jump in and get content all the same as the RPers. I’m currently in Electus Matari, who goes in and out of the Minmatar militia and works on a campaign style system where we’re always looking for different interesting Republic loyalist-themed things to do.
(Have a picture of me with the wind kicking my butt!)

My Eve Journey

I started playing in 2010 with the intention of roleplaying immediately. I had previously had a couple trial accounts spaced a few years apart where I didn’t really end up getting into the game. With Arsia, I decided to just subscribe and force my way in out of stubbornness. I floundered for a couple years trying to find my way in New Eden before I joined the Amarr Militia and started to network with some of the other roleplayers of that side. I joined Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE, inc.) and mostly flew with a small, insular group in the warzone casually for a couple years. In 2015 I participated in the Amarr Tournament and was on Team Sarum who ended up missing the finals by a game. I kinda burnt out after the tournament practice and only played intermittently in 2016 despite going to fanfest. But halfway through 2017, I came back pretty strong when I started my stream and slowly ramped up from there. From there, I ran a public fleet for a couple years in the warzone. After some time of the public fleet, with another character I was one of the founders of Khimi Harar (LUMEN) and despite Arsia the character never being in the alliance, a lot of my efforts from Thebeka until the Invasions were focused on LUMEN.

Late 2018 sort of exploded on the lore front when the blooders started the bombings of various planets and that instigated conflict in multiple places. In late 2019, Floseswin broke out after an NPC responded to a post I made on the IGS (the IC section of the forums). I ended up leaving PIE and going off and exploring some other activities after a bit until the Triglavian Invasions hit in 2020. During the Invasions, Arsia, who had already defected away from the Empire ended up joining Electus Matari after much of the four empire based roleplayers were joining together EDENCOM-style to defend systems around the center of the cluster. The culmination of the invasions was the small, twenty-seven system region of Pochven being woven. After a few smaller kerfuffles and campaigns following the invasions, a war broke out in Pochven in 2021. As it raged on, it heated up and groups piled into all sides of the conflict which led to some fairly large fights over many of the irreplaceable structures that were in the region.

Why Am I Applying for CSM?

It’s not really a secret that the announced Factional Warfare and Faction Allegiance changes during fanfest are more or less what I’ve been advocating for for some time now. While I’m not the only person to ever push for many of these changes, I do have a sense of pride that they were announced during my half-term of CSM and I want to be in the room over the next year when the CSM gets to talk more about these changes as they get implemented. I think there’s great potential for the announced ‘Battleground’ sites to both drive heavier fleet PvP in FW the same way that Flashpoints in Pochven have done and hopefully provide a more PvP centric ‘big moneymaker’ than the current missions that reward risk aversion and have NPCs that shoot the people defending them. I also want to push for some sort of adjustments to EDENCOM side Flashpoints that could potentially serve a similar role in non-Faction Warfare low sec space that often gets overlooked. I’m glad that a frontline system is being implemented as I pushed for and also want to be in the room when the specifics are discussed. The bonuses to both them and the announced ‘operational command’ systems should provide benefits that reward and encourage fighting.

The Arcs with content-driving storyline elements are also something I’m excited about and have been pushing for. We’ve seen that they work with both big things like the Triglavian Invasions and small things like a post on the IGS flaring up to start Floseswin. These sorts of things get people out and into space ripe to be shot. This gets even those who don’t care about the storyline elements access to people to shoot. Additionally, rotating faction goals with clear wins and losses provide a new dynamic for Faction Warfare that’ll make it not seem like the same unwinnable war that it’s been for a decade plus. This is, however, only true if it’s implemented correctly. Floseswin, Thebeka, and Pochven were all good sources of content because they were each unique situations that got people to care about them. But things weren’t all good; the Triglavian Invasions ended in a way that the side who had won more systems (EDENCOM) was basically overlooked and to this day has nothing to show for their hard work. This led to some people who had put in a lot of work leaving the game. These situations need to be set up in a way that all sides of these goals and conflicts have clear and tangible rewards that scale with individual effort. The winning side can get more, of course, and there can be big storyline events like the weaving of Pochven, but rewards mostly based on individual effort and long-time loyalty could go a long way with keeping people engaged and not constantly flip-flopping like in current day FW.

What You Can Expect from Me.

  • A small group pilot who doesn’t think from the perspective of either a mega-bloc or a big-fish-in-a-small-pond.

  • Somebody who understands that while I certainly champion my own RP-PvP gameplay style, I understand that Eve is 30 different games in a trenchcoat and while I want to get wins for my community, I don’t necessarily want to kill off anyone else’s gameplay. Changes will always affect some people positively and some negatively, and I’ll push for changes that I think improve the game that I like, but I won’t act out of spite towards others.

  • Willing to listen to constructive criticism (but not trash talk).

  • Sympathetic towards new pilots and passionate about making their ability to ‘get into’ the game and join the rest of us better.



Excellent candidate, for the whole game’s demographics, one and all. Very invested in keeping the game healthy for every Sec and Playstyle, with a CSM wise almost unique perspective of FW, small-medium scale PvP and the setting itself.

Experienced, a content creator both in and out of game, and having a good rapport with both the devs and the playerbase, you can’t really go wrong placing Arsia at or near the top of the ballot.

Very good to see you take another run at it, Arsia. Hit the home run this time.


Will be #1 on my ballot again this year! Good luck Arsia!


This makes me very happy Arsia.

Quite frankly the CSM has spectacularily failed to represent the breadth and depth of EvE’s various game play styles. It has been nothing more than a manipulation tool for large alliances to get what they want and to hell with everyone else.

I have never once, since the CSM came into being, felt represented in any way, shape, or form until now. You already got my vote!


Arsia has been a great voice of support for the “little people” of lowsec, high sec, and even NPC null or pochven. She’s got experience leading fleets and creating content in FW, in lowsec, roaming, and even destroying irreplaceable Azbels in Pochven with 300 of our closest frenemies on grid.

She was my first pick last time, her platform was practically a full foreshadowing of CCP Aurora’s announcement at Fanfest, and I think her particular experience, her ability to communicate effectively with CCP devs, and her general enthusiasm for a good fight will be a great asset to CSM17 and provide the necessary diversity for a healthy CSM. One that can effectively do its job as sounding board and focus group to CCP.

Again this year, she’s going to get the first spot on all 4 of my ballots.


One of Arsia’s real strengths is her willingness to listen to anyone and discuss issues from all over the game. She doesn’t try to be an expert know-it-all about things she doesn’t have experience in, but she’s more than willing to hear the folks who have that experience, and try to incorporate their concerns and ideas into the body of work she brings to the table.

She has the experience to see things from an FC’s perspective as well as a line member’s, and has seen enough of different parts of the game to understand both the ways parts of EVE Online are similar, and how they’re different, and how those differences change with scale.

Really looking forward to see what she can do over a full term.


Best canidate for the common player. Ive flown and worked with Arsia for the past couple years, and can say that shes one of the most honest, committed people I know.


Definitely a great candidate for CSM, a great driver of content, communities, and as a whole a very experienced EvE Player. Have only experienced positivity when around Arsia, and have had an amazing time, also a very talented FC.


100% getting my vote, A great CSM and working hard for all the community!


I loved Arsia even when she flew for the enemy.
+9000 do recommend

Heart for the capsuleers young and old, capable of different play styles than most, overall wonderful human.


Fantastic you are running. Flew beside Arsia more than a few times and know she’s a great small gang content driver. Her knowledge of Eve lore and FW space will be a perfect match for the proposed changes to LS and the new heraldry system.


Then I plan to be voting for you again, probably at #1 of my ballot.


Arsia is a paragon in her own unique way and my number one candidate. I see nothing that could go wrong with this choice. I hope she can inspire the right people and support the concept of EDENCOM as well as taking care of our beloved Militia.

She also hosts great parties =^_^=



I wish that FW has a second option when leaving which is amnesty, so we can click and fix standings based on your rank, if you have a +6 and a -6 then and rank 5 then the amnesty should bring you to +1 and -1.

Because I do not want to fix the standings the old way, running that entire standings fix path. I want this new way of fixing your standings and give me a cooldown of 90 days before i can join again and this will make easier to join the other militia.

-let’s me quit FW if CCP doesn’t deliver a new FW that I enjoy and blow my standings
-won’t force me into creating one more alt just to play FW
-a new path for standings fix
-can leave when I am tired of the people in my militia and let me join 90 days as enemy so I can kill them
-I won’t have to tell newbros that they need an alt to enjoy another activity in the game

This exists in real life and it is being used in countries with civil wars, people who take the offered amnesty go back to their civilian life and this should be brought to EVE.

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I agree that standings as a whole need a complete rework. Being so heavily tied to a mission system that’s gotten minimal updates since the game came out really makes it a chore with quite a few penalties if you fall out of favor with somebody and very few upsides to getting standing.

I’m not sure that an instant amnesty for leaving faction warfare is the answer, but many many more paths for standings repair than mindless mission grinding is a must. I also think there should be many more rewards for actually getting in good with a faction rather than the current system with mostly negatives.


Arsia is definitely one of the best candidates for LS/FW. She is a great person and loves to be a dingle berry :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck this year @Arsia_Elkin !!!


Arsia Elkin will be getting my vote again this year.


Arsia for sure needs to be on the CSM again, but from the start this time. CCP Aurora even said herself during a roundtable during Fanfest that she has been one of THE most effective CSM members so obviously, we need more Arsia.


Definitely need Arsia on the CSM again so she can continue the good fight and make meaningful suggestions with FW especially as it bleeds into the rest of the game. Good to see folks on the CSM that aren’t just focused on what happens in NS since not every one lives out there.


I’m voting for Arsia, because a vote for Arsia would mean a vote to make Navy Griffins Great Again.

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