What a joke this edoncom/trig standings we're being MADE to do!

Why on earth are we being forced to stop our game play style and waste time on going to shoot rats to then not get shot by other rats??? CCP i pay to play this game not pay for you to tell me what to do. I think you should be looking to make paying clients happy not annoy them with making them waste their day setting standings so they can freely move around the game.


:red_circle: What do you expect? Competent, comprehensive, fun content that actually holds up to CCP’s statements and promises? https://youtu.be/CIF9uBqSNhY?t=18 These invasions are so shallow, so annoying, so lacking depth and actual “hard choices” (as CCP proclaimed players would have to make in trailers, twitch announcements and dev blogs full of lies). The only thing these invasions do provide is frustration and wasted time.

What are you? Living under a rock? This invasion crap is forced gameplay without any rewards and fun that you cannot afford to ignore or else you screw yourself over hundred times as the stats from Inaya and other MV systems show. CCP does not give you a sensible choice here so suck it up and make sure you at least save your activity area as much as you can. I hope you have deep pockets because you will need them or else you run out of ISK quick. I wasted 10B in that crap already and every time I thought I could get a little bit of fun out of this garbage, the invasion made it suddenly impossible to have the fun I was seeking.


Who the F lives under a rock come on kid this isnt fraggle rock!
I pvp thats all i do and if needed i use £££ to play eve.

:red_circle: Then better make sure you safe your systems where you make money.

By living under a rock I mean that you seriously expect CCP to do good game design. They have not done so in years. Many years.


Standings having depth and players having a ‘stake in the game’.

Indeed it sucks that they’ve gone the theme park route. But it’s better than nothing.

i didn’t bother so far
im with you, i am a pvp guy , nothing against shooting some npcs but learning what to do and going out of your way to do it is for the mission runners :angry:


How are you forced?

What sucks is they are burning their bridges behind them and the rides, compared to other theme park games, kinda suck.

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It’s the youth of today. Get new blood in and they start dreaming up new ideas, you know, the ideas we evolved beyond a few centuries ago.

Oh yes, reading isn’t cool. So, reading history must be…you do the math.


Standings have no depth at all. If you have negative Edencom standing, you have virtually not a single downside outside Edencom systems. You can even have -0.01 to Edencom and +0.01 to Trigs and that makes you neutral with both sides. There is nothing deep in these standings.

Sov null sec exists for 17 years. Players always have been having a stake in the game. What changed is that CCP now introduced, to date, irreversible sec status and sov changes to space that was doing just fine in order to screw over that space for no good reason, without any good rewards and just because of CCP’s level of imagination.


That’s more depth in standings than before.

And CCP are bringing stakes in the game to hi-sec. Cause braindead farming is bad mkay.

I wasn’t aware shooting a single rat once ever was such a hardship.

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You do realise that you only need to shoot an Edencom rat once to not be touched by either faction, right?

It’s a dumb loophole, but a loophole nonetheless. It would be nice if Edencom went red to you the moment you become neutral with Trigs though.

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yes you are right
but on the other hand people that never were involved in the edencom vs trig shenanigans could be neutral to both
it would eliminate the need to shot one edencom ship which yourself admitted that is a stupid ritual

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It is funny that both sides have nearly-invincible sentry guns, but they don’t bother to anchor them until they have already won.



An High-sec wardecer, one of the less efficient that EvE has ever seen on top of that, crying about not being able to deal with some NPC.

This post is priceless. Keep it up.


Where? Before, you would get hunted by facpo if you have negative standings with a faction. Now, with this new system you can just keep farming as if nothing happened. Where is the more depth?

They reintroduced that with the new anoms in MV systems. You are back at braindead farming like in incursions.


with the number of players tanking year after year you would think CCP/Eveonline would try to ask the players that played from the start what the issue was. But No, so CCP will scratch their heads and watch the number keep dropping.


Citation needed.


u understand what Tanking means?