Invasion - is NOT FUN

The invasion has made eve is not fun! My home system - is invaded!
Surrounding systems all invaded - I couldn’t even warp to zero safe from Jita this morning - lost 2 ships will a few hundred million in cargo! Loses that I can’t be bothered to replace.
Makes the game unplayable for me and my playstyle- I won’t be resubbing again - I have suffered too many loses, I can’t play the game how I want to due to invasion.

It is total crap, horrible and SIMPLY NOT FUN!

Unable to do industry as my ship gets blown up at the gate by invading forces…
Unable to mine…
Unable to leave my station some times…

Eve was meant to be an escape for me, instead, it isn’t fun - and not an enjoyable game…

all the people that say - team up
all the people that say - go somewhere else
all the people that say - it’s a PVP game
all the people that say - adapt and learn

I say - bog off! Not everyone has time, or the effort, some people just want to sit and chill - run some causal agent missions, build some stuff, trade and haul, maybe do some semi-afk mining as a distraction from very stressful job!

I made a mistake returning to the game… I gave it two weeks, and it just is not fun! While everyone won’t admit it - I am right and this is why the game is in decline… The game needed to appeal to new people, and get returning people back… it has failed…

I just can’t be bothered with this game anymore… and as I said - deep down you know I am right… they lost my cash and lots of others who won’t speak up… it just isn’t fun!


Trig Invasion in Jita?

There’s one happening right now in Rens.

Anyway, sorry to hear about your loss. I lost a bling fit Interceptor to the Guristas Event site that supposedly new players can complete.


And why you absolutely must do it only in this one system?

because that is where I choose to play… but it doesn’t matter - I’m out of here! Nothing will change - people don’t care - the vocal few will outshout the little guys and people won’t learn…

this is the reason people don’t stick around in this game, I tried to come back but it just isn’t fun!


Then you would leave one way or another. If not because of invasion, then because of suicide gankers, roaming fleets in lowsec or alliance wars in null.


Its an invasion for a reason.
The 4 Empires and the Triglavians are at war with each other.
2 options: either adapt or run to a different system.
Or do the 3rd option: log off for awhile until the invasion is over for your system.
Complaining on the forums will get you no where.
5000 systems available in New Eden alone, why are you limiting yourself to only 1 system?


I personally like the invasion.
Ive made alts dedicated to the invasion alone.
But if you prefer Hello Kitty Online, to each your own, I guess.

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Nothing of value was lost.


You gave me the assumption that you had a bigger collection of BPOs.
I have 30 sleeper blue prints I just put on the market.

I stopped play 8 years ago… might not be impressive now - back then it was plenty - only came back to try and break the lock down blue…

and maybe I just DON’T want to be forced to do combat any more! Either way - doubt I will be giving CPP my money again! As the other guy says, no loss…

But I tell you - i don’t think I am the only one - there be a lot of new players and returning players thinking and feeling the same… CCP have really lost their way!



How would that happen, if there are no new T2 original blueprints?

Nobody forced you to do combat.

Definitely Balos.
Is Balos becoming the new Nitshe?

Or was Balos Nitshe all along?
Will we ever know?

Maybe next time on LackingBalls Z!


Dude… dont autopilot through invasion systems…

Change system…

Huh? Do you not have an undock ping?


For true new players it wont be an issue, it will be normal.


Nobody cares


He does…

And that’s enough…

So it’s not even close to ‘nobody’ :slight_smile:

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Who/what is this Balos entity that keeps popping up in posts ?

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Why would you be Balos, if you are Darlo?