Invasion - is NOT FUN

It’s all the ellipses, you know.

He a poster of many (biomassed) alts. Balos being the first we know of.

Because 2 of my 5 chars in 15 years(balos and darlo) were on the account i deleted because i quitted one of 2 accounts…

I know…hard to believe but some people sweep up behind them if they leave…

Actual i have 2 chars,my main and this one…on one account…

Is this really worth the drama?

I don’t understand.

You have 5 characters on 2 accounts. One of them contained 2 characters, including Darlo, and got deleted. Another one also contains 2 characters, and you are posting from one of them.

Those numbers do not add up.

Erm…2 actual +2 deleted +1 deleted years ago = 5 in 15 years…

What is not adding up for you?

You can do all of that and more, if only you would move a few systems away from the invaded constellation. Nothing difficult, just put a few jump clones and a few of your ships in other constellations and you’re set, in case you log in and find your system invaded.

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I mean, you’re playing an MMO, if you want to play a single player space game might i suggest the X series of games which is basically single player EVE :stuck_out_tongue:


Should we tell him about the FOB´s?


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maybe warp to 0 instead of safe spots?? Warping directly to an object (station or gate) in an Invasion system will prevent losses.

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If anybody takes the 3rd option they really should think about should they still be playing this game.

I think he’s made the right decision, he says it’s not fun anymore and I think he’s right it hasn’t been fun for a long time.


Okay today was not a good day, docking requests denied and warping between stations to try to run away from these meanies.

Almost lost a few billion today.

I see Industrial wrecks all over the sky!

/They killed my Bulkhead Obelisk 318k damage taken.

Turn off your boosts before you warp and you won’t have that problem…


I was attending to other alts at the time. could had been worse but the orca can take a punch less cargo space but will out tank a obelisk any day.

Maybe if you learned to turn your links off…

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I am taking a beating out there today, the number of Battleships and Cruisers are so over whelming.

It is the perfect Karma from the other day I was laughing at the Drifters and such.
They are hunting me and making things hard to do what I had planned for today.


If you’re completely unwilling to adapt to a changing game landscape and just want to do repetitive, unchallenging tasks with no risk or real opportunity and no need to vary even so much as your location might I suggest maybe you just don’t have what it takes to play Eve?

It’s a real low bar, man, I’m kinda ashamed for you.


this , go away o/

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Talking of Nobody, lets welcome Emperor Pohjola to the club. Less than nothing this character then aspires to be even less than that. Held in low regard where ever he is, often encouraged to drink a glass of water in the hope it will double his already miniscule IQ, ridiculed for his below par ability to reason coherently and generally dispised, he is a worthy addition to the nobody club. General Moron now has a new playmate so comon folks, a big hand for our newest member: Emperor Pohjola!

This game called Eve, regardless of your low brow opinion, was designed to be a sandbox game, CCP have made videos boasting about it. Any player can play in any manner they choose. FORCING a player to play to the style that you, any nullsec alliance or CCP decide removes that ‘sandbox’ element. Believe it or not, a lot of players just want to play their way, in their style doing “repetitive, unchallenging tasks with no risk or real opportunity”, Who the fk do you think you are to dictate to them where or how they should play? Nevermind, you’re just a fking egotistical twat with a god complex. I withdraw my question as you couldn’t answer it anyway.