Some feedback about invasions/incursions

The aspects of Eve which interest me are mining and mission running. I intensely dislike logging in to find that an invasion or incursion has made my location unsafe for these activities, which has happened twice in the last week. In fact, it leaves me wanting to log right back out again and go play something else until this hazard has passed. Do we really need TWO such game events which make the game unsafe for anyone other than hard-core, high-level combat players?


So… there are about 5200 systems in Eve. If the one you’re in falls under Incursion/Invasion… then you go through the Stargate(s) and find another one.


Are you offering to haul all my ammunition and spare drones and mining ships to one of them so that I can continue where I left off? Then haul it all back when the invasion ends? Because otherwise that’s not a solution. Besides which, I checked and I’d have to risk flying through a couple of affected systems just to get out of the area.

Screw it. I’ve logged out of the game and will come back when this nonsense has passed.

  1. Buy an Orca.

Incursion rats do not hassle you, you have to go looking for them. Unless you’re hanging out in the asteroid belts, then they may come bother you. But you can warp through those systems without worry.

Invasion rats do patrol the gates as well, and they will apply every form of EW… except Scram. So you just fit a decent tank and push through.

  1. Plan ahead for your day, and only take the ship you need.

Who says you need to carry all your worldly possessions everywhere you go? Do you drive around in a loaded U-Haul truck when you go to the grocery store?

  1. If you’re this easily frustrated and dissuaded from playing the game, then you may want to find a different game. Something easier… like Roblox or LEGO something.

And if you do decide to leave, can I have your stuff?

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There are public services that will do this, for a price. If you care so much, you should be willing to out in some hustle yourself.

I don’t think CCP really cares that just one whiney highsec care bear like you is having a bad day when it’s creating so much more content for dozens of other players.

If I had the skills to fly an Orca, I would already be flying an Orca.

Other players are telling me that invasion fleets do search for players, and may attack travelers. I don’t know who is correct.

I can plan for a day, but I don’t know how many days to plan for because the end is indefinite.

I’m not that easily frustrated, but you seem to have missed that this is the second time this week that an invasion has affected my home system, and that’s not counting the other, less recent occasions where incursions have done the same thing.

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Sounds like you should skill for an Orca then =)

Yes, the Trig Invasion rats will wander around, including sitting on gates once in a while. But they don’t stop you from warping, so if you’re just passing through the system to get somewhere safe, you should be fine. Just don’t Autopilot, or else they have 15km to shoot you down.

Sansha Incursion rats do not wander, except maybe some patrols in the asteroid belts. So you can pass through those systems without an issue.

If I’m going to be out and about for a few days, I usually load up a decent supply of ammo and stuff into a Secure Container. Whatever size is just big enough to fit in my ship’s cargo. They always hold about 10-15% more inside than the space they take up, so you can put extra in there. Then when you get to whatever station you’ll be running out of, drop off the Can and just take what ammo you need for the next mission.


That might actually be the point.

Repeat invasions might suggest there is a reason your volume of space is being targeted (lore wise) rather than this just being an algorithmic cock-up CCP wise)

If you are not going to immerse yourself in the lore, and fight back against the invader, perhaps the advice you have been given otherwise is still sound? Move.

You won’t really know until it happens a third time if the above supposition is correct, but there is a risk/probability that it will happen. So start planning your move now?

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Yes please cry more you weakling

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Instead of shipping ships and equipment back and forth you could as well just set up a second base, with the stuff you need to do your thing, while your main base is under siege. -> Install jump clones and instantly switch locations if needed.


For those who offered helpful advice, thank you. For those of you who offered unprovoked insults, I can only pity the deep and profound wounds which would inspire someone to that kind of behavior.

However, I stand by my feedback to the game’s makers: I like that this game allows me to travel to combat sites when I want to but also stay in peaceful areas when I want to, but the way you keep imposing the combat even on players for whom it is not the game’s primary draw, you are diminishing the game’s variety of player experience, its appeal, and alienating at least some of your player base.


The whole point of Eve is that unexpected things can happen, be it by other players or by NPC’s. Our job as a player is to be prepaired for those activities.

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Following your advice:

Wrong! There is 5200+1 systems in Eve. The additonnal one is my PS4, wich i reach through the log off screen.

EvE is not for you.

Just because it’s your (self-chosen) Home system, it doesn’t mean you own it, or can decree what activities are or aren’t allowed in it. If you want that level of control of a system, go find yourself a wormhole system (which you’d have to defend) or rent one from one of the big nullsec alliances.

“Self-entitlement, thy name is Biggles…”

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Oops, wrong thread :blush:

You can easily go to another system. If there are Rats on the gate of the system you jump into you will be off the gate long before they do enough damage to matter. They may even web you which makes you warp faster.
With that said I would suggest that you at least try dome of the other aspects of the game. I think you would find them enjoyable.

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wow… How entitled.

Will be keeping on eye on you in game.

Why dont you join us at “Newbrosis Trigs” channel ingame and tryout fleet operations against the trigs with us. We are new, oldbro and ofc sister friendly :slight_smile:


While seeing both sides of the issue brought up, this is hands-down my favorite post in the thread so far. Probably not the OP’s favorite / preferred approach, but nonetheless constructive, friendly, and lends itself to the collaborative nature of Eve.

Well played, sir.

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