Can't Play the game because of the DANG incursions!

I play the game for ONE simple reason to MINE in my ORCA.

Now I have to worry about Scouts warping in and attacking me and my drones in a 0.8 system, When There Is NO Incursions in the System I am in!!!

I’ve been playing the game since 2005. YES, I like it that CCP keeps the game new and lively. BUT, there are some people that play the game just to relax, we shouldn’t have too worry about things happening in systems that are 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, which normally has NO NPC rats or anything like that!!!

Incursions are fine, scouting for them is fine. BUT if the system is NOT a part of a full Incursion then there should be NO scouting or attacking in it.

I’ve lost a good 2 weeks of mining time because of this. FIX IT PLEASE!!!



… that’s bait, isn’t it ?
Oh well, better spring the trap.

If I resume well your situation… you weren’t paying attention to your screen (and the forums or r/eve where literally hundreds cried in unisson because the mean rats took their ships !)

Woah, you have to actually pay attention to your game. Impressing. And maybe, just maybe (that’s a nice little suggestion), use those drones of yours to actually kill those rats ? I don’t think that role bonus of 100% drone damage + 10% drone damage per level of Industrial Command Ships are here for the look.

So scouts are scouting systems that could be nice places to be invaded. Doesn’t know about you, but for me it sounds strongly like the definition of “scouting”.

You could try and take example from them. Use your scouts to see if the belt you’re warping at is actually occupied by those mean mean red pixels !

And you still don’t know the rule ? I thought everybody agreed we were on a PVP game. My, someone didn’t got the memo.

Oh, there’s actually one contract you automatically agree to, that say that once you’re out in the wild, you can consider your ship and whatever is inside to be lost ? You can miss the “I agree” button too, it’s a big, yellow square with “Undock” written on it.

But… if the Triglavians don’t scout the systems they’re planning to attack, they’ll surely fall prey to an obvious trap !

It make me think of the story of an Orca miner and - wait, you know this one I think.

Great, now you can mine even more to make up for your loss !

Welcome to EVE Online by the way :slight_smile:


Down with bots and afk miners!


I play the game to do ONE THING, and the last thing I want is to have to pause Netflix to interact with the client!


Funny, I play while watching Netflix, in my Orca and I notice when the Trig attack. OH NO! So I pull in drones. Warp to my ‘safe space’ and grab another belt. It isn’t hard, you just need to pay attention A LITTLE BIT.

But they damaged my ship!!! … so I warp to zero on a nearby Upwell structure, get repaired for free, and keep playing.

Here is the ‘hard part’… you need to pay a little bit of attention, and move to a different belt for a while until they go away. This isn’t a turing test here folks… or is it?


AFK scouts. Nice. Bring some more CCP! Put the AI to work. Scouts meet an Orca? No problem, call in for reinforcements. Few drones against a capital ship just ain’t fair.

Can’t you just tank them? It’s an Orca.

Man how cool would it be if invasions that weren’t dealt with in a timely fashion took root and began to spread further and further out from the foothold system?


Warrior II drones make short work of the scouts. Pull your mining drones, launch warriors - kill the Renewing scout first, then the Starving, and finally finish the others.

Unless you are so AFK that you don’t notice them at all, in which case, your own fault.

I look forward to the scouts, the salvage makes a nice bonus during a mining session.


For YOUR information. I mine by Drones, which mean I am sitting here to switch them to another Rock, I DO NOT AFK mine.

and how can I watch local, when the ships originally didn’t SHOW up on local?


Tanking is easy, they don’t even warm my shields, but when they take out 4 of my 5 Hammerhead II every time they attack makes it hard.

Plus I lose 3-5 mining drones every time as well

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get someone to sit with you. and take them out while you safely mine.


Use Warriors, they are faster and therefore harder to hit.

And if you have lost mining drones, don’t let them mine too far away from your Orca. For one, it slows your yield significantly, and two, makes it hard to pull them back when something lands on your location.


I think it’s really indicative that CCP allowed the festering sickness of highsec AFKness to linger for WAY too long when people respond to even the mildest challenge/inconvenience/mechanic requiring awareness as if it is somehow fundamentally broken.


People got way too comfortable for sure. The Triglavian scouts are a welcome addition - and compared to diamond rats, they are easy to kill.

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Like contract for protection or ask for help in local. I’ve seen folks actively hunting the trigs- their salvage isn’t too shabby.

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Can’t like this enough.




I’m a one man corp. there is no other people that can guard me, that is why I stay in hi sec


NPC’s don’t show up in local Bro