Can't Play the game because of the DANG incursions!

as was mentioned, ask in local, or If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them…
maybe you can hire The A-Team.

joking aside, message me in game, and i can help you out if you want.


My biggest problem with this is actually that lo-sec and null are not needing defense ships to mine and once again risk vs reward is out of whack.


You should definitely go spend some time mining in low sec.

Please report back once you have accumulated what is sure to be a horde of risk-free riches worthy of a dragon and/or olympic sized Scrooge McDuck swimming pool.

Make friends, grow your Corp or ally with others.


Did I say risk free?

No so learn to read.

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Oh. Well that certainly makes all the difference re: the remarkably stupid thing you posted.

Wait, no it doesn’t.

It was still remarkably stupid, given that low sec mining is, far and away, some of the worst risk/reward to be found, and I’ve certainly never seen anyone ping spam to form because an orca was getting plinked by a Raznaborg Damavik.

The point is that the risk is meant to be slightly more in lo-sec because there is slightly better rewards and a lot riskier in Null. Not the riskiest in hi-sec.


It’s dramatically riskier in low sec for rewards that are, at best, only vaguely better.

The problem is that your assertions re: the relative risk/reward of the space in question are so distantly removed from reality that it’s doubtful you’ve actually undocked, or engaged with the game in any way more meaningful than uselessly derailing thread after thread with your infantile, incessant, irrelevant whinging about anywhere-that-isn’t-high-sec, at any point in recent memory.

It’s not the riskiest in high sec. It’s not even objectively risky in high sec, and the addition of raznaborgs hasn’t changed that for anyone who isn’t AFK for extended periods of time.

It IS hilarious that people are losing augmented mining drones to them. I mean, it’s hilarious that they were using them in the first place.

Actually, trig scouts show up on dscan, but of course one must manually check their box in overview settings.

If you have friends/alt set one drone per procurer to defend you.
If they are using mining drones they don’t deserve to be boosted by you.

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What I am stating is that they added something to the game and as usual did not make the null variety equal to the increased risk in other sectors.
As for your Ad hominem, it just shows you don’t believe in what you are saying.


Yeah a lot players used to play the same way as the OP.

But due to CCP buying a bit too much into a portion of the player base’s narrow point of view of this game, most have been driven away from it.

Its always interesting to see the level of denial to any correlation between that and the lackluster sub grow over the last 10 years.

Sometimes an overly opinionated player-base can drive it’s own game straight into a wall due to its own inflexibility.


well said and I totally agree, Unfortunately some less then manly person will find something to be offended and flag your post and it will be hidden ISD NEED to stop all these hidden posts for no reason

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OP, you don’t know NPC types though it isn’t a big deal.

Sansha Incursion
Trig Invasion

Trigs have random recon in any system. Sansha are mosty belt rats for to a miner which you only see in Amarr regions.

What possible pleasure can be derived from doing a single largely non-interactive activity for 14 years ? The mind boggles…

It can be relaxing to be honest.

I played that way for quite a while just to wind down from a stressful day at work.

Assuming that everyone does, or even should play this game the same way, hence “narrow-minded”, is a significant part of the problem.


Very well said.



They wouldn’t for a while though. They are farmed quite a bit

I have a similar problem and would like to offer a perspective. I am a newbie, with like 40hrs in the game.
I saved enough to have a neat little venture, worth about 6,5 million. Now when the Raznaborg Damavik descend on me, I have a 90% chance of losing my ship. The only way I survive is if I react within less than second. I am aligned, I am ready to warp. Still, I lost my ship like 6 times now. This cuts my already really small earnings in half. It’s not a “mild challenge”, it’s ruinous. For a newbie, that is really disheartening.

About the “you didn’t pay attention, you should ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAMEe” troll type of response:
Yes, sometimes I do other stuff on another monitor. Mostly reading up on EVE stuff, learning, etc. Mining with lasers, eyes glued to the screen is a borderline insane activity. I don’t even need to bot, I BECOME THE BOT. Nobody really wants to sit there for hours, just to react under a second, should the need arise. That is not “playing” a video game, as [Dravick Afterthought] above points out.

I read somewhere in a mining guide (don’t remember source, sorry) that mining ore is actually still pretty essential to the economy of the game.
So what these “play-the-game” replies seem to suggest to me is either, that miners are mindless goons who deserve to “play” in a style that will drive them slowly insane. And that they should continue to do so, so as to make it possible for these trolls to enjoy the game with its economy. Or they seem to suggest that everybody makes their own choices and if miners are driven out, they are fine with playing a deprecating, slowly dying game.
Maybe I am missing something (I am quite frustrated by the slow start into mining, so please answer, if you have another perspective). But to me this looks exactly like the sort of narrow-mindedness [Abruzzi Oskold] is talking about.

Raznaborg attacking low level miners give zero counter-play options and are therefore a bad part of the game, increasing frustration and players dropping out. People (and trolls) suggesting you should just play the game more attentively are exacerbating the problem instead of helping it, because they are on some sort of holy crusade about how you should play the game.


To address your immediate concern (your very valid game design critique aside): You can join a newbie friendly, large nullsec corp (like Pandemic Horde, Brave, TEST, etc), wait for a ping for caretaker fleet moon mining, take your venture out and make money to buy 100 ventures in a few hours of mining. You can always leave the corp and return back to high sec later.

They also give you a bunch of fully fitted starter ships when you join. You won’t be able to take them with you back to high sec though.