Returning toon lf info

Hey, looking to start fresh again but need some solid info before jumping back in.

Can someone give me a quick rundown of high isk farms for regular users? When I left, pve incursions was enough to farm yourself a month’s plex in a short evening and exploration in null/wh was an easy isk farm for my alpha clones.

The number of bots have ruined the economy, which makes everything cheap and results in ‘content fights’, general bordem and a reduced risk in everything, are there any plans to fix the russian botting issue?.

Finally, I currently have an alpha SP capped clone. Is it worth just buying a new toon with a lot more sp? The prices on chars seems not too bad, I might just sell my 2003 event ship and toon invent to afford a better toon.

Thanks in advance.

One source of ISK/hr options:

EVE ISK/hr Estimates


There are no “toons” in EvE mr returning vet.

and what is a “non-alpha SP capped toon” anyway?

and you think a large influx of isk has ruined the economy…but want to make lots of easy isk…mmkk…

Never said I was a vet, and just had ‘toons’ in my head since I was just looking through the char bazzar.

I meant that I was at the alpha clone sp cap but I worded it terribly, sorry.

I don’t want to make a large influx of isk, I just want to know what I should spend my time on. I or you wouldn’t rat in high sec so why would either of us do other low-isk activities when we could just do high-isk activities like incursions and emerging conducts.

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If anyone would post how to make ISK to plex in a few hours, would’t you think that would cause a lot of people doing the same thus nullifying the opportunity?

That aside, welcome back. Get into a wormhole corp its good ISK for relative high risk. Just try to find the right wormhole crew.

Wormholers, sound off like you got a pair of veldspar asteroids!

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There’s new"instanced" PvE, just you in a cruiser or you and two others in frigates vs. Triglavians. Potential payouts ramp up with difficulty.

Triglavians also appear in incursion-type PvE, combat anomalies, and roaming rats.

Yeah, probably looking to do that again, was in WH space before I stopped playing. I know that people wont just tell other secret spots and what-not, but generally it’s known that for example: ratting is low income, exploration is good money for alphas and incursions are good isk for small groups.

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Thanks for the link, I heads the Triglacians being kinda lucrative right now. I’ll check it out.

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you’d be much better making a new toon and injecting to the level you wish & can afford buying your just buying a mistake

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Just sub your character to Omega and instead of spending ISK on a new character, just buy Skill Injectors to give your original character a quick custom injection of skills.

As for your 2003 Event ship and original character, don’t sell them.

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Well, kind of the impression you give. Most newer players probably aren’t going to have a 2003 ship and character and mention how the game developed later…but ok…if I was mistaken then I apologise.

Kudos to you for editing your alpha/SP statement. It does make a difference in meaning.

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