Some feedback about invasions/incursions

Make sure you never return! :ok_hand:

Did I miss anybody mentioning FOB NPC gankers in high-sec? That DO scram AND web, making almost impossible to escape the unwanted encounter. Which made me turn my attention and money to alternative entertainment options, that actually do not tell me what should I do in the game and how exactly I should play it.

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As it’s implied that you’re leaving, can I have your stuff ?

So you stopped gaming all together?

Basically yes, I login once in 6 month to run through SoE Epic Arc, dont actually track this time, so yes we can say that I’m not active. I just cant.

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I was not refering to EvE, I was refering to playing any games at all…

I guess that one went over your head.

I definitely do not play Eve and WoW, other MMOs - I just too lazy to start from zero, so I do half-career and half-offline single-player like Master of Orion 2, the olde good ones to kill time, you know what I’m sayin’.

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So why are you here, in the Eve forums ?

I would like to offer some clarity. First of all the rats that can scram you are only in the foothold and in the conduit sites themselves. Any site labeled sealed seems to never get rats again beyond basic high SEC belt rats. Major conduit rocks are pretty valuable, and mining in the foothold speed is doubled.

These invasions are not meant to just be a disturbance, but rather also an opportunity. It is unknown whether or not they will go after people on moon mining belts but I do not recommend mining in standard asteroid Fields inside of an invasion. Furthermore, without scrams, they tend to not be able to kill anything tank better than a destroyer. In fact, they will often Web you, which helps you get into work faster. I hope this information helps you.

Edit: I would also like to point out that CCP has said that a more dynamic universe is something they are very interested in. I would expect more of these kinds of content both disruptive and opportunistic from here on out.

Edit 2: THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE! Anchoring rats have been spotted and have killed players in Perimeter systems, on gates, during a “Scouts Reported” phase. You should always expect the, albeit rare, chance that there will be at least one scramming rat in any Invasion system.

Additionally, Trig now do warp back to sealed conduits. Make sure you have security to respond to any problems. Once again, you must only clear a couple of anchoring at worst to get off.


There I was hoping a provocative question would be enough for you to figure out that your whole statement makes zero sense…

Every game follows a certain set of rules. You might not like the rules of EvE. But pretending that you turned alternative entertainment options, that do not have any rules and then still playing games at all is illogical.

Especially seeing that EvE gives you a lot more freedom to do whatever you like with the available tools than most other games.

These Thargoids are a total menace. Send em home I say.

Send em all back.

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To learn about new things and confirm they arent what I like.

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I already tried all that “freedom options” and decided its just not my thing. My thing is science/industry/mining, preferably in quiet and unharrassed, and this is rare nowadays.

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EvE is not for you.

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I’d rather see EVE becoming 100% WH space than all this NPC stuff tbh. Or lowsec without gateguns or cyno’s.

Mad Maxing players is fun. Evading NPC’s sounds boring.

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Yes, you’re right. I was about to write a longanswer, but it will change nothing, so I reconsidered.
You are right, my friend.

Have you tried the X series? Its very much like EvE in many ways, but gets rid of people in favour of german robots and pastercene fishmen

My base region is now being invaded for the 4th time.

“Why don’t you fight them?” I tried to get a fleet together but there weren’t enough players around.

“Why don’t you just relocate until it’s over?” I traveled 15 jumps to my alternate base I’ve used the last 3 times this happened and immediately encountered Trig scouts. After that, I just quit the game to go do something else.

If high sec becomes as dangerous as low sec, why bother having two types of regions? If I can’t go anywhere without having to be prepared for fleet-scale combat at any moment, why is mission running even still in the game? CCP, you are close to losing a subscriber.

Don’t bother hitting me with the usual hate-spewing, agramatical, unpunctuated replies because I won’t be reading them. My only purpose here is to send the game’s makers feedback.


You dont need a fleet for the scouts.

Consider seeding jump clones and ships all across the galaxy.

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