A Small CSM Updoot, to let you know we are still here (Aug 12, 2020)

This type of speedy response and interaction are why you 2 are the real stars of the CSM. Just sorry that the Community Liaison and Dev are MIA, which shovels more work onto your plates.

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To look at me you would know that shoveling things onto my plate is never an issue (I will not speak for @Brisc_Rubal in this matter.) But yeah, this issue is already being brought up with CCP.


It should have been obvious to anybody that CCP was going to get rid of the neutral loophole. Going out and shooting an EDENCOM ship with a noob ship - and then being exempted from all of the content CCP has created for 2020 - that just felt like an exploit.

People were complaining about it even as they were doing it. Nobody was saying: “Thank you CCP for making it so easy to get everything to go back to normal again.” They were saying: “This is a totally stupid loophole that is almost beneath me.”


The big issue is that CCP is forcing players to participate in PvE content that they don’t want to engage in… especially since CCP made all players have Negative standings to Triglavians right from the start. Due to that players tried to get neutral standing so they can continue doing their own choice of game play content without having to deal with this new PvE content CCP keeps forcing upon everybody.

Before this new Invasion crap, there were roaming packs of Triglavian Scouts along with NPC Mining Fleets and Pirate Stronghold FOB’s, content that nobody asked for yet CCP decided to force it on everybody.

Sad part is it’s mostly focused on High Sec.


well yea, because you add anything to nullsec and they whine and cry… look at the storms… they are crying over the storms coming to null, and already convinced fozzie to change one of them.

Thanks for the video update. Love audio media because I can listen to it while playing, doing chores, or whatever.

Sound quality tips.
There is a ton of stuff you can do (and money you can spend) in order to improve your sound quality. I am just going to give you a few tips that will give you the most improvement for the least amount of effort.money.

  • Noise Reduction

    • Get 20 seconds of ambient audio where you plan to record. Your goal is to record all those background noises (like PC fans, AC, distant highway, whatever).
    • Then import your audio into audacity (or record it in audacity from the get go /It’s free btw)
    • Left Click on the clip of ambient audio
    • press Ctrl +A to select the whole thing
    • Effects (Menu Bar)
    • Noise Reduction
    • Get Noise Profile. Now that you have a noise profile, you can use it to filter background noise out of your actual recording. Naturally, it doesn’t work too well for inconsistent noises like dogs barking or whatnot.
    • Import your actual audio (or record in audacity from the get go)
    • Select the whole track
    • Go to Effects --> Noise Reduction again
    • This time, however, just press “Okay”. (Audacity’s default settings should be fine). And that’s it.
  • Pop Filter

    • This wasn’t a problem in your video, but for the sake of completeness, I’m going to mention it anyway. Regardless, pop filters stop the popping sounds that you can sometimes get by effectively breathing too hard on your mic when saying certain words. It might not seem like a big deal, but many audience members find it super annoying and distracting (like when speakers say “um” a lot). Anyway, you can get a good pop filter on amazon for like 13 bucks.
  • Proper Volume

    • In order to determine how loud my videos should be, I played videos from several of my favorite content creators, and used that to set my computer volume to the “perfect” level. I then recorded test audio, played it back without changing my volume, and then adjusted accordingly. Options for adjusting loudness include:
      • Distance from mic to face
      • How loud you speak
      • mic volume (can be adjusted in windows, audacity, and most recording programs)
      • Amplifying your audio in audacity after it has been recorded (Do note that this option should be used sparingly, and is best performed after you have performed noise reduction on your clip. Anyway, I can usually get away with increasing my audio between 1-3 decibels with my setup and manner of speaking. Beyond that, and I tend to need to rerecord the clip. Your experience may vary.)
      • Reducing the volume of your audio clip. You don’t have to worry about negative side effects when reducing volume the same way you do when amplifying audio. Unfortunately, if you have to reduce your volume a bunch, you likely have a bad clip with a bunch of blown out audio. If that happens, you can try the “Clip Fix” effect in audacity to try and fix your blown out peaks. I have had success with fixing the odd blown out peak, but your your clip is probably going to be unsalvageable if it is filled with them.

Anyway, I know this might seem like a bunch of stuff, but most of your time will be spent figuring out how to do it the first time. Once you’ve figured it out and developed a good workflow, these steps become super quick.

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Thank you very much. I will try some of these when next I record.


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A couple of random thoughts - and first, a big thank you to your and Brisc for your communication efforts.

  1. You are absolutely right to say that people are entitled to holidays, even in Iceland. I would merely invite CCP to ponder a) comms is a 24/7/365 business (I am permanently on call as just such a professional), so if people are on leave, you make sure there is semi-competent cover; and b) if you know you are going to be short-staffed over such a period, plan your business accordingly and do not, for example, make big changes during such periods which might need significant man-hours to fix when they do not quite work as intended…

  2. Again on the comms and reputation front: if I had anything to do with CCP’s PR, I would be horrified by the toxicity of these fora. Not toxicity towards CCP, but toxicity towards other players for expressing opinions. Yes, Eve is a game with a significant PvP element. Be as nasty as you like in the game against other players’ pixels. But, no matter the character names behind which people hide, on the fora they are real people. They want to encourage people to play Eve, but if new players log in here…? It is horrific. Simple remedy - ban people who cannot behave. Not from the game, but from the fora. CCP need to take responsibility for this swamp. It is part of the NPE, just as much as the tutorial missions.


you guys are doing awesome work :slight_smile:

btw have you brought up the problem that Caldari systems go to liminality/trig minor victory way too easily? Almost every system in Caldari space attacked by trigs go to trig minor victory or final liminality. More than half of the liminal systems are in Caldari space, while Minmatar space does not have any final lim systems and only a few trig minor victories.

Is that how you feel? Because we use our character names and icons in here. Roleplay posts and semi-roleplay posts make up at least half the material here. It seems not so absolute as you claim.

I have, yes.



If people want to roleplay, play it in the game. Not on an open access forum. As I say, I am looking at this dispassionately as someone who knows about good PR, and this forum is the most toxic one I know. Which is not good for CCP, and, I firmly believe, not good for Eve. The nasty, spiteful hatred that goes on here has nothing to do with role-play, and everything to do with bullying and arrogance that my opinion matters more than does your opinion. What is “roleplaying” about people screaming “STFU” just for expressing a different opinion about game mechanics? Game mechanics have nothing to do with roleplaying.

CCP can take this or leave it. In fact, given their record to date, I know they will leave it. But they are blind too often to their biggest problems.

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Too bad you aren’t in charge. You seem to have all the answers.

Oooh, how very snide. Are you role-playing now?

I merely offer an opinion, in the interest of CCP having more success at retaining new players, and thus ensuring the longevity of a game I enjoy playing. I only offer an opinion on that for which I am qualified so to do.

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How are you qualified?

You are proving my point. I am professionally qualified to offer comments on good PR and horrific PR. Precisely who I am is none of your business.

Go back to your roleplaying. I am not going to bite. :slight_smile: Have a pleasant evening.

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Another “live” one. :popcorn:

Nah, I doubt it.

He’ll be back, :salt: never rests! :rofl:

They generally don’t add major features in the summer. It’s rare. Nothing they’ve really added could be considered a “major feature” either. All the stuff added has been generally things they’ve already had in the pipeline and were ready to go, or stuff that was incrementally related to things already in the game, i.e. the abyssal PvP arenas.

Comms is covered, but there’s a lot more to comms than just having somebody to respond to posts on the forums.

These fora are honestly extremely tame compared to just about any other forums that have existed in and around the game. Reddit, Kugo, these are way, way worse than these forums. At best, you’ll have people arguing, but in the end, it’s not full of racist, sexist, profanity-laden bitch-fests. And the ISD guys do a pretty good job of catching the worst offenders.