Update #2 CSM 18

I said I would do this sort of thing and so I do.



Loved that intro, this is the first of your CSM update vids I have seen, so I don’t know if they always start like that or not, but I liked the intro

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Really nice video :+1: :+1: :+1: I’m looking forward to the next one

Hey great video thanks! I would love it if some of the other CSM members also posted similar vids.

Hey - as a suggestion why not make this kind of perspective video a mandatory responsibility of each CSM member, maybe two or three each meeting and then rotate it around.

This is one of the BEST ways of helping player-base understand what you do and what kinds of issues CSM deals with.

Less ppl would wanna be csm if they were forced or required to do that.

I imagine that there would be plenty of people willing to take it up

Each of us has their own way of “csm’ing”. I like to be communicative (within the constraintys of the NDA. It would be pretty bad if you tried to force others to do what I do, they have their strengths and I have mine.

There was a time when the CSM had a specific person assigned to communicate to the players. I am not that . . . I just like to keep you in touch and let you know that we are still here as part of what I said I would do in the election campaigns. (yes I know, a politician who keeps his word . . . madness)

Now don’t go expecting one every week, as I said in the vid.

But I will try to keep up, as RL allows and needs arise.



Weekly?? Psh, i wanna see that smexy face every day

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Thanks Mike - I appreciate the hard work. Wish some of your colleagues put in the same effort

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Oh they do. Just more in the line of work facing CCP and not the players. The channels are always busy and a challenge to keep up with.


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