Why does CCP still charge 15 bux for 30 days?

I mean, eve isn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore and it’s hemorrhaging players for a good few years now. The F2P model is basically a forever trial with lots of things cut-out that make it unappealing to people with lots of SP. You would think that in all CCP’s brainstorming to get people to come back or get people committed they would have revised their pricing a bit.

I’m looking at my account now and considering resubbing but I reckon 15 euro is too much for what eve offers in the current year, I mean I can live with the devs keeping the game in limbo and refusing to make any actual changes in years beyond +5 pg and +15 cpu here and there, and I can live with them destroying high sec and turning low sec into arena pvp, and I can even live with them only ever really communicating with their playerbase on the third-party site that is reddit - but what I can’t live with is paying them 15 euro to play this game in 2018.

See, I’m a careful guy with my money, I’ll put a money limit on games I want to play, I’ll add them to my wishlist and wait years for them to hit whatever cap I reckon they’re worth and these days I reckon eve is worth about 9 euro per 30 days / 25 euro per 3 months (or in PLEX terms, about 700 million isk for 30 days). I mean, eventually CCP will be forced to drop the price significantly or go full F2P with P2W BPCs and stuff just to keep server numbers up, but they always seem to do these things too-little-too-late and about 2 years after they should have (like the F2P models that were introduced).

tl;dr CCP should hire me to manage the game for them, for I am an eve expert.


Because you get what you pay for. “Current year” has nothing to do with it, this game’s developers have families to feed and bills to pay. In exchange for maintaining the game, plenty of people are more than happy to pay for a subscription and even buy plex so that other people don’t have to pay a cent of real money for their sub.


They still develop the game actively and it is in my opinion comparable to a game that would release today BUT with so much content and balancing of 15 years that no new game could ever compete with.

So I would say in a way it is even more valuable today than it was 15 years ago and the 15$ are well worth it if you like the game. Obviously if you are good at the game you can also pay it with ISK.


Sub for a year when its onsale, cost me about 8 or 9 bucks a month. Pretty damn cheap imho.


You are right. 15 bucks are worth less than they were 15 years ago. It should really be more expensive by now.


Better to pay for Eve than paying for ships to fly in Star Citizen. Eve Online better bang for your buck.


15 bucks is nothing for you on the west. Ah the first world problems… :wink:


If you dont like the current ~5years policy like me - suspend your sub - only way to force the devs to improve the game is cut out the money supply. So much money went to other projects - EVE player base swallowed it.

“CCP does not guarantee that it will continue to offer access to the System or support the Game. CCP may, in its sole discretion, cease to provide any or all of the services offered in connection with EVE (including access to the System and any or all features or components of the Game), terminate the EULA, close all Accounts and cancel all of the rights granted to you under the EULA. CCP may communicate such termination to you upon 30 days’ notice in any of the following manners: (i) when you log into your Account; (ii) in a notice on CCP’s website; (iii) via electronic mail; or (iv) in another manner that CCP deems suitable to inform you of the termination. If CCP terminates the EULA pursuant to this section, you will not receive a refund of any fees”

That’s a standard EULA, every online game has the same thing.

And I thought you’d already quit. Why are you still here?


Do you work for free ?


“Why does CCP still charge 15 bux for 30 days?”

Because no one has come up with the free grocery store, free housing etc yet.


you’ve triggered me

Eve Online probably won’t last another five years due to numerous tantrum’s thrown by CODE. and their alt gankers that no one wants to hear any longer.

Once players realize that the gankers ‘suicide gank’ posts like they gank in the game to please CODEs. masters players will realize the game isn’t worth playing because alt after alt relates to scam after scam.

I don’t pay-to-play any longer because of the ganking system and the mentality of the gankers on the forums. How they lie and twist the truth into a demented state of reality that isn’t true.


Is that you Q?


Lol $15 bucks for the amount of hours I play each month comes out to something like .20 an hour for me…that’s by far my cheapest form of entertainment. Besides, move out to null…you can plex an account in 4-5 hours in null without much effort.

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I too am fabulously wealthy and spend 225 hours per month play eve :rofl:

Sure, an Eve expert from 2006 who can’t figure out a way to PLEX his accounts… You talk about an expert.


It has too many diverse activities compared to 15 years ago so I’d say the price is atleast justified.Most of the games you’ll find coming out of release pretty stale and shallow look at star citizen which is trying to have even more features and to try and make them seem realistic is charging quite alot

You need help. There are institutions for your kind, don’t lose faith.



lets see…
EvE online: $15 per month standard sub
WoW: $15 per month standard sub
FF XIV: $15 per month standard sub
Starwars: …i think it too is $15 standard sub

oh wait…i get it yeah
Star Trek Online: Totally Free to play with gambling lockboxes (RL cash to gamble)
Elite Dangerous, buy the core game and play forever only get the upgrades when they suit you…