I have a good idea that can attract people in PVP activity

Things is easy: One player cannot get any income in PVE activity, if anyone cannot get at least one KM in PVP activity in every 10 hours. Max. income he can get is 100*total estimated value of all KMs. For example, you can earn 1 million in next 10 hours if you got 10000 isk km. Income comprises isk or non-isk income (like LPs)

In this way, players are attracted to join PVP and destroy others’ ships. Also more loss of players and they have to sell PLEX in game for isk. That would be welcomed by CCP.

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You realize that the estimated value of killmails can be influenced by just messing with the Jita market, right?

There was a time when someone messed around with Scrap Metal to the point where it was worth several hundred million isk per unit, when it normally sells for a couple thousand.

This is just asking for abuse and market manipulation. Empty out the market of a cheap module, relist it at extreme prices, buy it with an alt to feed market averages, and then blow up ships using your alt accounts to cash in on the huge bounties created by market manipulated killmail prices.

Terrible idea that showcases more of OP’s lack of understanding of the game than anything else.



It’s a reasonably good effort on its own, but incessantly spamming low-effort trolling in every PvE-related discussion made it too obvious when you finally posted your bait thread.

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Dude (or dudette), you really gotta stop posting these self-flagellating pity party posts and threads. Don’t get me wrong, I love them because they’re great content, but for your sake, I’m going to tell the truth. I’ve said this before; these posts/threads sound like you’re saying “well you’ve already stabbed me and taken my wallet, so you might as well twist the knife too!”

It really does sound pathetic. That whole “well, CCP wants to pick on PvE players? Okay, here you go guys, here are some changes to really sock it to us! There, are you happy now? Are you happy that you’ve taken everything from us!?” angle is cringe-inducingly pitiful. All you’re doing is displaying your weakness and low self-esteem for the world to see.

This is a game. Rise up to the challenge. Literally nothing in EVE matters aside from the memories and friends you make, and you won’t have many opportunities for either if things remain static and stagnant.


The problem with all these MOAR PVP ideas that PVP-ers just can’t bring themselves to face is, PVP-ers comprise a significant minority in MMOs. They don’t in First Person Shooters, oddly enough. But, they do in MMOs.

Another way to put this is, people who play MMOs, in the main, aren’t interested in fighting other players as a form of amusement. Those who want to fight other players to get their Ya Yas out are generally drawn to FPS games.

No matter what MMO you will find a group of PVP-ers belaboring their forums (and management) with fabulous ideas to MAKE more people PVP. Those of us who don’t like PVP know why. Those who claim they like PVP but have found themselves in an MMO apparently continually miss the point.

NO GAME that’s tried to make PVP-ers happy in an MMO has ever survived the attempt. Why? Because 86% of their playerbase don’t like it. Do Not Like IT. Do Not Want To Do IT.

You can call names (carebears, risk averse, MINERS) ALL you want that will not change the fact that a MINORITY of people in MMOs want to PVP. It’s a statistical fact that CCP (among others) commissioned a study on in order to find out for sure what the deal is with this subject. 86% of MMO players Do Not Want To PVP.

I’ve said continuously here on the mighty EVE forum that PvP-ers HERE don’t really want to PvP. They want to GANK. GANKING is attacking someone who cannot fight back. That is not Player vs. Player. That is Player vs. 0 (nothing).

Call me names. Characterize this however you want. Fill the forum with BS all you want, that will not change the fact. You know what they say about someone who does the same thing over and over expecting a different result…right?


I don’t know if you have difficulty understanding context, or are intentionally ignoring it, but the OP posted this sarcastically and out of spite against PvP, as opposed to because they’re a PvP player genuinely proposing an idea.

Have you looked in the mirror?

You have spent over half-a-decade railing about how bad ganking is, and telling us how Eve is not going to survive unless they stop developing Eve as a PvP focused game (you did it again a few paragraphs back!), yet here Eve Online is, still succeeding, attracting new players and being quite profitable. You must really enjoy your ranting as you keep coming back, shouting the same tired, disproved arguments and your personal opinions with no impact on the game or its development. It is still a PvP-focused sandbox game and will always be at this point. Yet you keep at it, like some crazy person somehow expecting if you are obnoxious or contrary enough, the game might change.

This is not even to mention that you seem to also play this PvP-focused game you alternatively seem to hate, or expect to fail. How insane is it to spend your leisure time voluntarily playing a video game you don’t like even the core idea of and when you have nothing but disdain for the developers?

The only way I can reconcile this is that Ms. Repose is a character in some performance art you like to indulge in. A persona you like to put on, climb up on a soapbox and shout at the clouds in front of the world. That’s cool. There are plenty of others who indulge in that in different ways on these forums, and do so in less entertaining ways than you.

Like the OP, and their low-effort, unoriginal trolling. I’m not sure I am off-topic at this point given the inanity of this thread and some of the posts, but I’ll stop this tangent now. Please everyone, continue the banter.


Thanks for typically misstating what I said to prop up your perpetually lame arguments. The personal touch was…boring.

I don’t know why you think your misguided assumption of context and intent becomes gospel when you hit the Reply button. I guess we’re even.

Well, it’s not like you can’t check the person’s posting history.

Intentional ignorance it is, then?

People don’t like PVP in EVE because PVP system is old and out of touch in 2020.

This is by far the stupidest post of you yet. Please continue.

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Sarcastic reply

I love it! Gank 4bil worth freighter and get 400 bil ISK on an alt with KM 10 hours later, send 10bil to the killed freighter pilot so he can buy another one for you to blow up… Its not like the proposed system can (and will) be gamed to Hek and beyond.


You do understand that you’re talking about EVE, right? A game founded by a bunch of old-school player killers with an explicit goal of being a PvP-focused game? A game that has now survived for 17 years with this design goal, and shows no sign of dying in the near future?


BUT someone just posted that the game fell on some puppies and is dead now? It must be true.

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