Product Idea - CONCORD Badge $25 a month PVE Mode


Eve is a mmo. No matter what you do you will run into people and have to deal with people. It’s not a happy friendly little game that has 0 consequences. The moment you undock you consent to being okay with potentially fighting other people. If you want a purely pve game go play city skylines or farming simulator, don’t play a MMO.

Creating 100% safe pve is dumb. Not how MMOs work

So if you pay 25$ you would be able to haul everything you want to stock up other markets, you can clean belts with streamlined hulks, running missions in purple marauders without risking to be killed?

It sounds like the ultimate pay-to-win option, it would ruin the economics of the game, leave massive of haulers, miners, builders without profitable work.

Instead of changing the game after different pilots desire maybe those pilots can start interact and form up and do something about the problem inside the game.

Best Regards
Don Pickle

I am completely willing to believe this game isn’t for me and never will be. Just confirming it’s a feature, not a bug with the devs.

This already exists for no additional cost:

SiSi server.

Is this a sign Eve is dying? An uptick in more loonatic ideas to keep it fun?

It’s a feature.

But seriously, try Elite Dangerous. Its really, immersive.

And with over 400 billion star system (yes, that many) you probably won’t run into many players. I played in “open” mode for 5 years and ran into a total of 4 people in “local”

But even then, you can set it to solo mode to ensure no gankings.

TBH, I left it because of the lack if player player interactions, and its super grindy. The only incentive in that game is, well grinding credits. Once you got all the ships, there really isn’t much to do. No industry. Trading is all with the NPCs. Exploration is kinda cool.

If you think jumping is tedious in Eve, wait until you try ED jumping. Immersive, if you like picking your nose and scratching your behind repeatidly.

If you think logoffski is bad in Eve, wait until you see Soloski in ED.

ED is fun, too bad they use .net launcher and you use Linux.

At least they have Walking in … planets now.

Also being a UK game house, their game item prices are/were ludicriously high (rip off Britain is the term here).

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