How to get more people to play eve

What would Ccp need to do in order to get more people to play eve online?. Also what would need to change in eve to get back the old players?

We all know different areas in eve that need to be developed so we all must help ccp to push this changes to get more and new stuff in eve.

Also what kind of commercial would be good to use.


The answer is quite simple, shake up the meta big time, so the big blocks break up, and players start fighting about resources again instead of krabbing in safety to death. New and old players will be attracted by the news about wars and fights.

Something like removing jump drives and normal cynos (keep only covert warfare), and remove secondary timers from nullsec structures, just straight kill in the chosen vulnerability period. Then make resources of all kind deplete when harvested and only slowly recover over many months.


For new players:

  • A lot of new players enjoy exploration. Increase value in High/Low security Relic and Data sites

For older players:

  • Alliance Tournament

  • Make events that are actually enjoyable / beneficial to run for players


CCP and EVE players have been hiding behind the mantra “it’s a sandbox, all emergent behavior is good” for the entire lifetime of EVE.

It won’t be easy to move to a game with “designed gameplay”. Other (bigger) MMOs have tried and failed to make smaller changes with similar goals.

I doubt CCP could do it. They don’t have any experience, and throughout the history of EVE CCP must have been rejecting people who had the right mindset for such a change.

If Pearl Abysss don’t have the right experience they’ll have problems too.


We need CONCORD lootboxes :package: available only for RL money in the Pearl Abyssal cash shop that has a chance to drop cat ears or improved jiggle physics for your character or overpowered temporary use CONCORD items. :smirk:


Yes this is a very good addon ccp need to develope

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Yes, IMO eve is way to handheld nowdays. We need harder enviroment “ insert epic ideas” and with this both the economy and the experience will be a lot more enjoyable. Small stuff like re construct the missions and make new routes through eve would do good. Force people to move around for greater profits.


I agree with the notion of shaking things up somehow, but I think I would prefer to do this with new content rather than any significant rules changes.

One possibility would be to open up Jove space, but it would need to be done in a thoughtful way. This is a one-shot deal to juice the game (until and unless some other new lore is introduced for a new region of unexplored space).

If Jove space were opened, I’d like to see it done in a way that would challenge the existing alliances without being easily exploitable. One way might be to make it only accessible through hard-to-find wormholes that were sized only for small ships (frigates and destroyers). Then create some resource in Jove space that would be valuable in non-Jove regions but difficult to acquire.

The goal would be to force existing alliances to have to recreate a lot of infrastructure in Jove space to acquire the new resource (via rare new minerals, blueprints, etc) but greatly restrict their ability to do so due to the wormhole size limitation. It would be somewhat similar to using Jove space as a server restart while still linking its impact back to the existing non-Jovian regions.

That’s one idea for Jove space. I’ve occasionally come across others, but I don’t recall their details.


Achieves nothing good for new players. Increasing the value increases the farming, which lowers the value because the supply increases. The new players will have the least of that, because the professional farmers will suck it all up.


Yes the Jove addition is something that would help, but that’s only changing a small part of eve( empire and lowsec with its content won’t be any different. Unless you put Jove in empire as a problem. That would be very exiting. Good idea Nakaara.

A change of heart and mind at CCP’s top. Too much quite simply flows from there.

As for the product, that is as simple as it is complex. Introduce entropy, introduce cataclysm, introduce emergent gameplay in npc psychosocial behaviour, reinforce emergent behaviour capacity for non-npc psychosocial behaviour.

CCP does not want the older players - if you’re referring to the cadres of user groups & types lost along the way and the ones still there in the kettle boiling like happy frogs. While at product level there’s open perspective, even fresh, the old core trauma’s still rule old upper management. Solid match with requirements such as boiling frogs and model swap.

Which is why some managers end up misusing selective quotes like hole in the bottom of the ship while consistantly refusing to establish vision on root causes.


Agreed, but make stuff exiting and profitable for new players is something that eve need to develope. I got plenty of ideas and mailed ccp several times but I think that’s not enugh for them to act.

No, it really isn’t.

Current new players - which are vastly different to past new players - already get far more than new players in the past, who didn’t require all the hand holding, money, isk and skillbooks. There is no way of making something exclusively more valuable for new players, as - see above - the professional farmers will take it all.

There simply is no way around Malcanis’ Law and the more you spoil children, the more they turn into spoiled brats. It is important to consider more angles than just one. Not considering a person as a whole makes for shallow ideas with consequences unforeseen due to the lack of foresight.


All the ‘professional farmers’ will be in null-sec and wormholes. Hardly anyone does High-Sec/Low-Sec sites because their value is so little (IE Low-Sec sites are worth less than 25% of Null-Sec sites).

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No, not all professional farmers will be in nullsec. There’s TONS of professional farmers already in highsec and, of course, bots for every content out there. Where there is something of value to farm, there will be farmers. You can try to ignore actual reality - as it happens right now - but it’s the wrong thing to do.

Again: Raising the value achieves nothing. It’s economics. In the end the value will drop simply because more people will be doing it, raising the supply and thus dropping the price.

Your opinion does not go together with reality and ignoring reality because you can’t accept that “what should be” can not be “what is” makes you look ignorant.

Do you want to come across as an ignorant person? Doubtful. This topic has been talked about endlessly in the past. This, like so many other topics, has been talked about extensively. Ignoring that just means wasting time and energy.


It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. I literally started a research project with my alliance. Over 90% of the thousands of entries were rare sites that you find in Null-Sec and Wormholes. There are a lot of new players in the alliance as well, seeing as one of the corporations is majorly focused on exploration.

If a Null-Sec site was valued at 100, Low-Sec would be worth 25, and High-Sec would be worth 10.

Conclusion: High-Sec / Low-Sec sites are a waste of time. If you want to do sites, get over to Null-Sec and find some Wormholes.


Our story so far: Don’t help new players: they don’t deserve it, and anyway it’s impossible.

Meanwhile in the real world, changes occur: Fortnite has over 125 million players, Overwatch has over 40 million.


I’m mostly talking about enhance the fear or and the feeling that eve is dangerous. The main game is not enugh. And most new players join the game and move to a Corp and are basically safe. There can be more to the game than that route.

I know it’s not an easy solution to fix, but it’s something to look into.

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Yes in a way… make new players Plummeth through the game, face the excitement and then move to the community.

But there is where the game must change

Your post changes nothing about the fact that there’s tons of farmers in highsec who would just farm it because it’s there, dropping the prices. You can ignore it all you want, it’s not changing anything.

But hey, if you want to deny they exist, or want to deny that they have an actual impact on the economy … sure, go ahead! Good Luck™ with that.

The last thing new players need is more money. In the end it’s a spiral. You’re not ignoring just the present, you’re also ignoring history.

CCP already throws far more money at new players. You declare it’s not enough. CCP will throw even more money at new players. Someone else will come, just like you, declaring that it is not enough. So it goes on, ad infinitum, just because the person declaring that it’s not enough has no actual in-depth understanding of what’s going on.

Reality is that throwing more isk at someone is not going to change anything. It’s a game. Centering it around greed, which is fundamentally the desire behind asking for more money, is not going to solve anything, because greed can never be satisfied.

There is no point in going on with this.