What do you feel is a simple change that could increase our playbase?

I hear a lot of discussion regarding the playerbase in Eve and I am curious if anyone has any ideas to simple changes that could be easily implemented to attract new players to the game? (Apart from lowering the cost of Omega).

Thanks for your comments!

Something they are already working on. Removing all PVP from highsec space.


Reduce boring grind and Omega price.

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Restoring industry back to pre scarcity levels.


Remove the simple-minded designers/decision-makers who keep thinking simple changes to single systems will benefit EVE. Despite the repeated failures of this approach.

Hire a few designers who can envision entire ecosystems of the game and their relation to each other.

Basically, stop seeking simple solutions and man up to tackle the tough ones.


I feel inclined to agree that focusing on the short-term is not the way to go, I felt highlighting simple changes in some ways is better because CCP is more likely to implement changes which are easy to do so with.

I know there’s a strong committed roleplaying community in Eve and I feel there’s a lot of opportunity to flesh out the missions to add a lot of lore to the Eve universe, there are a few that already nail that feeling but there’s so many doors that could be opened.

I’m kind of concerned myself how the new update will influence navy ships with BPCs becoming more accessible, I think that navy ships should be something that are not readily accessible.

Changes can be put into two categories: ideal and practical. Ideal changes are changes that existing players propose/support, like “getting rid of the HAC meta” or “reverse scarcity,” but these changes only really matter to us existing players, and we’re already playing the game, so such changes won’t increase the player base, unless that includes having more alts. Practical changes on the other hand are changes that would increase the game’s popularity, if not necessarily making the game itself better. I’ll give three:

  1. I know you said “apart from lowering the cost of Omega,” but the most significant change CCP/PA can make to the game is making it completely free to play, and focusing all monetization efforts on gacha loot boxes and gambling, with an emphasis on capitalizing on the FOMO effect. This would absolutely make new players pile into the game.

  2. What this guy said:

The contemporary gaming market focus-tests extremely well on a lack of adversity and competition between players. Average people are attributing competition in video games to mental health conditions. The hardcore-PvP survival genre is popular, but it’s still a tiny little niche in the gaming market as a whole, and every day it is becoming more and more persecuted. It’s much easier and more reliable to make a game in which players are forced to cooperate instead of competing, if your goal is to make money.

  1. Aggressively market the game, especially on social media and mobile platforms, and especially to casual gamers, which are still a growing demographic. I’m talking like 15-second clips of an asteroid exploding with Michael Bay-esque visuals and sound effects (it doesn’t matter if the game doesn’t actually look or sound like that), followed by a montage of a wallet figure rising exponentially and a picture of a game character looking smug and content (like in one of those videos that play inside stations already), followed by a loud, in-your-face “EVE! Play it your way!” sound bit.

Edit: found it…

No more little interviews at obscure gaming media sites that no one gives a ■■■■ about; that’s not how you sell games these days.


Recruitment rewards, or better ones if they already exist. Get players to want their friends, families, coworkers, etc to try the game out. Barring that, more advertising. Anything else would require moving the game out of it’s niche.

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Do you know if there has been any discussion with regards to making Eve entirely F2P? I feel the chances of CCP ever going through with such a move are extremely slim considering how reluctant they seem to be with regards to lowering membership, yet I’m sure we both know how many successful F2P MMOs there are.

I feel that Eve definitely appeals to a certain type of person and while not as many players will stay invested if drawn in by Facebook-esque marketing in comparison to others MMOs due to the gameplay style I do believe holding true to Eve’s core foundation is definitely for the best. A lot of the advertising and chatter around Eve paints it as a spreadsheet simulator essentially which while it’s true in some aspects I feel focusing more and expanding upon the lore can definitely attract more roleplayers to the universe.

There’s probably a lot of internal discourse about this topic. If I were to guess, they’re trying to move the game toward that direction because they’re aware of the market data, and understand how it would likely lead to increased revenue. However, before they can transition to that model, they have to make the game mobile-friendly, and I’m assuming that the recent changes to the UI (and some game mechanics) are a step toward that.

It’s for the best for us, and maybe for the long-term viability of the business. But for short-to-medium-term financial gains and market exposure, what’s best is turning the game into a semi-casual, mobile-friendly title. Guess which one tends to win over in the boardroom?


I want to think that they do have that discussion, but their move to increase the price of Omega shows the opposite.


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However, it does seem to work pretty well, in general. Plus, you wanted it to be simple.

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That might take the game off “store shelves” in certain countries e.g. Germany.

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Can we add it to the chat windows, to get around that?

The not simple solution would be to gather together a team of developers with a common vision, focused on developing a game that they, themselves would like to play - a team that doesn’t worry about attracting players, or paying corporate dividends, or making performance targets. Might be difficult for CCP to pull off.

Bro you still here?

-Revert war dec changes
-Move lvl 4/T5/6 abyssals only into low sec
-Increase ISK generation and ore yield in low sec
-HS has less ore yield and less valuble ore

Me and two friends had 3 alts each subbed for years. They have left the game and I am down to 1 account. Too many big changes to people gameplay have driven off a lot of players and their alts.


I don’t know.

After May there was a huge drop of alts, people did not keep the sub.
EVE is an expensive hobby these days.

I see many new people in the Rookie Channel, I don’t know if they are staying, many are playing as alpha for now just dreaming about when they will have 2.2 bil ISK so they can become Omega by burning their ISK…

If you know the game enough you can make that ISK with an alpha, but if you barely can fit a ship and don’t know where to go then it is really hard.

ISK for Omega a year ago was costing 1.3 to 1.4 bil… now it’s 2.2 bil… 69% inflation… but the mission running pays the same… exploration is a little better maybe… highsec mining is worse… how an Alpha learning the game will get 2.2 bil and keep going?

They need ingame help and a credit card.
Do they have those? I don’t know… maybe some ingame help.