Eve is stuck in the past

To start with:
Sorry for not digging through decades of post to revive a similar post from the dead.
Also this is my opinion and mine alone.

Now onto my post:
After several tries, and years of “WANTING” to love eve. I’ve decide to give a bit of insight from my personal thoughts on this game.

  1. The game IS and NEVER was hard to understand. For myself, or the countless friends that have tried the game over the years It was just basic reading.(only lazy people find it hard)

  2. The game “DOSE” lack content for new players looking for a “new” game.
    (more later on this subject)

  3. The eve community is stuck in the past, refusing to except change.Hint: Blackout and Invasion

  4. PVP is lackluster, time consuming, and or both.

Now, like i said, I have played the game off and on for years. Tried mining, ratting , mission running, trade, exploring, transport, and yes a bit of PVP.
And yet in the end I never got much past the highsec part of the game for a couple of reasons.

  1. Cant trust corps fully. It “does” make the game more intriguing to always have to be on your toes, but in reality it becomes tiring even “thinking” about never being able to relax and just enjoying the people/game around you. Being in a harsh world is one thing but realising you will never be able to relax even with the people you enjoy playing with is totally another story and hard for a new player to digest or even want to deal with.Limited options. (No opinion on how to fix)

  2. No safe places. Again intriguing, always on your toes but no options.

  3. Limited content. No “involved” story/history past the very short story arcs.

  4. PVP: From my side, I was blobbed over and over. From watching a friend play. Its seems to be fun at times, but most times seems to be either solo, and one sided, And the other option, being killed by the blob or being in the blob. (time consuming/lackluster) (no opinion on how to fix it )

This brings me back to content. (Or lack of)
The (no change) mentality of this game is its biggest flaw. Eve has stayed with the “this game is old school” theme for a very long time, and it has done wonders for the player base that loves and stays with the game.
It dose not fit the modern style of gamer, that wants more options.

Let me ask you this?

  1. Why would a (FULL) PVE (carebare) story hurt this game?
    Would it not bring in new players that may filter into (your) game play style?

  2. Taken out as i’m convinced PVE zone would be bad for the game.

My suggestions to the questions I have asked:

In my first question giving players a full story quest option to play through gives them TIME and MONEY invested in the game. It makes them want or feel they have to try other things in the game including PVP.

(Again edit for change in thought provided by player base.)

I don’t see EVE Online going anywhere for awhile. I’m not a, this game is going to “die” extremist.
But to improve the game for the future and “keep” new players coming to the game, you have to except changes that may help you achieve your goals.
For a game community always trying to think about how to screw each other over , you sure seem to be limited in thinking of new ways to suck new people in to keep that narrative going with fresh meat.

I don’t have any issues with the rest of the game.


Secret code words for: Make EVE Modern, like WOW, need more Merry Go Round content.


So what you’re actually saying is that you don’t really understand EVE, even though you state that “it was never hard to understand”.



Marketing to players who don’t want to PvP is a waste of money/dev time, they just quit anyway.

Ever noticed how EVE is the only game with a decent economy? That is because there is no safe areas.


Well poor example using WOW as modern. Seeing as that game is way out of date. but what ever.


Was just giving my personal opinion of the never ending question of retaining new players. But alas your closed mind failed you again i fear.

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Marketing would be done in normal eve areas not the non pvp area. like i said LIMITED

Sounds to me like you have yet to play Eve.


People all over this forum struggle to understand that 10 different people can play Eve and have 10 different experiences. Those 10 people would all say they know Eve well and say they understand the game.

The irony I find is the blackout is itself the thing that imposes a relatively narrow perspective and forces players to play specific ways – sure you can call that adapting. Let’s call d-scan spam - adaptation.

CCP listens to the CSM and between the two they think they have us and this whole thing figured out. I don’t think they get the 10 different players 10 different experiences thing (nor do they seem to carE).


There are no-PvP areas already, even on a separate server, called Singularity. You really don’t know the game. If you would create such an area on the main server, it would not only have no PvP but also no rewards, no ISK, no ore, no loot, no LP, no standing. In order to not destroy the economy for the rest of us. Sounds fun, right?

Though I agree with the sentiment, that PvE is underdeveloped in EvE, but isn’t it natural in a PvP-centric sandbox, where all the interesting gameplay is defined by interaction of players?


While I completely disagree about ‘no-pvp’ zones, I would not be adverse to more story driven content. I find the drifter and triglavian invasion content to be a nice diversion and I love the Scope and ARC studio videos. IF this leads to more group content, I see that as a good thing for EvE. Anything that helps build relationships in EvE should be pursued, as getting a new player to interact with others seems to be a benefit to player retention and game growth.


lets see how i could put this to make it better for people to understand my point.
I have at no point asked for things to change in game to affect how the game plays, i have
just suggested for things to be added.
I suggested new content to bring people in to make them invested and pull them into the game as a whole.

  1. Add a full PVE story line. Not Changing anything else in the game .
  2. Adding a PVP free area may be a bad idea but also said LIMITED area meaning as to not impact the core of the game.

This is why i clearly stated that people in this game lack the ability to deal with change.
Its all about don’t do anything but still complain about things like new player retention.

This game is and always will be PVP. But some seem to forget this is NOT a PVP only game.
There are PVE elements to it and they are VERY lacking by any games standard.

I did state this was my personal opinion from the get go, as well as including some of my personal time in game. I never said i understand everything about the game. I stated what kept me from moving forward in the game though. Guess a few missed this as well.


No, go away.


You are playing a game that thousands upon thousands have played and learned and enjoyed.

Did it occur to you that it could be as simple as your (and honestly, most mom player’s) preferences just dont mesh with the game? There is nothing to be done for that, the idea that a game can have something for everyone is false.

The part about the full pve whatever is the worst part of your idea btw. In eve, evertthing you do, every isk you make, every mineral you mine affects every single other player.

You are aaking for a safe space in which to do things that affect other people in a way you choose(pve and the rewards that come with such) but where other people cant affect you in a way they would choose (PvP). Thats unreasonable for the jump.

Now, if you were to ask for a pve SERVER where rewards and such were not transferable to tranquility, but would be a much more reasonable ask, though also unlikely.

Lastly, your suggestion that it would “bring in more people” is silly and way overdone on these forums. You have no proof that it would, and our experience over 16 years of eve demonstrates that no amount of ma k ing the game safer ever works to bring in more people.

If it did, we’d be swimming in millions of players the day after ccp introduced safeties to the game.


First off, your first post said ‘no pvp’ area, that’s a big no-no for EvE. EvE needs to mean something for the player. The possibility of loss is the number one core reality of EvE that makes it better than other games. Lose that, and you might as well play something else. It’s not about ‘not accepting change’, it’s about realizing what makes EvE special.

As far as a ‘limited’ pvp area, we have that - it’s called highsec. PvP is limited there. We even have areas where pvp is strictly controlled - starter systems. So what you’re now asking for already exists. If you’re asking for improvements to those areas, sure let’s hear what you’ve got. In my EvE, I would balance areas so that all areas had something they could do (or some resource) better (slightly) than others, so that all areas had value and were needed. I would also include resource depletion (like wormholes have) thus people would have a reason to move around and interact. Lastly, I would make sure that I value both the casual and hardcore player as both are spending their time playing EvE.


I don’t have to prove it would bring more players, the proof is in countless other games out there. You talk about (thousands) of players in this game. When other games adding simple things to appeal to a wider scope of people have brought in “millions” of players.
And the PVE rewards thing would not change from normal mission loot… where did you get all that stuff about changing the game with isk and crap, it dosn’t effect the game now why would it after. Again so worried about change you jump to conclusions that don,t exist.

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I understand your sentiment, but IMO most comes from missing experience. There are a lot of great corps out there, but I would not look for those in highsec.

Also when you know the mechanics better you can properly mitigate any risk with ease, so you only ever lose when you want to or make a mistake. It’s like RL you need time to learn the details to become a professional.

My result, newbies quit because they either don’t like the heavy darwinistic nature of the game, or because they don’t bring the patience and will to dig out the unwritten details, which lead to personal success.


I see. your point and can agree. After your post and others i see how it could be a bad idea. PVE only area would be a hard work around.
Again was only trying to make suggestions.

EvE isnt a pvp game.

Just like people dont go to war to have fun. They pick the battle that they will win and avoid the rest.

This isn’t mortal kombat.

In EvE pvp is politics by other means.

If you treat it any other way expect to be chronically poor and bored.


First as a note to everyone…I have not quit the game. Don’t plan to as of yet.

I have been playing the game off and on for years. My main has done almost everything you can do in high/low sec. Just havnt corped, or done null except to explore I understand allot about the game and its mechanics (tech side), I like any person understand i don’t know everything (everything). I only train my guy when i play the game and he has over 70mil xp. So again its not that i dont understand the mechanics (technical side).
If you are referring to game politics, again havnt corped or ventured into that side of the game as stated before.
But tech side a PVE story would only help bring in new players to “Maybe” stay to see play the rest of the game and would definitely bring more revenue in for the game as a whole all while not changing the games core at all. . Politicaly it would in no way hurt the game but again give new meat a chance to be pulled into the rest of the game aspects.
Was just trying to add a way to bring in new players and retaining them.