Will ccp accept dogecoin to pay for subscriptions?

Or any other cryptocurrency? I have a lot floating around, so I thought I’d ask.

crypto ipo
accept isk
get rich

highly doubtful… risky currency to begin with…

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It’s a literal meme coin.


i’m talking about crypto in general.

Extreme volatility is the enemy of the cryptocurrency as a common exchange currency. It is good for gambling tho, like stock market.


Why would CCP accept fake money that only gambling addicts care about when they can bill you in real currency?

Fake money, you just described all of fiat that is not backed by gold.

France was smart with Bretton Woods, they redeemed 80% of their dollar for gold reserves as it should be before Nixon ruined you all. And all I mean the world since the world was pegged to the Dollar as the Dollar was backed by gold.

Can’t have you redeeming your gold now can we.

The Dollar is long long dead as sound “money” it is just a fiat “currency”

Dollars (and Pounds) were originally certificates for metals. And during war time in the civil wars, the soliders got paid in the certificate and redeemed for their metal.

Also this expansion cannot continue and this system is going to break at sometime in the future (near future).

Silver is heading to 1000% upside also, look at the monthly chart and that cup and handle spanning from the 80’s on log scale, that says your currency is going to the crapper in purchasing power over the next decade or so.

Commodities to equity ratio is at rock bottom, and turning upwards, that means stock market is going to the crapper and metal commodities going to moon!

You want to start hoarding commodities NOW! You also want to start accepting payments in all methods you can get as we are bailing from the fiat currencies and equities. SPX to 4500 perhaps then massive DUMP. You’re in the last market pump before the crashening.

As for crypto payments volatility in the timescale of payment is managable, your payment is instant on Lightening network, no volatility to worry about that is not managable, same with even main layer payment, you can lock the rate for a set period and manage volatility easily. We already do that on payments. you don’t do a payment over months or weeks duh. It’s the same with floating fiat currency exchange, except it’s slower movement and razor thin spreads but it can still be volatile, ask anybody with hyperinflation in their currency.

They don’t (they can do if they want) hold the crypto, they convert it to fiat at the point of exchange for their books.

Visa, Paypal and Mastercard are now getting on board, 2021 is the year of crypto payments going mainstream.

If you don’t want to spend crypto, then don’t, WE do. You can keep your fiat currency. Purchasing power of your fiat is in the crapper now and always will be as it is inflationary by monetary policy and monetary base has been expanded the past year or so MASSIVELY.

Inflationary money base funds wars and reduces their debt burdens, that’s why they don’t want the gold standard.

What are the oligarchs doing? They’re turning their money into commodities and resources, land and so on, are you?

“Own nothing, and be happy” - World Economic Forum

Sure, YOU own nothing, THEY do!

Who is buying up all the land? They are! You will be in subserviant to them.


:rofl: only if the world would accept isk as a form of payment, watchout Jeff Bezos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Utterly hilarious.

This reminds me of the exposure meme that a lot of photographers like me (and a bunch of other creatives and freelancers) were laughing about a couple of years ago…

As far as dogecoin¹ goes all I say is good luck with that (because I’m trying to be more polite than the meme …).

1 - Is this really the best name that they could come up with for their cryptocurrency FFS?!

Here’s the dictionary definition …

1 - he made a dodge to the right: dart, bolt, duck, dive, swerve, jump, leap, spring.
2 - a clever dodge for covering up the car’s real origins | a tax dodge: ruse, ploy, scheme, tactic, stratagem, subterfuge, trick, hoax, wile, cheat, deception, blind, pretext, manoeuvre, device, machination, contrivance, artifice, expedient; swindle, fraud, loophole; informal scam, con, con trick, set-up, wangle; British informal wheeze; North American informal bunco, grift; Australian informal lurk, rort; British informal, dated flanker; archaic shift.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think I’ll be investing anytime soon. Literally LOL :laughing:



You’re also forgetting, one big feature, they cannot keep charging you even after you cancel your sub. It’s sender initiated, unlike credit cards and some companies that tend to f it up and you have to chase them down to get them to stop charging you.

That right there, oh and being p2p, is worth it, you can exchange for the period of the transaction, for that benfit, nobody is saying anything about “investing”. duh, we’re talking about payment, not investing duh.

Buy crypto for the amount needed, do transaction, done, you don’t have to hold it for periods longer than that if you don’t want to.

Best of luck charging me over and over again. No more endless forced subs you have to try to get out of. No more need to “cancel”. They will get the message when there’s no forthcoming payment. No more need to call the bank to put a block on your card due to some company payments going rogue. No more need to keep filing complaints on charges you didn’t authorise or cancelled that still get charged.

And no need to worry about your credit card details leaking.

That alone is VERY MUCH WORTH paying with crypto.

Subscribe with a credit card are you nuts? And risk being unable to cancel? No thanks.

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the crash* … but I like the ring of the word. Crashening. Heh.

Your post is correct as a whole, but it’s noteworthy to point out that this last big pump is most likely going to take several more months. There’s going to be more stimulus checks coming in the US and as long as money is being printed, this bubble is not going to burst. The EU has a money package of about 1 Trillion ready and waiting too … I guess I should read up on that.

The Big Ones™ are buying tons of crypto, especially bitcoin and ethereum. Lots of small fries have jumped into it recently, too. The next stimulus check will be spent on cryptos, just like the last one. When the GME thing is finally done then there’s also going to be tons of people with lots of money buying into crypto, because they’ve learned how crooked the current system is.

I’ve even started reconsidering my plans. Selling cryptos for fiat makes no sense anymore for the long-and-medium-term, though I’m a tad worried about food, etc. On the upside, the whole mess … uhm … the transition phase … is likely not going to take too long thanks to modern technology and many, many people already having some form of access to crpytos already on their phones. VISA also announced they’ll have access to cryptos ready this year.

Btw, I’ve been telling people for months to buy ■■■■ they can sell again post-crash. I’ve managed to convince two. One bought a house, one bought a farm. They didn’t want to buy into crypto, but it’s better than nothing. There’s not even a guarantee that they’ll be allowed to keep their property, though.

I honestly don’t think The Great Reset is actually going to happen, because there’s quite a lot of resistance against it, but I fear humanity as a whole will be paying a big price for that resistance.

Please remember not to argue too much with people about this. They believe what they’re being told by their oh so informative and objective media and don’t really understand the financial system beyond that. Not even going to talk about geo-politics, of which there’s basically no awareness whatsoever.

Like, they still think it’s a scam despite more and more billions being locked into cryptos in one way or another. Besides Musk buying 1.5 BILLION worth of bitcoin and everyone else of his “class” joining in because it’s financially sound. Almost a trillion dollar marketcap for bitcoin, but it’s all a scam. A gigantic ecosystem around cryptos and a whole new financial system that’s growing by the hundreds of millions every week. A scam. Can’t even laugh about this level of ignorance anymore. People don’t even care about informing themselves properly.

I feel sad for people, but they get what they deserve … I guess.
Not sure it’s really their fault, though.

Anyhow, I’m not even supposed to be here. *sneaks off again, back into her cage*


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:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

I tend to agree. Strongly.

The principle behind the invention of money, was that it was a way to control labour (work) and to tie workers to a state. To live (to buy food, shelter, clothing) you needed money and money was only available if you sold your labour to those in power to do stuff or to make stuff for the state.

The people who controlled this process almost always had control of a limited and rare resource and in the current modern society this happens to be gold, primarily because it’s extremely limited.

To bring this back to EVE, the reason null sec (and wormhole space) is so important and so fought over is, ultimately, because it’s the place that you find Mercoxit (and a bunch of other rare ores). Industry needs these ores, null sec is dangerous (so you need high level skills and/or powerful friends to exist there) and thus they achieve a value in the EVE economy.

Fundamentally, in EVE and in RL, the important thing that underwrites all of this is the fact that the rare raw material cannot be created out of thin air. If it could, the economy would collapse.

The fact that you can get a computer to ‘mine’ for cryptocurrency and effectively create wealth for you out of thin air, pretty much tells you all you need to know. It’s a complete fantasy.

People might buy and sell cryptocurrency and some may even do quite nicely out of it but they are selling and dealing in something which is a fantasy. When it crashes, and, like all pyramidical financial schemes it’s not a matter of if, if you’re left ‘holding’ it, you will literally have nothing.

You could argue that it’s a matter of getting some, holding it for a while and then selling it on to make a profit, and in truth this might work. You might make some money. However you’re entering into a scam, you are participating in a scam and you are aiding the scam by selling it on to the next sucker. If you’re comfortable with that then proceed as you see fit.

Personally, I prefer to know that whatever wealth I have acquired is truly mine and to get it I’ve not screwed over anyone else, in the true sense of the word anyway.

Like I said, I will not be investing anytime soon.


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We’re talking PAYMENT, that is a SHORT LIVED use case and volatilty is a miniscual issue for the payment duration, for the period of transaction. You get a lot more protection and safety using a sender initiated payment and not have to worry about the counter party risk of them charging over and over again.

Investment use case is a longer time frame. Your currency you have today fluctuates all the time, you only see that if you do global trade, or purchasing power decay if you count in inflation.

You’re welcome to sit it out and deal with your bank and counterparty risk of a company repeat charging. That’s the beauty of choice, you get to decide for yourself, not the rest of us.

We already have lots of experience managing payments in floating rates, the world already does it since Nixon. Forex market came into existence only in recent history.

Your currency you hold in your hand is always losing purchasing power, you don’t seem to worry about that.

Stop mixing Investment and Payment, those are TWO different use cases. That’s why you “don’t get it”

I pay in multiple fiat currencies already, I don’t have to hold those currencies to do so, I simply exchange at the point of transaction. Those rates float, and can be quite volatile at times.

I prefer to pay with a sender initiated system, aka, crypto, no need to worry about card numbers and chargebacks and cancellations.

I will NEVER use a credit card to Subscribe to Eve, EVER. They have repeat charged people before even when cancelled.

CCP should create a “PLEX bases cryptocurrency”.

That would be cool.

That would, and out of game trading on items, same for Steam items too, NFT’s, their stickers and cards

Probably around the same time they’ll accept the world’s most renowned currency, the Entenhausener Taler.

(No-one will get this.)

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