ISK into real cash?

Dear Eve Community,
I am a beginner to this game, and this game has alot of potential to become one of the best online mmos out there, despite continuously improving since its inception in 2003. the concept of acquiring ISK through multiple methods is in itself quite innovative and extraordinary.

I was wondering, is there by any chance the ability to turn the ISK obtained to real cash in the game? I think this would attract a bigger crowd of potential new capsuleers into this game and increase its popularity. However, I do know that this would turn the game more globally based and away from its niche segment.

so what are your thoughts on this idea? feel free to reply :slight_smile:

kind regards,
Donwolfy Trump

Bots R Us.


lol, thats a valid problem

Real money trading ruins games and should be avoided at all costs. It happens of course, but if caught you’re getting a long ban and having all your ISK taken even if it puts you into deep negative wallet.


This is what is referred to as Real Money Trading (RMT) and is explicitly prohibited and a bannable offense within the game.

This has an extremely negative impact on the game as it encourages botting, has a very negative effect on the economy, and impacts general game play. Poke around on this forum and check out the various botting posts to see what I’m talking about. RMT and botting is arguably the biggest challenge that CCP has to deal with these days.


In case Jenne’s well written response is too long:

LOL, No. Never happening.

is a shorter version.


No. Just… No.

So, OP, you mean a system in EvE where in-game currency can be converted by the game into real-world currency such as in the “games” entropia universe and second life? If so, then I certainly hope EvE never tries that. It would cause many problems to say the least.

No… Lots of No…

And this thread has probably got you flagged with CCP for some extra attention from the Ban Hammer.

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Games in which you are able to “earn” RL-money (much more likely: lose money in hope to win money) are called “lottery” or “gambling”. You need a special licence, and some countries even ban this kind of games.

lol, chill i was just asking peoples opinion on it

thanks for the info. i didnt know this before.

No worries- that’s what this forum is for.

In regards to the “passionate” responses you’ve received, don’t take that personally. As I mentioned, this is a really hot topic for EVE and CCP at the moment so people have rather visceral responses when discussing it.

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