Playing for Crypto currency

How about adding an element where players are playing for actual crypto currency. That in turn can be traded on a crypto exchange or sent to a wallet for future use. I think the idea could be expanded upon maybe turning isk itself into a crypto currency. Surely with the latest Bitcoin craze numbers would pour into the game and anything that creates a large game population also makes for a better game experience right. Food for thought maybe.

In addition to this being a really bad idea. It’s in the wrong section of the forums, and its a dupe of the following thread:

The reasons it’s bad are discussed there.

So yeh, maybe after playing for 10 years, you will have 0.000001 bitcoin lol.
Eve uses your graphics card the most, crypto currency is mined with graphics cards and on top of that, humans have mined so much crypto currency, that it takes years for any regular dude with a 1070 to even get a single coin now.

This question was recently rised in other game subreddit (War Thunder). Developers there researched possible inclusion of miner to their resident updater service, but after initial research they dumped the idea - the payouts and cryptocurency markets are really unstable.
OP if you like, you can try to run some existing third party miners that collaborate with f2p games like WoT, WT etc and payout with ingame currency. Do it just as test of your hardware - for me it showed some estimate like 2 golden eagles per 1 DAY so it was obviously not viable at all.
Now, would you mine 24/7 in EVE to get say 1-2 PLEX per day? I highly doubt it.

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