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One of the greatest things about EVE ONLINE is the in game economy. There are countless great news stories about how expensive ships are in EVE and how much wars cost in ship destruction. Many players come to EVE for the economy - the buying selling and crafting is very robust and fun.

However with the change in PLEX and ISK and subscription based model - EVE has seen a lot of people stop playing.

I propose that EVE implements a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that will be used as in game currency. You could give long term players larger amounts of this currency and switch things over.

There are many gaming tokens launching such as WAX, EBOOST, UNIKOIN. etc. But most of these are game specific or have different uses. An in-game currency that was decentralized and economically stable (and goes up in value) and earn players real money in the form of a EVE Token - this would be awesome.

Please do not neglect the in game economy as it is one of the main reasons people play EVE.


Ahahaha ahaha.

You propose to make a RMT solution so you can RMT right under their noses? Good one! :rofl:


Uhhhhhhh…how exactly does this earn players real money?

How about no…

Awww can’t we Sir? We want a way to cash out our bitcoins and money launder better :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think this would be extremely interesting. Hell it would make this a public based game where CCP doesn’t really have too much control over its way to make money through micro transactions… this could actually sink or swim the company if I were to speculate. If this goes out and preforms like bitcoin, the company would BLOW UP. Might even make star citizen falter which I would actually like. Or we could loose this game we all love to hate :slight_smile:

CCP is already against RMT, that is, swapping isk for real life cash. So no, this would be stupid. If CCP wanted RMT, they would just allow you to sell your isk/plex. Why bother entering in a third type of currency that has no use other than what could already be accomplished by what we have now?

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For CCP to make a profit on taking a cut of transactions rather than selling the product directly they’d have to sell an at least order of magnitude more of the product, this would require that many more customers. EVE is a niche game, and such a change would undoubtedly encourage more illicit activity that CCP already appears to be struggling to combat.

Blockchain-based things might be all the rage right now, but I don’t think a real-life digital currency would fit into EVE due to the ease of botting and lack of rapidity in repercussions that there appears to be for current rulebreakers. I don’t think this would improve the in-game economy, it’s more likely it’d price even more players out of PLEXing their accounts through ISK-generating menial labour (PVE/mining), as even more people looking to make real-life wealth start using EVE to do it.

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I would introduce ISK tokens which may be “mined” when player burns ISKs in game and never return back to the game as ISKs. That means no RMT in its usual meaning. ISK tokens may be used as a currency in real world by eve online fans (closest example is dogecoin). Such endless ICO issued by CCP will attract miners to the game and will generate CCP additional income, which may be partially used to organize official store to spend ISK tokens for something.

great suggestion!

Not sure about a cryptocurrency for EVE but any experienced EVE traders should be able to make a killing in the actual crypto markets. EVE is almost perfect training for markets that are heavily manipulated, completely unregulated, swing massively on the basis of information (true and false), full of bots, and in which market sentiment is often formed and influenced on forums and noticeboards.




This guy Cryptos :wink:

but yeah, eve has been the perfect training grounds for the current crypto space. and I suspect quite a few of the old day eve players have moved in, sometimes the whole crypto meta feels like an unregulated eve online on steroids, moderated by 4chan

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I have been thinking about this idea for a couple of days: How about CCP offering a third subscription method? The player would provide a certain amount of his computing power to CCP for them to run cryptomining. In return the player would be rewarded with PLEX in ratio to his provided computing power. The earned PLEX couldn’t be sold at the ingame market because it would mess up the game’s economy.

I think you need to think about this idea for a few more days. How would CCP figure out how many PLEX one gets to each persons % of computing power that they decided to allocate to this system? I’d expect that each part would be a minuscule amount. As more computers jump into the system, the more complicated the crypto chain gets thus a lower amount that team CCP makes and in turn lower payouts to the individuals. At the same time crypto values are determined by RL currencies and these valuations fluctuate by the day/hour/minute.

Also, imagine how many parents get a shockingly high electric bill bc their kid decided to get their subscription cheaper and signed up.

How much do you think this system would trim off the 500 PLEX? My random guess would be a PLEX or 2. I would have to assume that spending a considerable less amount of time ratting alone would generate much more towards a months subscription.

I left off that countries are all taking positions on how they treat cryptos so you have an addition legal/political aspect that CCP would have to take into account.

Dear CCP,

Will you please accept my Chuck-e Cheese Tokens or Poker Chips as payment for service?

botnet minerguy

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I can load bitcoin straight to my Bitpay VISA card which is as good as USD. I can then use my card to pay the usual way everyone else pays for PLEX. This need does not exist.

What is everybody’s obsession…