7 days Omega time, 250k SP, some cosmetics going for $2.45 American 24 hours left

On sale at Markee Dragon Game Codes. It’s called “Starter Package”.

One can apply one package per account even if you applied the one of similar name direct from ccp.

It’s a legit site, authorized eve-stuff seller. I’ve used them several times over the years without problem.

I’m not with them in any way, just thought I’d tell my fellow eve-nerds about it.

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Seriously underrated deal there if anyone doesn’t understand the advantage of getting a smaller limited amount of Omega time.

What is the advantage?

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It’s a big secret, if you do not understand already.

Fortunately that means it likely doesn’t apply to you in anyway so I wouldn’t worry but only think about it.

CLUE: Your getting less than a full 30 days of Omega game time for less than the cost of 30 days of Omega game time.

I purchased this pack yesterday, received the activation code, went to https://secure.eveonline.com/Activation/ and entered the code successfully, but have not received the items in game.

submit a ticket. there’s nothing we can do here.

You checked your redeem items que?

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