7 Days free Omega

Follwed the link…beeen to the shop …but …nothing …where is it …or just click bait ?

its in the nes store in eve

Gotcha …IN game only …i was looking in browser

Use it to get 1M SP’s for recruitment while you’re at it.

claim closed? Its still 22/11?

So I log in and was presented with an in game ad



What does this mean?


o/ Welcome to the community, I noticed it had expired in red for a second before it changed to the ad at the above comment.

Thx - hmm Im not presented with this ad. Guess claim has expired. Must be an error since advertising mail says until 22/11. If Im lucky they do a follow up.

When a date is given, it always refers to downtime on that date. So 11am Eve Time on 22/11 the offer expired.

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I am not Spanish and some reason the forum also thinks that I am too.


Just seen it on the Launcher and realised this is in respect to the Spanish Community of EveOnline

ahhh I see… thx for explaining.

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