Starter Pack sale

Current sale on various Starter Packs looks pretty good. Lasts until Oct.11 so 3 days left.

The $5 pack for $2.49 is particularly juicy - 7 days Omega, 250k SP, Cereb. Accelerator and cosmetics is a “buy now ask questions later” sorta deal.

Keep in mind CCP/EVE sales end on the downtime/maint the morning of the last day so Oct.10th is your actual last full day of the sale.

(I don’t think the 2022 price increases helped CCP’s bottom line at all - they’d have been better off lowering the sub price and increasing the Plex price. But at least it appears to have given them the motivation to offer some decent sales and hopefully that will make up some of the shortfall.)


I’m not sure of their motivation, they’re not very forthcoming about their finances. You’re probably right.

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Cant you buy starter packs only once?

I believe the ones currently on sale are all once per account, yes.

CCP has traditionally been pretty lazy about adding significant details and descriptions to store items. They seem to think that as long as the information is available ‘somewhere’ that there’s no need to put details on the sales page. (A good example is the many types of Cerebral Accelerators which you can’t really tell what they do from the sales pages.)

However to the best of my knowledge, anything listed on the “Single Purchase Packs” page is once per account, and if it’s not on that page, it should be multi-purchaseable. Unless it also says single purchase or once per account somewhere in the details.

Single Purchase Packs:


Eve Starter Pack 02

They keep moving the goal posts…

Eve Starter Pack 04

The ad implies “starter” but should include more details in my humble opinion. Good thing it was only the cost of a Red Bull®…

Nothing but, it’s for starters as its called… “starter”. Also even without that booster that pack is criminally cheap so stop whining.


Still dont plan on rewarding CCP’s “Add nothing, increase the sub” policy


Are you daft? I said:

“Good thing it was only the cost of a Red Bull®”

Arguing with someone for the sake of arguing is a form of mental illness. Make an appointment mate, and reach out. :heart:


You ARE whining:

This implies that CCP did something bad again. They did not, it’s just you spam whining because it’s the cool thing to do.

Since there’s nothing wrong with the pack and since you get a week of omega plus extra goodies for BELOW normal omega cost it’s again: you whining.

I wasn’t whining, you’re just an a$$hole.


True. But hey, we got new shiny ships! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder my good man, what qualifies you to make this medical diagnosis?

Shiny skins on old ships :wink:

Yeah, no. Money is being exchanged. CCP should absolutely add the disclaimer that pilots over a certain age can’t use an item in the pack.

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Thank you for that :slight_smile: It is a great sale though, I think I’ll grab some more :coin: :credit_card: :heavy_dollar_sign:


I note that the pack and its omega time is automatically applied to the account and activated.

I was hoping that I would recieve a code to redeem when I was ready.
The problem is, if I buy the silver pack, one week of the omega time will be wasted as I will be away for one of the 4 weeks.

So it’s a bit of a waste

Skills train even when you’re offline, so not an entire waste. Unless you’re under the Alpha SP cap.

the four weeks will be addad on to make it so you have 5 weeks

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