2023 starter packs vs 2024 starter packs


I grabbed the 2023 starter packs last year. .and Just saw an email from Eve about the 2024 version… is it possible to buy this year’s version if you bought last years?

Try and see if it lets you?

They’re a terrible value compared to just a couple weeks ago. Hell a few years, when I purchased my first starter packs, they gave you +12 cerebral boosters, 1,000,000 SP, and 2K plex. Plus some skins.

Now you get a lot of ugly skins for ships you won’t fly anytime soon or even want to. 800, measly, plex. and 500,000 SP. Oh, and a +8 cerebral booster. Just this last one before this new release had 650,000 SP and 1500 Plex.

I won’t be buying them. They might be good one time purchases for new players. But I’d only recommend them when they go on sale for 50% during capsuleer month (May). As it is I feel cheated they keep squeezing the player base. It makes me feel dirty when I play the game, especially for the how long and how many hours I’ve put into the game.

In general I thought Starter packs were a good idea but CCP is bent on exchanging less and less value and making the packs intentionally confusing (to the point of bad faith) whilst keeping the price the same. I get they got to make money but holy crap they make it hard to enjoy the damn game sometimes.

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