CCP starter pack generating SP out of thin air - Where's the update?

So when people got upset about being able to buy 1M SP, Falcon ree’d about making changes to it “soon” to make it more of a new player thing instead of just being straight “$$ for SP out of thin air”. See his post in closed thread here: CCP is at it again

Now, over a month later, what changes have been made? Oh, it’s on the launcher now advertising to buy their SP pack…completely unchanged.

Guess I shouldn’t have expected better.


Who cares at this point?


I mean, they seem to give 0 craps about the state of the game at this point, but it would be nice to think they’re past blatantly lying to our faces. At least have the balls to say “this is how it’s gonna be” instead of “Oh we’re sorry, it wasn’t our intention, we’re gonna change it, blah blah” and then sweep it under the rug. Spamming it on their ad-filled launcher after the fact is double as insulting.


it’s not really a big deal and nothing new , the event going now gives skill points as reward … only buying it from ccp for cash instead of buying plex , selling it for isk , then buying injectors to get the same result .
only downsides it may be setting a hard cap on skill point value , and sp farmers probably don’t like the competition …

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Caveat emptor.

Buyer’s 1,000,000 SP subject to retroactive escrow without compensation. Offer may contain unhealthy levels of salt

This, oh woe to you fools who still have hope.

The first time I’ve heard about SP trading I knew it will be just a start to further milk players with microtransactions. The whole “SP will come from players only” is a fairy tale. SP system is flawed, outdated, there is no point of it today, since it is not avatar base game why we should bother with it. They just monetize it for profits.

Ahhahah CCP are total liars NEWS AT 11


Rain = Wet

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No they simply don’t care about complainers that want the status of 2003 cemented and carved in stone forever…

Those people have hindered the developement of this game for YEARS now,recently CCP gets the point that the only chance to develope this game into the future is to ignore the complains of those backward faced people because they will complain WHATEVER CCP will do and so ignoring them is actually a good thing…

That they are polite in it is not really accusable…

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Falcon said it would only be available to purchase for new players. Maybe they changed it so that accounts who are over a certain age are barred from purchasing?

I have no idea im typing this from work.

I attempted to buy it. 9 yarens young on this account, already had bought the first version, let me get all the way up to putting my Paypal details in.

Which I didnt on principle.

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Okay, guess not then.

Yeah, CCP still doesnt care about us.

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I guess they finally shot the last gamer in “By gamers for gamers” or whatever bs they wanna spin these days

Still, Im sure New Coke will be an improvement, eh?

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Coffee & Coke, yes please!

On the starter pack update…All things in moderation imo, though this looks a bit over the top. You can still draw ppl in with sp for less sp. I don’t know, I liked all the planning and thinking ahead before skilling into anything. The here and now works too.

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Yeah, the same “Were providing gamers a choice with lootboxes” BS we hear all the time.

If we ever get a New EVE, I dont know if ill be alive to see it.

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I recall buying this starter the moment it was on the DLC even before the Blog I think/
6/24/2019 11:13:26 AM UTC PayPal 1 x EVE Online: Starter Pack $4.99 Paid
It was only 250,000 SP when I first purchased, then the next day I read the change to 1,000,000 SP

Sorry I can’t recall if there was also Plex inside the starter packer the day I purchased, but I think they took that plex out and bumped it to 1,000,000

Someone might be able to confirm it is changed like how I think I saw it back then.

Yeah, i bought it when it was 1 mill skillpoints, which tbh was probably worth more than the plex.

Yeah, the thread that was locked, similar to this topic here was created on the 26th June, this was a few days after the first change.

See It was changed twice I think, first was on or about the 24th right before shutdown the Sp was 250,000 SP then I think after the 26th or sooner it was changed to 1,000,000 SP so I think it was changed to how it will remain by giving the 1Million SP instead of the plex and just 250k SP.

Either way I am happy, I have a few alts to help me do things now.

Why am i not surprised.

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